Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blessings for 2010 and New Blog

Blessings as this year draws to a close. May the coming year bring the greater expansion of light, love, and truth to the Earth for the benefit of all beings. For those who have been waiting for a clearer unfoldment of their path of service, may all hearts see the fulfillment of their waiting in this new year and come to recognize the holy Love that guides each soul eternally.


Please note: For the new year and beginning at this time, this blog is being merged with the Art of Being Present blog in a new blog called Time of Awakening. Please join us there to celebrate the new. Blessings. Julie Redstone

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Soul Purpose and the Collapse of the Old

Dear Julie,

I am a Light Worker who is having an impossible time with the new energy. 2008 was an awesome year when I went to school and became a Certified Hypnotherapist. I felt more peace, excitement, and love than ever before. And I was able to help a lot of people.

2009 was a complete "drop on my head" spiritually. No business, leaving the job I was in for 12 years and the "friends" that just didn't work for me, stagnation, etc.

I don't like my family or my friends anymore, and I can see situations and people for what they are, not what they pretend to be.

Using the "Mining the Askash" techniques of Kryon, I have completely healed myself, stopped my biological clock from aging any further (I just turned 56 and every day I look one year youinger than the day before), and connected to my Higher Self.

However, I am going through such a "dark night of the soul" and I cannot work with a system on Earth which offers only to pay pennies for my "million dollar skill set and services", in an economy where the cost of living has quadrupled!

All I can do every day to keep from losing my mind is two things: 1) go to the gym, work out and get into the water, and 2) listen to free downloads of channelled entities such as Kryon, Adamus, and The Group.

Of course, I am looking for employment again, but with a tremendous disadvantage: I see the environments for what they are, very, toxic. I know I am supposed to have a metaphysical mission similar to Steve and Barbara, Lee Carroll, Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe, and other Light Workers....just not happening!

Everywhere I go, people who don't know me see a "Light" and a "Power" they are attracted to...they see the Aura of a Light Worker. Ironically, it is still shining through me, although I feel like I am finished here!

Sorry for sounding negative, but I feel I need to get out of Southern California...the energy feels so stuck and so thick I can cut it with a knife.

Thank you Julie....please don't tell me that my vibration is not aligned with intent or what "I think" I want....I've had just about all the "New Age Guilt" I can take! If I was able to heal myself 100% of every disease I have ever had with my intent yet not generate business for my metaphysical company with the same intent, then could it be other people's free choice interferring with my intent?

Thanks, Beverly


Dear One,

In this challenging time, it is important to hold onto your understanding of higher purpose, the purpose that your soul has chosen for this lifetime. Such a purpose may be different from or broader than the one you originally conceived. From this broader perspective, your path has not become de-railed, but rather is expanding in ways you cannot yet perceive to help you acquire skills other than those you have been using to be of maximum service. The use of your intent to create and of the power of thought to support this have been valuable assets in terms of the knowledge you have gained and the gifts you have been able to share with others. Yet there are additional attributes that are seeking balance within you, in order to prevent an overemphasis on one part of spiritual attainment while losing sight of others. From this perspective, you are not being impeded by obstacles coming from outside yourself. Rather, you are being shaped according to an inner plan so that you can expand your path of service.

While learning to manifest through intent and thought may be the life purpose for some, within your own soul plan for this lifetime, these need to be balanced by additional qualities of surrender, humility, and love. For these qualities to manifest, your own will has to recede into the background and other attitudes need to move into the foreground. The loss of your work and of the previous structure of your life in many respects serves this purpose.

You have acquired, beloved one, a good deal of spiritual knowledge from your Atlantean lifetimes and also from inner and outer guidance which has come to you over a long period of time. This guidance and the channelings you gravitate toward resonate with your inner attunement to the higher dimensions of light. Yet, this attunement and knowledge is not the totality of what the human journey is about. You have taken embodiment not only to teach but to learn, and out of this learning, to help others better.

Do not be discouraged because you feel like you no longer belong on this planet. This is a feeling that tends to surface as light grows stronger and the vibrational difference is more apparent between what is light-filled and what is not, what is within yourself and what is around you. While you acknowledge your connection with those in the higher realms and comfort yourself in this way, the true message of this time is about becoming a human being in an expanded sense, not leaving humanity.

Try to take this in if you can, with peace and compassion for the difficulties involved, and with the inner assurance that nothing is wrong in your spiritual growth or in your soul's plan for this embodiment. It is not operating according to the plan you conceived, that is the difficulty you face. Let go of that plan and see if you can expand into another which includes a broader picture of what your true path of service might be. Often, those who bring knowledge of the higher dimensions of light to the Earth have to become more grounded in their humanity to do so. Blessings, beloved one. Julie Redstone

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Purification of Nations

Thoughts concerning the speech made by President Obama following acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize:


Nations, just as individuals, cannot find lasting peace except through peaceful means. Though it may seem that a show of force is the only way to achieve peace, such force will always eventually elicit counter-force. The goal of peace must be achieved by the means of peace.

The world does not know this yet. It fears the consequences of abdicating rule by force. A greater sense of the Divine reality that underlies the relationship of nations as well as of individuals must ultimately guide the shift toward peaceful means. That, and the understanding that the use of force or aggression on any level toward any life-form will ultimately harm oneself.

Adherence toward peaceful means may seem impractical and the historical view of "a just war" in service to the goals of peace may seem like wisdom. Yet our sense of 'practical' and 'impractical' evolves along with our sense of truth, and so the greater evolution of our collective consciousness will bring this awareness, too.

May the year 2010 see the unfoldment of both greater peace and greater truth. Namaste.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Purification of Groups, Businesses, etc.

Groups, as well as individuals, can go through a purification process as light increasingly affects consciousness. Relationships can become more conflicted, with more visible acting out of differences, or the group can more easily begin to connect with its higher purpose.

Groups have a life of their own. This includes businesses and organizations of all kinds. The effect of light is unique to each organization and will work to bring all things into greater wholeness. The transition is much the same as for individuals. It can be gentle or turbulent, with many emotions spilling over, especially when one is not aware of what is going on. Centering in the light is as important for groups as it is for individuals, and is often needed to bring stability to an otherwise turbulent situation.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Environmental Protection Agency - U.S.A.

A step forward was taken today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency which announced that it was now going to base its activities upon the premise that carbon emissions which affect climate change were harmful to the health and wellbeing of all people. Based on this premise, the agency would now be able, independently of Congress, to institute measures and develop requirements that countered the increasing threat.

The ability of the agency to act independently on behalf of the welfare of all is a step forward. It is an affirmation of the willingness to place sustainability front and center where it concerns people and resources, and to hold that the wellbeing of all people now depends on this.

Coming at the time of the international meeting on Climate Change in Copenhagen, the announcement focuses consciousness on this most important matter that concerns the future of the Earth.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Undiagnosable Symptoms - New Light Body

I am a regular reader of all the pathways of light calenders. i am grateful to you for it. I have been experiencing severe burning sensation in the back from past 10 years. I feel painful energy currents flowing in my back. Being myself a medical doctor I could not understand this process until recently which i came to know as a light body symptom. I have also experienced emotional upsets which has reduced in the recent years. I also have severe heaviness and pain in the heels which does not reduce with any medical teatment. In the recent months it is easing out. How shall i further allow and surrender to this physical shifts in me. Thank you -- Keshava


Blessed Keshava,

You have more than you are aware of of spiritual insight and knowledge, and are able to ride out the severe physical challenges you are facing with a sense of confidence and trust. This is very important in working with the changes that need to happen, for tension in the body constricts the energy flow, whereas acceptance opens it up.

Also, in relation to your particular needs at the moment, you are available to higher guidance if you would but seek it. With that inner connection you will be guided to the specific remedies, aides, and ways of creating symptomatic relief which will be a great asset for you.

Blessings dear one. Your essential nature will take you in the right direction since you are already well connected with the spiritual realms. Julie Redstone

Monday, November 30, 2009

Working With Healers

Dear Julie,

So much of what you have written about I relate to very deeply. It is so helpful to read what you have written as well as to share with others through this blog, this experience of transformation.

