Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Time of Dissolution - New Light Body Adaptation

I've been feeling I have no direction in life. It seems like I'm not being understood and/ or listened to, I have no ambition to create or know what to create, I don't have a meditative practice, I should send Reiki to others and don't, I feel like I don't know who I am anymore. I feel like I am going backwards and not forward with my life. As if I'm living in the dark and not the light. I could go on and on. It's like my body feels empty, but at the same time I feel like I am carrying around weights on my shoulders. Help, please. Thank You. Shelly


Dear One,

There is often a time of dissolution or coming apart before a new self can be reconstituted. Without being known to the conscious self, the structure of personal identity is being altered in order to make way for the new. This can lead to profound feelings of discomfort, and to doubt that something good is truly happening.

Understand this: the dissolution is a necessary step for those who choose to walk in the light of their larger self. For some people it takes place in only small ways, or in only selected areas of life, while for others it is an across-the-board phenomenon, acting upon almost all aspects of one's being.

During a time of dissolution, it is difficult to find the motivation to do anything or to go in any direction, because the center of motivation itself is being altered. This is happening so that a new directive, infused with the higher self consciousness, can take over direction of the outer life more completely.

One must be patient with this process, and also know that many others are going through something similar in their own ways. While this does not remove the intrinsic discomfort of feeling awash in uncertainty, emptiness or lack of direction, it does allow trust to remain in the presence of such feelings.

Try, in the midst of this, to find one spiritual anchor that you can relate to, even if it feels small or of little significance. Music can be an anchor, walking in the woods, being in a spiritual vibration that has a particular ambiance. This time of dissolution is very important and very valuable, for it creates a path forward into the future. Blessings. Julie Redstone


For those of you who may have questions or experiences such as the above that you may wish help with, please write to me at Light Omega Comments. This is a different address than the blog 'Comments.'


  1. I have never visited this site before, yet I was instantaneously attracted to its contents. Then, after reading this posting, it was confirmed that I was divinely directed to consume what it had to offer. The descriptions of dissolution during a transitional period communicated to the directionless Life Force within me. This experience is quite familiar and comforting in this unsettling period produced by the perception of my outer life. I don't just believe now, but know that these transitional periods provide invaluable opportunity to expand, and that trust is essential to preparing for a successful transition. Thank you Julie for your effort and insight. I look forward to future enlightenment. Tim

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences here, dear one. If you want to write to me further you can do so at Blessings - JR


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