Monday, November 30, 2009

Working With Healers

Dear Julie,

So much of what you have written about I relate to very deeply. It is so helpful to read what you have written as well as to share with others through this blog, this experience of transformation.

My question today is – I see two different healing practitioners. Though I have a deep relationship with each of them and share my spiritual journey with them – at this time of increased difficulties, where it appears that I am doing worse instead of better, it is hard for me to know how to share more fully what if feel is happening and that I trust this is a deep transformation of my whole being.

It would be helpful if you have anything you could share about this. -- Michaela


Dear One,

There are many people who can understand the intense nature of the transformation process, but not all who are healing practitioners have actually undergone change at this level - the physical/energetic level. Many are working with the consciousness aspect but have not yet become involved with the physical.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary that a practitioner whom you work with understand from their own experience what you are doing. What is necessary is that they trust you and that they trust your trust in the absence of their own understanding. Those who are choosing an alternative path of healing are often engage in the practice of respect for differences, and so even without understanding, they can be willing to trust your inner knowing if you do.

In reality, it is not something that anyone can know for or about another. Inner guidance is unique to each individual. And so your trust in yourself and your guidance must be enough to be the basis for a relationship in which you feel honored on your own journey. If you do not feel so honored, then you must consider the matter of whom you are working with for respect is very important in working with another.

A practitioner does not have to agree with you in order to honor your perspective or in order to help you. Each has their area of expertise and can be helpful within that domain. But they need to accept the potential validity of your point of view, despite their lack of understanding. This is the foundation for a relationship of trust and there is no other.

Blessings - Julie Redstone

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Decision to Trust

I recently had a breakdown and now I have a lot of fear. I have a hard time with people, and frequently have panic attacks. I was wondering if you have any advice. I'm even reluctant to disclose to much information to you because I don't have a lot of trust and this is my first time writing to you.

I am sick and tired of having this flight response to life. Thank you for your time. -- Joan


Dear One,

Thank you for writing and for trusting enough to reach out in this way. You are still traveling through life with wounds from the past and have to decide now whether you will let your past define you, or whether you can accept a new identity in the present and future. This is a real choice that you and others can make at this time, since the available supports are present in a spiritual sense for you to shed your past identity and to embrace a freer and more whole life in God.

Though it is possible, it often does not feel like a simple matter to drop the past, for it involves establishing a new anchor of trust in the present. This is what will enable you to get past the fear that is so much coloring your life. You are afraid, because fear, as an energy, is moving through you in an intense way. Yet, there are other possible ways of living in the world when one has decided to learn to trust. The way to begin is with this decision, which, in itself, will begin to create a new energetic balance within you.

Trust in a spiritual sense is not based on what human beings do but on what God does. It is based on truth and on light - on the knowing of the Divine essence that lives within you even in the presence of fear. Once this knowing takes root, it begins to be stronger than the fear and over time becomes stronger and stronger if allowed to do so.

There are many ways, dear one, to begin to strengthen your spiritual anchoring to help make this possible. Writing to me is one of them. You might also wish to look at Pathways of Light which is filled with spiritual supports and see if anything there appeals to you. Please feel free to write again if you wish.

Know, too, despite your present state of emotion and the experiences you have lived through, that you are greatly loved. Blessings - Julie Redstone

Friday, November 27, 2009

'Fuzziness' at the Edges - Light Body Adaptation

Dear Julie,

Thanks for your wonderful website- it is immensely helpful. I have found the past 3 weeks to be particularly brutal! I have never felt so completely 'non-functional' on all levels as I have during this time. I go to bed and sleep for 10hrs and wake up even more exhausted than when I went to bed. Plus my brain really isn't working anymore- it's almost impossible to think in any logical way or move out of the moment- it's making it extremely difficult to function in the 'normal' world. I feel like I'm starting to dissolve, like my outer edges are becoming fuzzy. At one level it is really quite overwhelming. I've been experiencing a lot of physical shifting over the past few years so I am quite used to all this but it certainly feels as though things have accelerated recently though.