My question today is – I see two different healing practitioners. Though I have a deep relationship with each of them and share my spiritual journey with them – at this time of increased difficulties, where it appears that I am doing worse instead of better, it is hard for me to know how to share more fully what if feel is happening and that I trust this is a deep transformation of my whole being.

It would be helpful if you have anything you could share about this. -- Michaela


Dear One,

There are many people who can understand the intense nature of the transformation process, but not all who are healing practitioners have actually undergone change at this level - the physical/energetic level. Many are working with the consciousness aspect but have not yet become involved with the physical.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary that a practitioner whom you work with understand from their own experience what you are doing. What is necessary is that they trust you and that they trust your trust in the absence of their own understanding. Those who are choosing an alternative path of healing are often engage in the practice of respect for differences, and so even without understanding, they can be willing to trust your inner knowing if you do.

In reality, it is not something that anyone can know for or about another. Inner guidance is unique to each individual. And so your trust in yourself and your guidance must be enough to be the basis for a relationship in which you feel honored on your own journey. If you do not feel so honored, then you must consider the matter of whom you are working with for respect is very important in working with another.

A practitioner does not have to agree with you in order to honor your perspective or in order to help you. Each has their area of expertise and can be helpful within that domain. But they need to accept the potential validity of your point of view, despite their lack of understanding. This is the foundation for a relationship of trust and there is no other.

Blessings - Julie Redstone

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Decision to Trust

I recently had a breakdown and now I have a lot of fear. I have a hard time with people, and frequently have panic attacks. I was wondering if you have any advice. I'm even reluctant to disclose to much information to you because I don't have a lot of trust and this is my first time writing to you.

I am sick and tired of having this flight response to life. Thank you for your time. -- Joan


Dear One,

Thank you for writing and for trusting enough to reach out in this way. You are still traveling through life with wounds from the past and have to decide now whether you will let your past define you, or whether you can accept a new identity in the present and future. This is a real choice that you and others can make at this time, since the available supports are present in a spiritual sense for you to shed your past identity and to embrace a freer and more whole life in God.

Though it is possible, it often does not feel like a simple matter to drop the past, for it involves establishing a new anchor of trust in the present. This is what will enable you to get past the fear that is so much coloring your life. You are afraid, because fear, as an energy, is moving through you in an intense way. Yet, there are other possible ways of living in the world when one has decided to learn to trust. The way to begin is with this decision, which, in itself, will begin to create a new energetic balance within you.

Trust in a spiritual sense is not based on what human beings do but on what God does. It is based on truth and on light - on the knowing of the Divine essence that lives within you even in the presence of fear. Once this knowing takes root, it begins to be stronger than the fear and over time becomes stronger and stronger if allowed to do so.

There are many ways, dear one, to begin to strengthen your spiritual anchoring to help make this possible. Writing to me is one of them. You might also wish to look at Pathways of Light which is filled with spiritual supports and see if anything there appeals to you. Please feel free to write again if you wish.

Know, too, despite your present state of emotion and the experiences you have lived through, that you are greatly loved. Blessings - Julie Redstone

Friday, November 27, 2009

'Fuzziness' at the Edges - Light Body Adaptation

Dear Julie,

Thanks for your wonderful website- it is immensely helpful. I have found the past 3 weeks to be particularly brutal! I have never felt so completely 'non-functional' on all levels as I have during this time. I go to bed and sleep for 10hrs and wake up even more exhausted than when I went to bed. Plus my brain really isn't working anymore- it's almost impossible to think in any logical way or move out of the moment- it's making it extremely difficult to function in the 'normal' world. I feel like I'm starting to dissolve, like my outer edges are becoming fuzzy. At one level it is really quite overwhelming. I've been experiencing a lot of physical shifting over the past few years so I am quite used to all this but it certainly feels as though things have accelerated recently though.

Could you please comment on the dissolving and fuzzy feeling though? For the most part I am staying out of fear around this but I just needed to share it with someone. -- Alex (Australia)


Dear One,

You are doing quite well with the many intense changes you are experiencing. Loss of left-brain functioning which involves the ability to think clearly and to focus on details is a common symptom at this time as brain-wave patterns change and a new energy replaces the old.

Regarding the loss of 'edges' and of fuzziness, often intuitive perceptions such as this correspond to physical/energetic realities. This is to say that the hard edges of your energy envelope may be dissolving to allow for a more unified field perception and sense of oneness with all that is. The dissolving may also serve an emotional purpose, allowing you, literally, to soften and to have fewer emotional edges, since people often carry this self-protectiveness at the boundary of their emotional energy body.

In either case, the feeling of physical/energetic dissolution has to be held in the context of changing identities and being raised to a new level of consciousness that the body can then support. The dissolution of separateness on any level - emotional, mental, energetic, allows one to feel part of the All, and though you may not feel that now, it is what your soul has brought to you as a presentiment of the future.

Try to be patient with this time. It is good that you are staying out of fear. As things change, it is also useful to think of 'windows of opportunity' which you can ask for that will allow you to get done a certain number of circumscribed things during a limited period of time before the 'window' closes. This can happen because you are, unknown to yourself, being guided from a higher level of your own consciousness and also by beings in the Realms of Light. Therefore, ask, when you need to, that a 'window of opportunity' occur so that you can get a few things done. This is God's magic at work. You will see that it becomes possible to accommodate to the situation better if there is a little 'time-out' as well.

Blessings, dear Alex. Julie Redstone


Note: Questions can be sent to me at Light Omega Comments.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feeling Disconnected from Life - Light Body Adaptation

Another response to "An Invitation:"

Dear Julie,

I don't know if what I have been going through is the process of dissolution or not but for the past 2 years I have been going through a very dark period. I thought it was because of the ending of a deep relationship but now I'm not so sure.

I have become very emotional and I am overwhelmed at times with feelings of sadness and disconnection to my life, as if I don't fit into it any more. My life seems empty and purposeless and there is no joy in anything I do. My brain is different, my memory is bad and I can't focus. Even in my meditation I drift off.

The only thing that gives me solace is nature and I am drawn more and more into feelings of empathy and compassion for distressed animals, which I don't understand.I am a healer but I don't know how to use my abilities or what my purpose is.Why don't I feel more connection with my guidance as time goes on. Do you think this is psychological or light body related? Thanks and blessings. Janice


Dear Beloved One,

The shift in your underlying identity is at the root of your sense of not belonging and of not finding much meaning anywhere. The old premises of your identity are changing and the new ones have not fully emerged yet. This is a significant aspect of the 'dissolution' that is so common to the adaptation process brought about by the new energies of light. It makes the old person new, not through any conscious process, but through removing the old attractions and changing the value system of motivation so that it corresponds more fully to the purposes of the soul.

The aspect of yourself as healer is an important one for you, and you will not know where it will lead you unless you give it room to grow by moving in whatever new direction attracts you. This may be with animals or elsewhere. The anticipation of finding something that 'makes sense' to your mind must be let go of because the new foundation of identity is based not on the mind but on what 'makes sense' to the heart.

You are doing well with the process, dear one, even unbeknownst to yourself, as you have in you the willingness to go where you are led and to follow your most deeply held principles regarding the truth of who you are and who God is. Now, you need to let go of all clinging to the past and to past conceptions of who you thought you were supposed to be, and let the emergence of the new take place. The more you do this, the more it will feel like grace and the less confusion and sadness there will be in the picture.

Energy alterations are also producing the heightened emotional shifts you are experiencing and will continue for a while. Trust this. Access to guidance may have come to you before through understanding, but now it must also come through following the new feelings of compassion and peace that are arising directly from your heart. These can convey to you the directions of your soul.

Blessings dear Janice, and may your own true nature be a joyous discovery for you as you come more fully into being. If there are other questions you wish to ask, please write again to Light Omega Comments

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Whole Body Transformation - Light Body Adaptation

In response to "An Invitation," I am including this longer description because it is such a beautiful and intimate portrait of change. My response follows.


I feel like I have been experiencing a whole-body transformation for the last 2 years - involving 7 months of trembling inside which ceased about 6 months ago. Memory recall and Dissociation (brain literally shutting down almost anesthetizing me and/or making it almost impossible to open my eyes, yet sleep was hard to come by. I chose to sink into the dissociation etc a few months ago, living in almost motionless fog which heaps of processing going on while in bed for 16 hours a day but the moment my feet hit the floor, nothing could be remembered. And while awake, thoughts were racing but none could be grasped and held.

