Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Light Body Creation - Difficulties in Adaptation

As new energy pathways are being formed within the physical and cellular structure of the body, energy is moving in ways that it never has before. This can lead to intensified fatigue, dizziness, spaciness, nausea, headaches, and other symptoms that may or may not appear to have an energetic basis but in reality do.

The new energy pathways are also being formed within the central nervous system affecting thinking, emotionality, and the degree to which one can feel at peace. For some, a sense of inner turbulence or upheaval is currently a characteristic quality of consciousness that is not being produced by one's psychological state, but by the physical shift that is taking place within the nervous system and cerebral cortex.

For those so affected, you are invited to write to me further about this, and to stay current with where articles and guidance are being provided on a regular basis about how to go through this time. Blessings. JR


  1. Thanks Julie for the article on the energy changes within us. I am experiencing these energy changes and I feel a shakiness inside along with spikes in blood sugar for no apparent reason. Also feeling as if I am living outside my body. Very strange.
    HC Canada

  2. I have had migraines with hardly any pain yet lights flashing in my eyes and top of the head flying off, heaviness in a head and neck pains ad right shoulder pains for no reason. Blood sugars go low, nausea after meals with meat products yet when eating vegetarian feel light yet satisfied. Need for constant eating with hunger bangs seem to have gone,deep sleep yet once agin seemingly starting to wake up early hours of a morning like 3-4 am and every morning. Living or being outside my body is also familiar feeling lately. Time seems to not exsist on the weekends unless need to meet someone at certain time etc. Eat when feel hungry, rest when need rest, have activity when feel like it and it comes in great bursts, wake up feeling peaceful when feel like it and mostly it is before 6 nowadays...what happened to leisurely waking up, go to bed when feel need to. No clock following just flowing with the freedom on the weekends. Having to follow the time during week for work etc. feels forced and un-natural.The inner peace that is mostly constant is beautiful, nothing much seems to shake that balance.

  3. Thank you for sharing this intimate description of engaging with the new life and awarenesses produced by a deeper connection with the higher energies of light. Your description will be helpful to many. Blessings. JR


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