Friday, November 27, 2009

'Fuzziness' at the Edges - Light Body Adaptation

Dear Julie,

Thanks for your wonderful website- it is immensely helpful. I have found the past 3 weeks to be particularly brutal! I have never felt so completely 'non-functional' on all levels as I have during this time. I go to bed and sleep for 10hrs and wake up even more exhausted than when I went to bed. Plus my brain really isn't working anymore- it's almost impossible to think in any logical way or move out of the moment- it's making it extremely difficult to function in the 'normal' world. I feel like I'm starting to dissolve, like my outer edges are becoming fuzzy. At one level it is really quite overwhelming. I've been experiencing a lot of physical shifting over the past few years so I am quite used to all this but it certainly feels as though things have accelerated recently though.

Could you please comment on the dissolving and fuzzy feeling though? For the most part I am staying out of fear around this but I just needed to share it with someone. -- Alex (Australia)


Dear One,

You are doing quite well with the many intense changes you are experiencing. Loss of left-brain functioning which involves the ability to think clearly and to focus on details is a common symptom at this time as brain-wave patterns change and a new energy replaces the old.

Regarding the loss of 'edges' and of fuzziness, often intuitive perceptions such as this correspond to physical/energetic realities. This is to say that the hard edges of your energy envelope may be dissolving to allow for a more unified field perception and sense of oneness with all that is. The dissolving may also serve an emotional purpose, allowing you, literally, to soften and to have fewer emotional edges, since people often carry this self-protectiveness at the boundary of their emotional energy body.

In either case, the feeling of physical/energetic dissolution has to be held in the context of changing identities and being raised to a new level of consciousness that the body can then support. The dissolution of separateness on any level - emotional, mental, energetic, allows one to feel part of the All, and though you may not feel that now, it is what your soul has brought to you as a presentiment of the future.

Try to be patient with this time. It is good that you are staying out of fear. As things change, it is also useful to think of 'windows of opportunity' which you can ask for that will allow you to get done a certain number of circumscribed things during a limited period of time before the 'window' closes. This can happen because you are, unknown to yourself, being guided from a higher level of your own consciousness and also by beings in the Realms of Light. Therefore, ask, when you need to, that a 'window of opportunity' occur so that you can get a few things done. This is God's magic at work. You will see that it becomes possible to accommodate to the situation better if there is a little 'time-out' as well.

Blessings, dear Alex. Julie Redstone


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