Eventually my brain seemed to suddenly switch back on and racing 'unknown' thoughts stopped. I am slowly improving although still struggle with significant short term memory loss. During this time of 'seemingly unable to function' my awareness of self became profound. I have become acutely aware of how distracted my mind likes to keep me and when I refuse to let it distract me and I choose not to act, waves of dissociation come again. During this time of surrender, Reiki worked like magic removing extreme pain in my shoulders which i had been 'unfixable' for years and slowly getting worse. It believe I am now very aware of my functioning and ego etc, and now have the ability to make choices that seem to make my whole body sing. And yet, it also seems to make my body be filled with so much positive energy at times that it doesn't know what to do with it.

I feel like I am in a time of transformation with all of me willing to come into sync but not quite sure how. I realise my new awareness and ways of functioning have been a huge thing for my brain's autopilot to deal with but I believe my brain is choosing to now trust me but I need to allow it all the time it needs to feel safe with my new choices. Will this energy stuff settle down? Would more reiki help? Or do I just need to continue 'being still' to allow all of me to continue to learn how to work together? -- Janine


Dear Beloved One,

Your passage through the world of transformation is proceeding as it needs to with right brain and left brain functions coming into balance, allowing new perceptions to emerge and enabling you to see your thought process more clearly.

The passage through this time has to be made intelligently, with due consideration to the practical needs of life as well as to the increased need for rest which results from the new energies trying to adapt themselves to your physical form. You are right in continuing to trust your body's integration and integrative capacity, and yet you may also. at times, need to be 'doing things' and living life in a physical sense.

There are several things that may help you with 'over-amped' energy which is processing through your body, allowing you to do more when you choose to or need to. One is to increase your intake of pure water; a second is to walk on the earth with a sense of your feet touching the ground and discharging the excess energy into the Earth. This will not hurt the Earth, but it will help you. Also, you may need to continue to adjust your sleeping schedule as you have been doing, to take into account the new brain wave patterns that are establishing themselves even while you sleep.

The shift in the balance between right and left brain functioning which has disturbed short-term memory and other cognitive functions may continue for a while. This is in keeping with your own unique soul purpose and what your soul has come here to manifest on Earth. New skills, perceptions, and gifts will come about as a result of this balancing and energy shift, and there is no blueprint that applies to all equally. In each case it is a matter of your soul's essential qualities and purpose manifesting.

Dear beloved one, you are doing very well to have been as accepting and responsive as you have been to the unusual and in some case extreme changes that have taken place within you, and must continue to do so. Reiki work may be useful as it has in the past, yet this cannot be predicted since the process you are in alters energetic relationships which interact with healing modalities. It is something you must try if you feel drawn to do so. Again, there is no one-size-fits-all patterning here.

Please write again when you wish to Light Omega Comments. May your transition into greater light be blessed. - Julie Redstone

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Time of Dissolution - New Light Body Adaptation

I've been feeling I have no direction in life. It seems like I'm not being understood and/ or listened to, I have no ambition to create or know what to create, I don't have a meditative practice, I should send Reiki to others and don't, I feel like I don't know who I am anymore. I feel like I am going backwards and not forward with my life. As if I'm living in the dark and not the light. I could go on and on. It's like my body feels empty, but at the same time I feel like I am carrying around weights on my shoulders. Help, please. Thank You. Shelly


Dear One,

There is often a time of dissolution or coming apart before a new self can be reconstituted. Without being known to the conscious self, the structure of personal identity is being altered in order to make way for the new. This can lead to profound feelings of discomfort, and to doubt that something good is truly happening.

Understand this: the dissolution is a necessary step for those who choose to walk in the light of their larger self. For some people it takes place in only small ways, or in only selected areas of life, while for others it is an across-the-board phenomenon, acting upon almost all aspects of one's being.

During a time of dissolution, it is difficult to find the motivation to do anything or to go in any direction, because the center of motivation itself is being altered. This is happening so that a new directive, infused with the higher self consciousness, can take over direction of the outer life more completely.

One must be patient with this process, and also know that many others are going through something similar in their own ways. While this does not remove the intrinsic discomfort of feeling awash in uncertainty, emptiness or lack of direction, it does allow trust to remain in the presence of such feelings.

Try, in the midst of this, to find one spiritual anchor that you can relate to, even if it feels small or of little significance. Music can be an anchor, walking in the woods, being in a spiritual vibration that has a particular ambiance. This time of dissolution is very important and very valuable, for it creates a path forward into the future. Blessings. Julie Redstone


For those of you who may have questions or experiences such as the above that you may wish help with, please write to me at Light Omega Comments. This is a different address than the blog 'Comments.'

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Physical Changes Connected With Energy Adaptation

Here are just a few of the symptoms others have experienced connected with the physical/energetic transformation taking place on the planet. These have been shared with me during the past week:

difficulty thinking
difficulty speaking
need to move very slowly
need to rest more
muscular pain
feeling deeply cold
changes in appetite
fluctuating blood sugar levels
not feeling rested even after sleep
feeling separate from others

Along with these, there are positive, expansive changes happening:

feeling upheld from within
feeling stronger, lighter
feeling one's cells singing
feeling a stronger life-force within
feeling God's presence
feeling more connected with the Earth

This is a cross-over time. A time when many things are changing internally for each one. May you be blessed with trust in the process. Blessings.


Thank you to those who have shared their own experiences in previous articles. Please continue to do so as it is a help to all. You may also write to me directly at Light Omega Comments for additional guidance or information.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Waking Up

Wake Up

Many have been dealing with seemingly intractable emotional or physical conditions that have gone on for years. Sometimes, these are seriously debilitating. Sometimes, they are annoying or irritating habits of thought or feeling one would rather be rid of, and yet they remain.

The good news is that these 'hard-wired' patterns of thought and emotion are presently being affected by the increase in spiritual light on the Earth. This increased light is having a twofold effect, differing in different people. On the one hand it is making unwanted patterns more visible in both the physical and emotional/mental areas. On the other, it is making it possible to more easily separate from these patterns if one chooses to.

How to separate from a chronic pattern, emotion, attitude... The first step is to know that a choice is possible. The second step - to have an image or goal or idea of how you would like to be. The third step is the most difficult - to address the fear directly of letting go of the old. Often, one claims the new desireable feature or attitude without recognizing that one is afraid to let go of the old. The releasing of the old must be accompanied by a releasing of whatever fear is attached.

There are many ways to do this - through prayer, meditation, alignment, each of which takes you into a different part of yourself that is beyond your present emotional or physical consciousness. The way of waking up is the way of releasing the old. The time may be right for you to do so. All of life and light stands with you. Blessings.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Light Body - An Invitation

There are many now who are experiencing physical symptoms as a result of the transformation of energy patterns within the body. As these patterns change, each organ and cell of the body has to find a new way of existing in relation to the rest. The process is whole - that is, the body seeks and finds its own balance over time. Yet, in the meantime, the difficulties encountered can cause fear as a result of not knowing what is happening.

It is very important to know that energies can create physical difficulties as a result of a new configuration emerging, and that the real work is remaining in trust rather than becoming afraid. Discomforts can be experienced with a sense of acceptance and even with inner guidance and assurance where fear is not allowed to take over.

If you are in a situation where unusual or difficult bodily symptoms or forms of expression that do not readily lend themselves to clear understanding are happening, I invite you to be in touch with me. Much can be lived through with peace and even comfort if the process itself is trusted.

I welcome your questions and will share the experience of many others with you. You may reach me at Light Omega Comments. Blessings. Julie Redstone

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remaining Oneself

All you can ever really be is yourself, no matter what you do and no matter where you are, for the entire world is interacting with you as you are in each moment.

Nevertheless, it sometimes feels difficult to be oneself. It feels like the pressure from others and from expectations undermines the stability of the self. Here is where great learning may take place. For it is a matter of valuing the constancy and integrity of the self, place to place, and person to person, remembering that you are a sacred being - God expressing as you.

Faithfulness to oneself is achieved through inner quiet, inner guidance, inner listening - these are the ways of attuning to oneself in the midst of emotional noise and distraction. The energy of light can support you if you allow it to.

