Saturday, October 17, 2009

Making a Decision About the H1N1 Flu Vaccine

The following was a response to a Message by Request inquiry about the H1N1 flu vaccine. The person who wrote was concerned about how to make a decision regarding the vaccine for herself, and what to recommend to her adult children and grandchildren. I post it here since it is of general concern to people at this time.


Dear One,

You are overly concerned about the effect (referring to rearrangement of DNA) of this vaccine on your body. It is not going to rearrange your DNA but it may not be necessary for you either. The problem is that individual souls are not aware of their relationship to the collective energy currents that are moving through a situation or populace, and so they think they are like everybody else. This is a mistaken notion.

Your own body needs to determine whether the balance of vulnerability or the danger of interfering effects from the vaccine is the more serious consideration in your particular instance. There is no 'one size fits all' solution to this question of who should get the vaccine. The vaccine will promote greater health for some people and may promote more serious interference with the energy flow that they are presently experiencing in others. The best plan is to consult your own body, to pray about it, and to ask your body and your spirit what it needs. This, above all, is a lesson in listening and in trust. Though you are part of a collective humanity, you are also an individual soul and you need to listen to the guidance that comes from within to make this decision as well as many others of like nature.

Where anxiety about trusting inner guidance is still present, and a lack of feeling safe with individual decision-making remains, it is important to factor the anxiety into the equation as well, without blame, but with a sense that the overall situation must be taken into account. This situation will certainly change as access to inner guidance becomes clearer and more available, and one's own Divine being is more forthrightly perceived.


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