Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Physical Changes Connected With Energy Adaptation

Here are just a few of the symptoms others have experienced connected with the physical/energetic transformation taking place on the planet. These have been shared with me during the past week:

difficulty thinking
difficulty speaking
need to move very slowly
need to rest more
muscular pain
feeling deeply cold
changes in appetite
fluctuating blood sugar levels
not feeling rested even after sleep
feeling separate from others

Along with these, there are positive, expansive changes happening:

feeling upheld from within
feeling stronger, lighter
feeling one's cells singing
feeling a stronger life-force within
feeling God's presence
feeling more connected with the Earth

This is a cross-over time. A time when many things are changing internally for each one. May you be blessed with trust in the process. Blessings.


Thank you to those who have shared their own experiences in previous articles. Please continue to do so as it is a help to all. You may also write to me directly at Light Omega Comments for additional guidance or information.

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