It is a new time, and each choice that you make to become who you are finds great support from the new energies of light now present on the Earth. Be you. Blessings.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Stabilizing One's Energy Field

A question was asked with respect to "New Ways of Relating - Part 2," and I would like to share my response with you since others might have this question as well:

"Stabilizing one's energy field' is a physical/energetic practice that takes place in the body and in the auric envelope that maintains light energy of a particular potency and quality no matter what the surroundings. This is something you can feel when it is present and can begin to sense when it is absent. It is furthered by any regular spiritual practice that attunes you to the higher vibrations of light, and also by allowing conscious breathing to be part of your daily routine."

There are other ways of stabilizing one's energy field that have to do with diet, and also with the transformation of the environments you are in or choose to be in. Maintaining an energy field of a higher vibration around you helps with what goes on within you as well.

If you have not yet considered creating a sacred altar space in your home, this may be a way to begin. Blessings.

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Ways of Relating - Part 2

From a group of articles on New Relationships in "The Art of Being Present."

New Ways of Relating - Part2

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Light Body Creation - Difficulties in Adaptation

As new energy pathways are being formed within the physical and cellular structure of the body, energy is moving in ways that it never has before. This can lead to intensified fatigue, dizziness, spaciness, nausea, headaches, and other symptoms that may or may not appear to have an energetic basis but in reality do.

The new energy pathways are also being formed within the central nervous system affecting thinking, emotionality, and the degree to which one can feel at peace. For some, a sense of inner turbulence or upheaval is currently a characteristic quality of consciousness that is not being produced by one's psychological state, but by the physical shift that is taking place within the nervous system and cerebral cortex.

For those so affected, you are invited to write to me further about this, and to stay current with www.newlightbody.org where articles and guidance are being provided on a regular basis about how to go through this time. Blessings. JR

New Unity - Tribal Nations Conference

There are leaders of 542 federally recognized tribes meeting with President Obama and others at the White House today. This is the largest gathering of tribal leaders in America's history. While we cannot know what the verbal commitment of the present administration to the wellbeing of these peoples may lead to (unemployment, for example, of up to 50% exists on some reservations), we wish them well and hold prayers for all now taking part. May the outcome of this conference be blessed.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Physical Change and the New Light Body

There is much happening today to the physical body as a result of increased light. New and unexplainable symptoms may be appearing that had never been seen before, or that one thought were long gone. Like a pot of water that manifests bubbles on the surface as it boils, so, too, does the body rid itself of things that have been concealed below the surface, by bubbling up with the energies that need to be released.

This time of releasing within one's own body needs to be treated gently and with respect. In truth, you cannot just will the symptoms away and in some cases not even conventional forms of treatment will be effective. It is a new time, and a new body is being created for all living beings, and so that which cannot resonate with light is erupting now as physical symptoms or mental or emotional symptoms that are part of the process of becoming free.

Take the time to rest, and to treat your body gently if you are feeling a need to do so. Rest, and the drinking of pure water helps the body to release energies more easily, allowing the natural process to take its course.

The result of this time will not be more illness, but a freeing of the body to take its place as a vessel that can carry its own light and transmit it to others. This is a blessing and those who may endure a difficult process in this regard are actually helping the planet as they do so. Namaste.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nothing Solid

We look around us and see a solid world, a world of objects and people. Movable things like chairs and immovable things like mountains. Everything looks just as it appears to our senses.

Now consider a different perspective, the world as pure energy with nothing solid in it. In this ever-changing world of energy, we are constantly influencing life in an interactive flow through our thoughts, emotions, and actions, all of which send energy into the surroundings.

It is an illusion to think that we truly can keep things inside ourselves. We are sending out messages on energy wave-lengths all of the time. This is a reason to awaken to the reality of purification, both for ourselves and for the planet. What we are sending forth is now coming more fully into our awareness. Also, what we are receiving. Our lives are becoming richer as we awaken to the vibrant flow of life that we are part of and that is part of us, and we are being called to participate in that life with a higher degree of responsibility. May it be so for all beings. Amen.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Maintaining Trust in the Face of Adversity

The intensification of light is bringing about a confrontation in a more intense way with energies of darkness and negativity both in oneself and in others. For some, this may erupt into relationship difficulties where none or few existed before. For others, it may be felt as a sense of malaise, uneasiness, or depression, with no external cause being apparent.

The underlying beliefs that have accompanied you into this lifetime that are in need of healing are being addressed progressively as light on the Earth intensifies, and these beliefs often challenge the ability of the conscious self to keep its inner house in order and often to keep its outer life in order as well.

Trusting the progress that is being made during this time of difficulty is an essential part of how to hold light in darkness. Knowing that the light is beneath whatever wave of darkness one is passing through is a way of maintaining an anchor in truth and in hope.

In the presence of adversity, hold to the power of light over darkness and to the power of your own soul which has chosen to be here during this very time of difficulty, not to be overcome, but to help others through your presence here.

May all be blessed. Amen.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Foundational Beliefs and the Path of Truth

There are 'foundational beliefs' that the embodied self has come to hold as true, that are not true, but that form the basis for the personality structure and its defenses. Also for ways of being and behaving with others. Encountering these beliefs is a necessary part of the struggle to become more honest with oneself on the way to recognizing the deepest foundational truth which is one's Divine nature and oneness with God.

These foundational beliefs that are held to be true are uncovered by the process of purification and must be met humbly, simply, as ideas and feelings that one has held for a very long time. Being with these core perceptions or beliefs without trying immediately to change them, but just witnessing them in trust, has a powerful transformative effect. Out of nothing, something grows. Out of barrenness, a seed begins to spring forth.

Here is one beautiful expression of a foundational belief that someone arrived at after a long time of experiencing the effect of this inner state, but not its true nature. Being able to hold this experience, to feel it, and yet to not fully and completely merge with it, allows the flow of light to do its work. One witnesses this state, while trusting in the larger process that is taking place.



There is nothing here in this empty place
but the sound of emptiness itself
No-one but my own thoughts
that echo in this empty chamber

There is dust and debris
but no noise
I kick a can and it bounces and echoes
clatters off some empty or broken benches
then falls silent again

Feels desolate like an unused mine
or an abandoned subway station
with no entrance or exit.

Dim light, though – I can see some
through the haze
But no one. No one else.
And No Love. Nothing.
Not even tears.

Just empty.
Even hope feels like a forgotten word
That has no meaning,
no way to grow.

No light, no soil,
no company
Just alone.
No life except the life in me
that somehow has kept on going.



This poem is offered to all who are going through the uncovering of core beliefs in this way, as a path of hope.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Making a Decision About the H1N1 Flu Vaccine

The following was a response to a Message by Request inquiry about the H1N1 flu vaccine. The person who wrote was concerned about how to make a decision regarding the vaccine for herself, and what to recommend to her adult children and grandchildren. I post it here since it is of general concern to people at this time.


Dear One,

You are overly concerned about the effect (referring to rearrangement of DNA) of this vaccine on your body. It is not going to rearrange your DNA but it may not be necessary for you either. The problem is that individual souls are not aware of their relationship to the collective energy currents that are moving through a situation or populace, and so they think they are like everybody else. This is a mistaken notion.

Your own body needs to determine whether the balance of vulnerability or the danger of interfering effects from the vaccine is the more serious consideration in your particular instance. There is no 'one size fits all' solution to this question of who should get the vaccine. The vaccine will promote greater health for some people and may promote more serious interference with the energy flow that they are presently experiencing in others. The best plan is to consult your own body, to pray about it, and to ask your body and your spirit what it needs. This, above all, is a lesson in listening and in trust. Though you are part of a collective humanity, you are also an individual soul and you need to listen to the guidance that comes from within to make this decision as well as many others of like nature.

Where anxiety about trusting inner guidance is still present, and a lack of feeling safe with individual decision-making remains, it is important to factor the anxiety into the equation as well, without blame, but with a sense that the overall situation must be taken into account. This situation will certainly change as access to inner guidance becomes clearer and more available, and one's own Divine being is more forthrightly perceived.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize and the Drama of Light and Darkness

Life is not simple, and in relation to specific events on the world stage there is often an overlay of different energy streams, some of the light, some of the darkness, some more preponderant than others, some less so. Within an overall situation, streams of energy affect both the source which gives rise to a situation, as well as its outcome.