Could you please comment on the dissolving and fuzzy feeling though? For the most part I am staying out of fear around this but I just needed to share it with someone. -- Alex (Australia)


Dear One,

You are doing quite well with the many intense changes you are experiencing. Loss of left-brain functioning which involves the ability to think clearly and to focus on details is a common symptom at this time as brain-wave patterns change and a new energy replaces the old.

Regarding the loss of 'edges' and of fuzziness, often intuitive perceptions such as this correspond to physical/energetic realities. This is to say that the hard edges of your energy envelope may be dissolving to allow for a more unified field perception and sense of oneness with all that is. The dissolving may also serve an emotional purpose, allowing you, literally, to soften and to have fewer emotional edges, since people often carry this self-protectiveness at the boundary of their emotional energy body.

In either case, the feeling of physical/energetic dissolution has to be held in the context of changing identities and being raised to a new level of consciousness that the body can then support. The dissolution of separateness on any level - emotional, mental, energetic, allows one to feel part of the All, and though you may not feel that now, it is what your soul has brought to you as a presentiment of the future.

Try to be patient with this time. It is good that you are staying out of fear. As things change, it is also useful to think of 'windows of opportunity' which you can ask for that will allow you to get done a certain number of circumscribed things during a limited period of time before the 'window' closes. This can happen because you are, unknown to yourself, being guided from a higher level of your own consciousness and also by beings in the Realms of Light. Therefore, ask, when you need to, that a 'window of opportunity' occur so that you can get a few things done. This is God's magic at work. You will see that it becomes possible to accommodate to the situation better if there is a little 'time-out' as well.

Blessings, dear Alex. Julie Redstone


Note: Questions can be sent to me at Light Omega Comments.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feeling Disconnected from Life - Light Body Adaptation

Another response to "An Invitation:"

Dear Julie,

I don't know if what I have been going through is the process of dissolution or not but for the past 2 years I have been going through a very dark period. I thought it was because of the ending of a deep relationship but now I'm not so sure.

I have become very emotional and I am overwhelmed at times with feelings of sadness and disconnection to my life, as if I don't fit into it any more. My life seems empty and purposeless and there is no joy in anything I do. My brain is different, my memory is bad and I can't focus. Even in my meditation I drift off.

The only thing that gives me solace is nature and I am drawn more and more into feelings of empathy and compassion for distressed animals, which I don't understand.I am a healer but I don't know how to use my abilities or what my purpose is.Why don't I feel more connection with my guidance as time goes on. Do you think this is psychological or light body related? Thanks and blessings. Janice


Dear Beloved One,

The shift in your underlying identity is at the root of your sense of not belonging and of not finding much meaning anywhere. The old premises of your identity are changing and the new ones have not fully emerged yet. This is a significant aspect of the 'dissolution' that is so common to the adaptation process brought about by the new energies of light. It makes the old person new, not through any conscious process, but through removing the old attractions and changing the value system of motivation so that it corresponds more fully to the purposes of the soul.

The aspect of yourself as healer is an important one for you, and you will not know where it will lead you unless you give it room to grow by moving in whatever new direction attracts you. This may be with animals or elsewhere. The anticipation of finding something that 'makes sense' to your mind must be let go of because the new foundation of identity is based not on the mind but on what 'makes sense' to the heart.

You are doing well with the process, dear one, even unbeknownst to yourself, as you have in you the willingness to go where you are led and to follow your most deeply held principles regarding the truth of who you are and who God is. Now, you need to let go of all clinging to the past and to past conceptions of who you thought you were supposed to be, and let the emergence of the new take place. The more you do this, the more it will feel like grace and the less confusion and sadness there will be in the picture.

Energy alterations are also producing the heightened emotional shifts you are experiencing and will continue for a while. Trust this. Access to guidance may have come to you before through understanding, but now it must also come through following the new feelings of compassion and peace that are arising directly from your heart. These can convey to you the directions of your soul.