So it is with the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Obama yesterday for his platform and intentions in relation to peace-making. This overall perspective which he campaigned on is intended to create greater peace and unity on both a national and global scale through the breaking down of barriers between peoples. It was an ideal that catalyzed a nation, an ideal which, among others, brought him into higher office.

It has been said by one commentator that perhaps this Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded not to a person but to the American people themselves who held the vision strongly enough to elect President Obama president. Be that as it may, there are questions being raised on all sides at this time as to the merit of the awardee in terms of his actual accomplishment versus his ideals, and the reasoning behind the decision of the Nobel Committee when they made this choice.

Through most significant events on the world stage, energies of light and darkness play a part. For those who seek greater understanding, there is one important way of distinguishing light from darkness as it affects groups or nations in most situations, namely, whether the event or situation creates a feeling of peace, hope, and love among people, or tension, doubt, confusion, and fear. The latter group of responses are likely to be engineered by forces that would create division rather than unity, discouragement rather than hope.

The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to a presidency that has yet to achieve its goals contains streams of both light and darkness - light emanating from the positive intentions and hopes of the Nobel Committee, yet darkness emanating from the possibility of ‘false reward’ for actions not yet taken which this decision leads to. It has created, among many, the feeling that something is not quite right, accompanied by an effort to justify it. Response to the award announcement has been filled with questions more than applause, confusion more than gratitude. Some have worried that the decision will create problems for President Obama in future decision-making regarding military engagement in Afghanistan or elsewhere. It is also possible that the decision could lead to more pointedly disappointed expectations should there be a misstep or departure from the ideals that ostensibly are the true recipient of the award.

Though it is not possible to know what the outcome of this decision will be, it is nevertheless important to take a measured look at it and the feelings that it has generated for many, remembering that in all things the means and the end of any process must contain the same energies of light. It is not the right way to create peace, even if one desires it, by doing something that lacks the wholeness of truth.

This perspective must be held like an umbrella over all decisions made by all leaders or persons in position of power or influence as they take action to promote their stated aims. In this, as well as in other situations, what appears to be of the light can also be manipulated by forces that are opposed to light, and what appears to enable lofty goals, can also enable dissension and greater dis-unity.

May this Peace Award be a real incentive to create a national and foreign policy in America that truly serves the needs of all people, and may all efforts of negative energies to prevent this from happening be brought to a close.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moving Beyond Feelings of Rejection

Moving beyond feelings of rejection involves letting go of one's dependence on others to define one's identity. Though this is simple to say, it is often difficult to do since the ego-self has had much time to respond in an emotionally reactive way to the actions or non-actions of others, without knowing that another way was possible. This ego-self has been with human beings for a very long time, and so any undermining of its habits involves determination, assisted greatly by an authentic experience that there is another way to live. If the authentic experience of the 'other way' is profound enough, the struggle to get past the ego's premises can be won in an instant.

The way of independence is the way of inner growth - the realization of the wholeness of the self. Each self is capable of experiencing this wholeness which is not dependent upon external circumstance, but on an inner perception of truth. Independence is a relative term, since we are also communal beings who share energy and soul connections with each other that are profound. But soul connections and being dependent are two very different things. Dependency is an emotional bond that has to do with karmic influences that shape identity. Soul connection is a positive bond, created out of love and joy, where two or more feel their inner kinship and identity of soul purpose.

The way of overcoming vulnerability to rejection is the way of turning to the Divine for all needs, and not just the Divine without but the Divine within.

Believe that your wholeness already exists within you and it will be a starting point to stabilize yourself in relation to the responses of the world, whether positive or negative. This stabilization is an essential part of spiritual growth, and is greatly aided by a regular connection with one's higher self.

Beloved ones, the vulnerability to hurt is within your own power to change, to limit, to dissolve in the light of greater truth. This does not mean that there will not be some residual sadness when love's purposes are turned away from by others, but that this sadness will be a Divine sadness based in compassion, not one that reflects on the personal self.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dynamics of Rejection

It sometimes happens that the reaction of energies of darkness that are unconsciously active within people cause that person to see light as darkness and darkness as light. This can cause one person to reject another, questioning the purity of their motives or their intentions when, in fact, the motives in question partake of a high degree of purity, at least at a moment in time.

It is important to understand the dynamic between darkness and light in energetic terms since the tendency is often to take things personally and to feel rejected by someone's rejecting response. This can happen easily when it is not known that one is involved in a cosmic process that is much larger than the self.

The only way to know that this dynamic is happening, however, is if one has a relatively high degree of clarity and purity of heart in a particular situation. Such clarity need not be perfect, but predominant at a given point in time. Then, it may be seen that the distortions or projections of others are energetically based. Without clear intentions it is impossible to know or perceive the energetic picture correctly, since the negative energies of others can simultaneously be activating one's own negative energies, creating a response circuit that is less than pure that can be perceived by another.

For many people, the tendency to overly-personalize rejecting responses, even when this particular dynamic is not involved, is a longstanding habit and one that is extremely painful to the self. It is far better to cultivate a habit of self-examination so that one's own motives are known, and therefore the projections of others can be allowed to slide off and be let go of.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Divine Flow

Dear Ones,

I have been very involved in the creation and publishing of new videos lately, and so more time has gone by since my last posting here. The Divine creative flow has a life of its own and so it becomes more consuming, with less focus available elsewhere. I hope you will share in the videos as well as re-visiting this blog soon. I will be keeping up with articles again.

Blessings beloved ones - Julie

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Plan for Free Health Care in Africa

A task force called "International Innovative Finance for Health Systems" co-chaired by Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown and World Bank President Robert Zoellick has come up with a plan to provide free health care to over 10 million people in Africa who are now paying user fees.

This plan, developed during the last twelve months and announced in the last two days, has been a long time coming. It represents the world's greater stake in providing health equity to the world's poor, at a time when developed nations have the capacity to do so. It is a step forward in the manifestation of a unified planetary consciousness.

The goal is to help developing countries meet their health millennium development goals by 2015. The plan is to include a pledge of US$3 billion from the online travel industry.

$5.7b to expand health care in Africa, Asia
ABC News Report
Africa: Great Leap Forward on Free Health Care

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A time of contraction has been with us for a long time now, creating hardship for many, both individually and on a planetary level. Often, one thinks ones own burdens are personal - intrinsic and limited to the self, when in fact they are vastly influenced by the power of contraction. This energy is capable on a global level as well as individually of causing greater hopelessness, despair, and fear, all of which result from the covering that is placed over the light within.

When this covering is effective, one can feel bereft, without guidance, without hope, without comfort, without direction. One can feel that God is absent or not listening or that one has taken the wrong path and therefore been abandoned. The force of darkness cannot extinguish the light, for light is intrinsically stronger than darkness, but it can create a blanket over it so that it cannot be seen or felt, and often for long periods of time.

During a time of contraction, it is important to find the means of anchoring oneself in spiritual reality, however that becomes possible. One may not feel light, but one can know it is there. One may not feel God, but one can know God is there. Whatever means of spiritual anchoring resonates with the inner being is what should be pursued. Especially through being with others who can convey hope and trust during a time of darkness.

Knowing that 'contraction' is an energy force that affects many can help in another way. It can reduce self-blame for not being able to fix the situation or change one's feelings more quickly. It can also help to not take things so personally.

As light remains the strongest force within all universes, it will eventually restore its prominence and potency and the tide of contraction will turn. In the meantime, steadfastness is needed, and the kind of gentle love that will allow kindness toward the self to remain.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Letting Go

There can be no transformation without letting go.
Holding onto the past re-creates the past.

The future, to be new, must be open - without strings attached.
Will you let go of what you are holding onto and let the Divine
within you do the rest?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

America in Balance

Within the spiritual foundation of this country are several strands of spiritual energy that form aspects of governance and the basis for law.

Among these strands are forces at work that create a strong motivation toward individual freedom and self-determination, and an equally strong current in the direction of unity and love.

These two currents are spiritual forces at work within the collective consciousness of a nation. They represent two sides on a scale of wholeness whose middle-point is a fulcrum that keeps both currents in balance. When harmony with truth and the spiritual core principles which America rests on prevail, then freedom and unity remain effectively in balance, each complementing the other, each supporting the other. When darkness and fear prevail, then it looks like the expression of one direction is threatening to the expression of the other.