Blessings dear Janice, and may your own true nature be a joyous discovery for you as you come more fully into being. If there are other questions you wish to ask, please write again to Light Omega Comments

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Whole Body Transformation - Light Body Adaptation

In response to "An Invitation," I am including this longer description because it is such a beautiful and intimate portrait of change. My response follows.


I feel like I have been experiencing a whole-body transformation for the last 2 years - involving 7 months of trembling inside which ceased about 6 months ago. Memory recall and Dissociation (brain literally shutting down almost anesthetizing me and/or making it almost impossible to open my eyes, yet sleep was hard to come by. I chose to sink into the dissociation etc a few months ago, living in almost motionless fog which heaps of processing going on while in bed for 16 hours a day but the moment my feet hit the floor, nothing could be remembered. And while awake, thoughts were racing but none could be grasped and held.

Eventually my brain seemed to suddenly switch back on and racing 'unknown' thoughts stopped. I am slowly improving although still struggle with significant short term memory loss. During this time of 'seemingly unable to function' my awareness of self became profound. I have become acutely aware of how distracted my mind likes to keep me and when I refuse to let it distract me and I choose not to act, waves of dissociation come again. During this time of surrender, Reiki worked like magic removing extreme pain in my shoulders which i had been 'unfixable' for years and slowly getting worse. It believe I am now very aware of my functioning and ego etc, and now have the ability to make choices that seem to make my whole body sing. And yet, it also seems to make my body be filled with so much positive energy at times that it doesn't know what to do with it.

I feel like I am in a time of transformation with all of me willing to come into sync but not quite sure how. I realise my new awareness and ways of functioning have been a huge thing for my brain's autopilot to deal with but I believe my brain is choosing to now trust me but I need to allow it all the time it needs to feel safe with my new choices. Will this energy stuff settle down? Would more reiki help? Or do I just need to continue 'being still' to allow all of me to continue to learn how to work together? -- Janine


Dear Beloved One,

Your passage through the world of transformation is proceeding as it needs to with right brain and left brain functions coming into balance, allowing new perceptions to emerge and enabling you to see your thought process more clearly.

The passage through this time has to be made intelligently, with due consideration to the practical needs of life as well as to the increased need for rest which results from the new energies trying to adapt themselves to your physical form. You are right in continuing to trust your body's integration and integrative capacity, and yet you may also. at times, need to be 'doing things' and living life in a physical sense.

There are several things that may help you with 'over-amped' energy which is processing through your body, allowing you to do more when you choose to or need to. One is to increase your intake of pure water; a second is to walk on the earth with a sense of your feet touching the ground and discharging the excess energy into the Earth. This will not hurt the Earth, but it will help you. Also, you may need to continue to adjust your sleeping schedule as you have been doing, to take into account the new brain wave patterns that are establishing themselves even while you sleep.

The shift in the balance between right and left brain functioning which has disturbed short-term memory and other cognitive functions may continue for a while. This is in keeping with your own unique soul purpose and what your soul has come here to manifest on Earth. New skills, perceptions, and gifts will come about as a result of this balancing and energy shift, and there is no blueprint that applies to all equally. In each case it is a matter of your soul's essential qualities and purpose manifesting.

Dear beloved one, you are doing very well to have been as accepting and responsive as you have been to the unusual and in some case extreme changes that have taken place within you, and must continue to do so. Reiki work may be useful as it has in the past, yet this cannot be predicted since the process you are in alters energetic relationships which interact with healing modalities. It is something you must try if you feel drawn to do so. Again, there is no one-size-fits-all patterning here.

Please write again when you wish to Light Omega Comments. May your transition into greater light be blessed. - Julie Redstone

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Time of Dissolution - New Light Body Adaptation

I've been feeling I have no direction in life. It seems like I'm not being understood and/ or listened to, I have no ambition to create or know what to create, I don't have a meditative practice, I should send Reiki to others and don't, I feel like I don't know who I am anymore. I feel like I am going backwards and not forward with my life. As if I'm living in the dark and not the light. I could go on and on. It's like my body feels empty, but at the same time I feel like I am carrying around weights on my shoulders. Help, please. Thank You. Shelly


Dear One,

There is often a time of dissolution or coming apart before a new self can be reconstituted. Without being known to the conscious self, the structure of personal identity is being altered in order to make way for the new. This can lead to profound feelings of discomfort, and to doubt that something good is truly happening.