Such is the case in America today. Though the controversy is taking place around the joined issues of Health Care and Illegal Immigration, the principle of fear is running through many interchanges about what caring for 'all' will do to one's own personal wellbeing. Within these dialogues, the energy of polarization (of 'me' and 'them' is strong, leading to tension, discord, and a sense of incompatability. Those who fear the overturning of law and the destruction of individual liberty based on the promotion of universal health care are bringing an element to the discussion which is not based on reason but on emotion - the emotion of fear and the need to defend against perceived threat. These are emotions fueled by energies of darkness.

The balance of freedom and unity need not require opposition. It is possible for a dialogue to take place based more in trust and in the desire to serve the needs of all. However it is this very principle concerning 'serving the needs of all' that is being undermined by forces that are establishing a hold on the consciousness of many, as if serving the needs of all would prevent their own needs from being met.

We must, if we are to understand the sweeping forces at work in this country and in the world at this time, recognize that the shape of a dialogue which influences its outcome is not just a matter of chance. Nor is it just a matter of political persuasion. There are large forces at work, both nationally and globally, that want to prevent unity from gaining a further foothold in human consciousness. They want to prevent love from becoming stronger as a motivating factor in the governance of people. The debate about health care has been fueled by these forces on the one side, and they threaten to disempower the forward motion of the new administration's efforts to bring a new vision into the American political scene.

As souls participating in the expansion of light upon the Earth, we hold a solemn responsibility, whatever our point of view, to hold our alignment with light and our trust in the future and not to engage with fear. Our alignment allows us to know that harmony of interests is, indeed, possible, and that while fear dismantles harmony, love and trust enhance it.

May all come to see through the strategems created by fear, and hold to love in the midst of these. Amen.

Monday, September 14, 2009


As the body changes as a result of the infusion of increased light, it sometimes happens that others begin to treat one differently. One aspect of that difference can have to do with invisibility. Though a body that is more light-filled is not 'literally' invisible, the vibrational shift in the cellular structure can make it seem to passersby that there is 'no one there'. This is not a visual experience but an energetic one. And it is not total but partial. It is a result of the body's frequency of vibration going out of the normal human range, and so those whom one has contact with may feel a sense of both unfamiliarity and distance in relation to the new energetic picture. Where there was resonance before, there may now be awkwardness, strangeness, or strained-ness.

If this has happened to you or to someone you know and you would find it helpful to ask specific questions about this, write to me at Messages by Request. Blessings.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Planetary Ascension Video

A new Light Omega video of special significance for those concerned with the Earth's future. Your comments are invited beneath the YouTube video display.

"A profound heart and soul message for our time about Ascension - a process that is not limited to Dec. 21st, 2012 but is taking place now as well. The message of this video is that souls have incarnated to be here, now, during this time of planetary transition, and that a great deal is possible for those who can be faithful to love's purposes..."

Planetary Ascenstion - The Birth of the Sacred

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Trends in Emotional and Spiritual Health: Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress

This article is part of a talk given by Julie at Light Omega on Sept. 6, 2009 called "Depression - A Spiritual Perspective." To order a CD of this talk, contact information@lightomega.org


Beloveds, we live at a time when increased spiritual energy on the planet is creating a raised awareness of the values of the heart and of life itself. At the same time, it is bringing into consciousness all that is out of balance and not in harmony with these newly awakening values. It is in this way that it is possible to look at the increased incidence of depression in developed countries, which, in many nations, has become of epidemic proportions. In the same light, though from another world, we can look at the increased incidence of post-traumatic stress or ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’ in military personnel returning from the 1990s Gulf War, the Iraq War, and now from Afghanistan.

What brings these two phenomena together is that they are emotional and spiritual ‘signals’ of something being wrong. One may look within the individual psyche to see what is ‘wrong,’ but that reveals only a partial truth. The awakening of the values of the heart creates a greater collision between the values of one’s humanity and the actual exigencies and ‘necessities’ of hand-to-hand combat and war in general. Similarly, the values of the heart awakening create an increased sense of urgency that the empty, loveless, or meaningless places in one’s life be filled with something real and something meaningful. In both cases, there is an interaction with individual psychological and spiritual motivations, and the actual landscape of one’s present life. In the case of military engagement, one can only wonder that there are not more post-traumatic stress reactions to the tragic and often unforeseen involvement in the killing of children and of innocent civilians during a military operation.

The values of the heart are those enhanced by the presence of spiritual light: peace, unity, love, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, and a desire to live in harmony with others. These values may come up in contrast to the outrages of war – the horrors that cannot be put out of mind or heart regarding what one witnessed, felt, or took part in. Though of less dramatic intensity and certainly of less violent impact – the meaninglessness of a life lived without the full measure of love, joy, or a sense of deeper connection with oneself or others, can also bring to awareness the sorrow of loss - of a hole that needs to be filled. At bottom, depression fosters a yearning for a spiritual, energetic, emotional, and relationship healing that can only take place if one is aware that it is needed.

The increased rise in depression in developed countries may, by some, be attributed to more proficient and earlier diagnostic capabilities, the availability of a wider array of treatment options including an entire pharamaceutical industry devoted to treating the symptoms of depression. Both of these are, indeed, contributing factors, but only address the symptomatic picture – the symptomatic expression of depression, not its cause. To look at the cause, nationwide or worldwide, one must look at the changing inner landscape of what people value and what they find missing.

Depression (and also post-traumatic stress) is a teacher, a signal, an announcer, that something needs to be addressed within one’s life that has not been addressed. It is a calling of the spirit for an increased awareness of what is missing. Although on an outer level, it may seem that what is missing is practical and tangible – such as a job, more money, adequate housing, or improved prospects for the future, on an inner level, at least for many, these may still only be ‘signposts’ to what the real cause of depression is.

Depression, as a teacher, tells us that something essential is missing within life that needs to be found. Often, one can fill the outer elements of life with a job, greater security, relationships with others, and still it remains. Because, as a collective human family, we still do not think of spiritual causes in relation to physical symptoms, we continue, for the moment, to look at the neuro-biology of depression as its explanation. We study higher cortical functioning, understand the work of neuro-transmitters, and think we understand what causes depression. However, the level of the physical is, without exception, activated by the level of consciousness in which spiritual, moral, and emotional values reside. Therefore, in an analysis of the future, we will not view neuro-biology as a cause of depression, but itself as a symptom. We will, at that time, look to the domain of spiritual energy and spiritual consciousness as the primary cause for physical and biological conditions.

For the present, we are still immersed in material explanations for a material world. We still explain the physical by the physical. As the world changes in its understanding of spiritual reality, depression, post-traumatic stress, and, indeed, all physical disorders will come to be seen to be energetically based, and new forms of healing will develop in order to treat them.

For individuals today, and before such a collective development takes place, it is important to understand the ‘signal’ function of depression and the wisdom of the body that is trying to convey something important from the soul. Though society may not be ready, individuals may be ready to bring their lives into greater balance and harmony, restoring to both the body and the consciousness a spiritual energy of love, hope, and unity, that for many has been missing for a long time and on a very deep level.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Grace of Divine Light

...all debts shall be paid in the grace of Divine light..."

This is a meditation for our time, Beloveds, for it is not only that healing is taking place and karmic 'debts' are being paid, it is also that healing is taking place "in the grace of Divine light." What this means is that no matter how difficult the past may have been or the future may appear, the same light that is bringing to the fore all that is in need of healing, is simultaneously carrying one over and through whatever obstacles may be created as a result of this process.

The problem for many is the absence of the feeling of being carried. This creates a sadness and sense of aloneness of varying degrees of intensity, depending on how strong the absence of feeling may be. For those enduring through this empty place, 'knowing' and the truth of one's being must be relied on rather than feeling, until the covering over the actual perception of light may be lifted.

That this is possible is a tribute to the way in which each heart is made. It is a reason to not be afraid. For even if the mind doubts and the emotions forget, the deepest heart which is the seat of the soul remains in its place of truth, knowing that love is the foundation of life and the foundation of each individual's life. Because of this, the heart can remain strong and the inner being can remain faithful. Pray to feel a connection with this inner being and inner knowing. It is there.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ribbons of Change

As a ribbon may be unwound from a ball which it is wrapped around, so, too, do ribbons of change take place within the human body and heart, as each strand of consciousness in need of healing becomes exposed to the light of day.