Understand this: the dissolution is a necessary step for those who choose to walk in the light of their larger self. For some people it takes place in only small ways, or in only selected areas of life, while for others it is an across-the-board phenomenon, acting upon almost all aspects of one's being.

During a time of dissolution, it is difficult to find the motivation to do anything or to go in any direction, because the center of motivation itself is being altered. This is happening so that a new directive, infused with the higher self consciousness, can take over direction of the outer life more completely.

One must be patient with this process, and also know that many others are going through something similar in their own ways. While this does not remove the intrinsic discomfort of feeling awash in uncertainty, emptiness or lack of direction, it does allow trust to remain in the presence of such feelings.

Try, in the midst of this, to find one spiritual anchor that you can relate to, even if it feels small or of little significance. Music can be an anchor, walking in the woods, being in a spiritual vibration that has a particular ambiance. This time of dissolution is very important and very valuable, for it creates a path forward into the future. Blessings. Julie Redstone


For those of you who may have questions or experiences such as the above that you may wish help with, please write to me at Light Omega Comments. This is a different address than the blog 'Comments.'

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Physical Changes Connected With Energy Adaptation

Here are just a few of the symptoms others have experienced connected with the physical/energetic transformation taking place on the planet. These have been shared with me during the past week:

difficulty thinking
difficulty speaking
need to move very slowly
need to rest more
muscular pain
feeling deeply cold
changes in appetite
fluctuating blood sugar levels
not feeling rested even after sleep
feeling separate from others

Along with these, there are positive, expansive changes happening:

feeling upheld from within
feeling stronger, lighter
feeling one's cells singing
feeling a stronger life-force within
feeling God's presence
feeling more connected with the Earth

This is a cross-over time. A time when many things are changing internally for each one. May you be blessed with trust in the process. Blessings.


Thank you to those who have shared their own experiences in previous articles. Please continue to do so as it is a help to all. You may also write to me directly at Light Omega Comments for additional guidance or information.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Waking Up

Wake Up

Many have been dealing with seemingly intractable emotional or physical conditions that have gone on for years. Sometimes, these are seriously debilitating. Sometimes, they are annoying or irritating habits of thought or feeling one would rather be rid of, and yet they remain.

The good news is that these 'hard-wired' patterns of thought and emotion are presently being affected by the increase in spiritual light on the Earth. This increased light is having a twofold effect, differing in different people. On the one hand it is making unwanted patterns more visible in both the physical and emotional/mental areas. On the other, it is making it possible to more easily separate from these patterns if one chooses to.

How to separate from a chronic pattern, emotion, attitude... The first step is to know that a choice is possible. The second step - to have an image or goal or idea of how you would like to be. The third step is the most difficult - to address the fear directly of letting go of the old. Often, one claims the new desireable feature or attitude without recognizing that one is afraid to let go of the old. The releasing of the old must be accompanied by a releasing of whatever fear is attached.

There are many ways to do this - through prayer, meditation, alignment, each of which takes you into a different part of yourself that is beyond your present emotional or physical consciousness. The way of waking up is the way of releasing the old. The time may be right for you to do so. All of life and light stands with you. Blessings.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Light Body - An Invitation

There are many now who are experiencing physical symptoms as a result of the transformation of energy patterns within the body. As these patterns change, each organ and cell of the body has to find a new way of existing in relation to the rest. The process is whole - that is, the body seeks and finds its own balance over time. Yet, in the meantime, the difficulties encountered can cause fear as a result of not knowing what is happening.

It is very important to know that energies can create physical difficulties as a result of a new configuration emerging, and that the real work is remaining in trust rather than becoming afraid. Discomforts can be experienced with a sense of acceptance and even with inner guidance and assurance where fear is not allowed to take over.

If you are in a situation where unusual or difficult bodily symptoms or forms of expression that do not readily lend themselves to clear understanding are happening, I invite you to be in touch with me. Much can be lived through with peace and even comfort if the process itself is trusted.