The further exposure of things that one thought were fully healed is not meant to be a reason for discouragement, but a path toward understanding that what is healed in the present is healed for all time; what is healed in the present summarizes all previous lifetimes in which that same 'ribbon' played a part.

The miracle of this time of light is that the unknown and unknowable sub-currents of human motivation and feeling can now be separated out and seen for what they are - efforts at self-protection or self-support that were limited in truth but that were all that seemed possible at the time.

Beloveds, embrace the healing that is now possible, for all lives are coming together in this life, the past is being summarized now, and all debts can be paid in the grace of Divine light.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Headed Home

Written by Sen. Orin Hatch and Phil Springer

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Opening of the Lotus

A time of awakening, of opening, of seeing
what has not been seen so clearly before.
Light is bringing all things into focus -
those we wish to see and those we would
rather not see.
Believe in the goodness of this time.
What has been concealed shall be revealed.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Emerging Realities

The presence of greater spiritual light on the Earth is increasing the speed at which the emergence of things in need of healing are coming to the suface. This includes the awareness of the need for healing of formerly concealed issues, or the translation of things that were called by other names into a truer perspective.

Even while things that lay dormant are coming into focus, producing emotional intensity and often relationship crises, at the same time, a greater capacity to hold truth and to perceive what needs to be done is also emerging. Light both reveals, and also supports the innate movement of the heart toward 'setting things right'. This movement becomes stronger in the presence of greater light which connects the embodied self with the soul or higher aspects of one's being.

Greater clarity and greater honesty within oneself and with others is opening new possibilities for life on Earth. While in any moment this may feel distressing to the ego and its defenses, it is, at the same time, joy to the soul that is now becoming able to join with physical life on the planet, finding doors that are open that were closed to it before.

May all beings be blessed with an awareness of the love that creates a new Earth.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More About 'Thresholds'

Standing at a threshold where a consciousness shift wants to happen and feels like it 'might' happen often involves a sense of risk. There is sometimes a fear of moving backwards into a previously difficult or entrenched situation. But there is even more of a fear of moving forward into the Unknown.

Movement forward at a 'threshold' is often perceived as a 'leap of faith' since one generally does not know what is on the other side. Such a 'leap of faith' is sometimes made due to a sense of inner necessity, namely, that anything would be better than what has been. But it is also and more commonly based on the willingness to trust the Divine goodness of life which is God to uphold one in an unknown space. Without trust, the passage through the doorway can seem terrifying if not impossible.

There are threshold behaviors that can help in some situations: imagining in a positive way what one hopes to encounter and letting that assume the quality of a 'hypothetical reality' - not quite real, but not quite false either. Considering the people who have walked through the doorway before oneself. Asking for the courage to surrender more deeply to Divine Will. All of these can be helpful but are not always useful when fear runs high.

When a 'threshold' appears in life and can be accepted as a passage, transformation is speeded up and a letting go of past difficulties is often the result. When the threshold is rejected or turned away from, the loss is only of time. For more time will go by and in God's loving manifestation, another 'threshold' will appear at some point in the future.

See Standing at the Threshold

Monday, August 17, 2009

Standing at the Threshold


There are times and moments when a door opens in one's consciousness to make something much clearer than it has been before. It may appear that this door opening has to do with an external event, and, indeed, life circumstances can catalyze shifts in awareness. However, more often than not, there is an energy shift taking place internally, allowing awareness to change its perspective to a new place, sometimes for just a moment, sometimes forever.

These shifts in perspective can be short-lived, or they can be life-changing. It depends, in part, on what one does at the threshold, and in part on the energy itself which supports the emerging state of awareness. The energy basis for holding a new perspective is generally not within one's control, but the desire to walk across the threshold often is.

What does walking across the threshold mean?

In part, it means not giving weight to fear as a reason to continue in an attitude, behavior, or perspective that has outlived its usefulness. It may mean risking something new that seemed too difficult or impossible before. It may mean taking a deep breath and saying to whatever part of the self wants to hold onto the past - "I don't need to do that any more." It may mean allowing God's help to be invited into one's consciousness with greater trust.

Standing at a threshold involves an encounter with the Unknown. It involves trust in the possibility that in stepping across the threshold, new possibilities will occur. It also involves the motivation to discontinue old patterns that repeat themselves endlessly, and the permission to let something new take their place.

Standing at a threshold is a blessed place to be and if one is truly aware of the moment, gratitude is a natural response. The presence of a 'threshold' means that God's light as it moves through consciousness has opened up a new world of possibilities. When one embraces this opening, when one can be grateful for its presence instead of frightened, the passage into a new stage, a new chapter, or a new relationship with the Divine can begin.

Friday, August 14, 2009

'Transparency' and Purification

There is a new word used publicly in government and corporate circles alike and that is 'transparency' - the willingness to be seen. This is both a beautiful word suggesting the desire for greater openness and accountability by those in positions of power. Yet it is also a word which can be misused when it is used falsely or indiscriminately.

That there are new 'transparency' advocates is a testimony both to the values of the new administration in Washington, (which we hope will live up to its own ideal), yet it is larger than this. It is a concept which comes about due to a shift in collective consciousness away from greed, manipulation, and self-interest, toward a greater concern for the collective whole. The AIG and Bernard Madoff scandals have contributed to the popular currency of this word, but these scandals are part of the larger picture of purification of a nation's consciousness - a process that is underway.

'Transparency' is not the be all and end all of a new age in America and elsewhere. But it does herald a shift in awareness that may make for more honest relations on all levels of government and between the government and the people. May this word come to be embodied on both a large scale and a small, so that deceptive practices become a thing of the past, and the desire to benefit life become a thing of the present.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The U.S. Health Care Reform Proposal and Its Opponents

In the discussion of any complex matter such as the overhauling of the U.S. national health care system, there are bound to be pros and cons, proponents and opponents of various portions of the umbrella proposal. Here, as elsewhere, the process of debating specifics is an important one and a central aspect of any democracy.

Yet, debate must produce a conversation between one point of view and another, out of which a compromise or harmonization of interests can ultimately take place. Debate, to be effective within a democracy, must result in unification, not division, since the outcome will affect all people. In the present national health care debate, we find that only sometimes are people discussing the actual health-care related issues. Often, what is being discussed is not health care but personal liberty vis a vis the government, and what is being generated as a formidable aspect of this perspective is fear of the loss of one's freedom.

Fear can be generated within any debate. It is the loud voice that declaims against something, and not only against the 'thing', but against the imputed motives of those who are proposing that thing. With respect to the present dialogue, fear of loss of freedom and of a government 'take-over' is being brought before the public in a way that gains national attention and has a powerful presence. It can make one doubt what one is hearing from the President or from legislators. It can destroy trust. It can make each person return to their own self-focused motives to the exclusion of motives that include others. Fear generates division, mistrust, conflict, and a loss of hope.

It is likely that any sweeping campaign or movement toward a change of this magnitude might call forth extensive controversy. Yet whether it calls forth fear is dependent upon the balance between light and darkness within the public conscioiusness and within the conscioiusness of those engaged in the debate. Such a fear response is not inevitable. It is especially not inevitable if one is aware of energies influencing discussions and realizes that the energetic impact of what is going on has, in some cases, become more important than the content.

In the presence of these negative energies, it is incumbent on those who understand the importance of unity, of not serving one's own interests above the interests of all, and of the power of fear - to create a stable anchorpoint of truth within themselves so that wise decisions can be made and credible proposals can not be dismissed.

Governments can disenfranchise people when they are not responsive to the public interest and when they pursue their own agendas without consultation with those they represent. Fear can also disenfranchise people, since it changes the base layer of what one perceives to be real, and robs the well-intentioned individual of the ability to choose between alternatives since the choice is no longer clear.