I welcome your questions and will share the experience of many others with you. You may reach me at Light Omega Comments. Blessings. Julie Redstone

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remaining Oneself

All you can ever really be is yourself, no matter what you do and no matter where you are, for the entire world is interacting with you as you are in each moment.

Nevertheless, it sometimes feels difficult to be oneself. It feels like the pressure from others and from expectations undermines the stability of the self. Here is where great learning may take place. For it is a matter of valuing the constancy and integrity of the self, place to place, and person to person, remembering that you are a sacred being - God expressing as you.

Faithfulness to oneself is achieved through inner quiet, inner guidance, inner listening - these are the ways of attuning to oneself in the midst of emotional noise and distraction. The energy of light can support you if you allow it to.

It is a new time, and each choice that you make to become who you are finds great support from the new energies of light now present on the Earth. Be you. Blessings.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Stabilizing One's Energy Field

A question was asked with respect to "New Ways of Relating - Part 2," and I would like to share my response with you since others might have this question as well:

"Stabilizing one's energy field' is a physical/energetic practice that takes place in the body and in the auric envelope that maintains light energy of a particular potency and quality no matter what the surroundings. This is something you can feel when it is present and can begin to sense when it is absent. It is furthered by any regular spiritual practice that attunes you to the higher vibrations of light, and also by allowing conscious breathing to be part of your daily routine."

There are other ways of stabilizing one's energy field that have to do with diet, and also with the transformation of the environments you are in or choose to be in. Maintaining an energy field of a higher vibration around you helps with what goes on within you as well.

If you have not yet considered creating a sacred altar space in your home, this may be a way to begin. Blessings.

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Ways of Relating - Part 2

From a group of articles on New Relationships in "The Art of Being Present."

New Ways of Relating - Part2

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Light Body Creation - Difficulties in Adaptation

As new energy pathways are being formed within the physical and cellular structure of the body, energy is moving in ways that it never has before. This can lead to intensified fatigue, dizziness, spaciness, nausea, headaches, and other symptoms that may or may not appear to have an energetic basis but in reality do.

The new energy pathways are also being formed within the central nervous system affecting thinking, emotionality, and the degree to which one can feel at peace. For some, a sense of inner turbulence or upheaval is currently a characteristic quality of consciousness that is not being produced by one's psychological state, but by the physical shift that is taking place within the nervous system and cerebral cortex.

For those so affected, you are invited to write to me further about this, and to stay current with where articles and guidance are being provided on a regular basis about how to go through this time. Blessings. JR

New Unity - Tribal Nations Conference

There are leaders of 542 federally recognized tribes meeting with President Obama and others at the White House today. This is the largest gathering of tribal leaders in America's history. While we cannot know what the verbal commitment of the present administration to the wellbeing of these peoples may lead to (unemployment, for example, of up to 50% exists on some reservations), we wish them well and hold prayers for all now taking part. May the outcome of this conference be blessed.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Physical Change and the New Light Body

There is much happening today to the physical body as a result of increased light. New and unexplainable symptoms may be appearing that had never been seen before, or that one thought were long gone. Like a pot of water that manifests bubbles on the surface as it boils, so, too, does the body rid itself of things that have been concealed below the surface, by bubbling up with the energies that need to be released.

This time of releasing within one's own body needs to be treated gently and with respect. In truth, you cannot just will the symptoms away and in some cases not even conventional forms of treatment will be effective. It is a new time, and a new body is being created for all living beings, and so that which cannot resonate with light is erupting now as physical symptoms or mental or emotional symptoms that are part of the process of becoming free.

Take the time to rest, and to treat your body gently if you are feeling a need to do so. Rest, and the drinking of pure water helps the body to release energies more easily, allowing the natural process to take its course.

The result of this time will not be more illness, but a freeing of the body to take its place as a vessel that can carry its own light and transmit it to others. This is a blessing and those who may endure a difficult process in this regard are actually helping the planet as they do so. Namaste.