Let us, as we move through this public debate on health care reform, remain above the manipulation by fear as we strive to remain above it within our individual lives. Let us listen carefully and with hope to the proposals for change that are being put forth, not without discussion or due consideration to opposing points of view, but with a sense that the debate is significant and that the outcome may take this country one step further toward a newly-defined, positive vision of itself.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Relationships and Learning

Relationships often become bogged down in repetitive patterns fueled by tendencies of the past, both from the present lifetime and from past lifetimes. These relationships, however difficult they may seem, are always trying to create new learning and new healing for each individual soul. What one is meant to learn cannot be discerned from the outer form of the situation or difficulty, but only from the inner promptings of truth that dwell within each heart. While one person may need to learn to wait and to remain patient and trusting, another may need to learn to create boundaries and a new standard of respect. Each soul must go into the silence within and ask the question: What is God asking me to learn here? Sometimes the truth is apparent. Sometimes it must be pursued again and again.

Relationships are the medium through which much healing, much difficulty, and much beauty and love can take place. When they are held in God, they become like flowers opening to the sun, perpetually nourished by warmth and by food for the soul.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Case in Point - The Gates Controversy and the 'Beer Summit'

We are now well past the flurry of excitment produced in the news media by the confrontation between Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a Harvard professor, (see references below) and the Cambridge, Massachusetts police, and the story is, for many, now fodder for late night talk show hosts. As with many news stories of this kind, it touched upon an important issue which normally lies dormant concerning existing race relations and respect for one another. This issue, in the present round, had its day in the sun, and we are left with the question of what, if anything, about race relations and about respect for one another have we learned?

While the momentary flurry of news coverage has abated, the image of the President hosting a 'beer summit' to discuss differences has not. At least not for some people. While such a 'summit' may be considered a politically-motivated move on the part of the Obama administration, or may be ridiculed as an ineffective way to deal with the much larger issue at hand, the 'summit' had this to say for it: it left us as a nation with an image of a President and a national role model espousing the viewpoint of talking things out to resolve differences, with the premise that greater understanding and greater harmony would result, even if points of view did not change.

Images can be used for all kinds of purposes. As mentioned, they can be used to poke fun at, to rally a crowd, to support an administration's policies, to deflect from another or greater issue that one wishes the public not to engage with. There are many good and not-so-good uses of images. Here is one, however, that in a very modest way can be pointed to for adults and children everywhere to take note of. Namely, that our President sat down with people at a time when feelings were inflamed to talk things out. We can only hope that such engagement and the premise of hope that it implies will expand from this personal and anecdotal level to an international level where America might take the lead in opening the doors to a similar kind of respect and understanding.


ABC News - Prominent Black Scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Arrested After Racism Charge
Bloomberg News - Gates Police Confrontation Ends With Charge Dropped
MSNBC - Cops, Scholar to Meet Again After Obama Chat

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gratitude as a Spiritual Practice

Like meditation or prayer, gratitude may, in some cases, be considered a spiritual practice that one needs to touch base with regularly in order to stay connected at the center.

The practice of gratitude, as all else, cannot be an empty practice, but must be one that connects with feeling. However, as with meditation, it can be a process and experience that one gets better at with attention and in-tention, so that even if one starts out in the beginning with not very much gratitude at all, the prayerful desire to open the heart can begin to have its effect.

As with all other things, one must look clearly and closey at whatever obstacles may be in the way of feeling grateful. Ordinarily, things like judgment, anger, depression, and weariness or fatigue can prevent one from feeling grateful. In more unusual circumstances, encounters with intensely dark energies can cover gratitude so that it feels totally unreachable. The inner emotional attitudes can be dispelled through the ongoing practice of purification and alignment with God. The covering by other energies often requires a period of waiting and patience before the light of one's own soul can be experienced.

For one starting out in this direction, it may seem more convenient to summarize one's grateful thoughts at the end of each day before going to bed. However, this tends to formalize things and, for some, may not touch the individual moments of each day. Another way of looking at the practice of gratitude is simply seeing everything and especially every one during a day as 'gift'. This would include the not-so-pleasant interactions as well as the pleasant ones.

Seeing life as a gift and God as the Source of that gift in all its forms is the essence of gratitude - a state of being that can become as natural as breathing.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Accessing Inner Guidance

There are many who feel that 'guidance' is for others -
that there is no inner voice that speaks to them when the ask for help.

The understanding must broaden and the cues must
become more subtle, so that words are not looked for
but the heart is asked to reflect the highest wisdom of the soul.

When you pray for guidance and ask for help, ask that your heart
perceive the answer through its sense of 'rightness.'
This sense of 'rightness' belongs to every soul.
It is the message of one's higher being that, when called upon,
points the way that is in greatest harmony with the larger self.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heaven on Earth

In the future, the sense of self-protection which is so common today will be replaced with the sense of God-with-us. This is the meaning of 'Emmanu-el' and it is also the Judaic prophecy of the Divine Presence on Earth, the 'Shekinah.' The same anticipation infuses the sacred truths held within Hopi tradition concerning the 'fifth world' that we are moving into.

For now, and until you become steeped in that reality - the reality of your soul - it is important to see where self-protection holds reign over the full dimensionality of love. Intention is of great importance at all times, and so wanting to let go of fear and asking for healing of your heart begins to bring to you those circumstances and people that can help move things forward.

Be present to the flow of life moving through each situation. Whether painful or pleasant, there is truly no moment that is wasted, only those that seem to one's judgmental self to be so.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sacred Relationships

Acknowledging that you are a sacred being means acknowledging the Divine core of light and love that IS you. The same light and love is in others, often unknown to themselves.

What will you do with yours?

One way of looking at sacred relationships involves understanding them as opportunities in each moment to give and receive love. Everything else that they are about is less important than this. Can you allow it to be less important? Can you allow love to take the place of resentment, envy, judgment, and fear?

Here is another part of a sacred relationship: Can you allow yourself to receive love more fully, to let yourself acknowledge it when it comes to you in surprising ways or from surprising sources? Can you allow yourself to be loved by God? Often, one's ability to receive love is less than one's ability to offer it to others. This imbalance speaks for the unhealed places within the heart that are waiting to be healed.

If you desire sacred relationships in your life, begin with allowing love to be more important than everything else. Reasons for being angry, rejecting, withdrawn, or afraid then have to be let go of in favor of your choice to love. Such a choice can change an entire life.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


 The Mist Clears

As purification proceeds on the planet in the presence of greater spiritual light, a healing develops through light's action on the level of beliefs about the self. As light penetrates consciousness, assumed beliefs or ideas one may have held about one's identity begin to be seen through to their point of origin. To the conscious self, they begin to be transparent as one realizes there is a deeper truth than the 'story-lines' one has been telling oneself.

Such 'transparencies' of versions of identity constitute steps toward healing. They allow layers of defenses and motivations to be released and let go of in a process of moving toward the new. All transparencies should be welcomed, for they allow each one greater access to the truth of their deeper self, and to the true spiritual purpose for embodiment.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Purification and 'Releasing'

The aspect of purification that involves releasing is often problematic for both individuals and relationships.

Energy loosened from the confines of the body - from cells and tissues in which it was formerly stored - can overrun consciousness with feelings and impulses of great intensity. This movement creates motivations to act that are not coming primarily from the conscious self, but from the unconscious and from the 'body-consciousness' having merged with that self.

Flooding of consciousness with sudden bursts of emotion is a not uncommon aspect of releasing brought about by the intensification of light. It is often difficult to contain waves of strong emotion and motivation, and yet this is what a deepening purification process asks of us. The point of this cleansing is not to vent, to engage in negative behaviors, or to release into the world feelings that have been long held within, just because they have been long witheld. Though there may be a feeling of relief and of freedom in doing so, it is a momentary feeling, for the consequences of releasing negative energy into the world are great. They do not free one. They bind one further with the energies that are asking to be let go of.

In the midst of the experience of 'releasing' formerly bound energies, it is important to experience the relationship with God as that which holds and can hold all feelings, without exception. Alone, separated consciousness might not find the means within itself to stand against the tide of emotion. Yet, in partnership with the Divine, and held in God's love, a space can be created around any strong motivation or feeling so that the choice can be made as to whether it should be given expression.

All of purification rests on the foundation of one's inner relationship with God. This relationship continues at all times, regardless of what the outer self may be thinking or feeling. Yet, the comfort, strength, support, and balance that are often needed as purification intensifies, can only be found by holding within God what one formerly held by oneself.