Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dynamics of Rejection

It sometimes happens that the reaction of energies of darkness that are unconsciously active within people cause that person to see light as darkness and darkness as light. This can cause one person to reject another, questioning the purity of their motives or their intentions when, in fact, the motives in question partake of a high degree of purity, at least at a moment in time.

It is important to understand the dynamic between darkness and light in energetic terms since the tendency is often to take things personally and to feel rejected by someone's rejecting response. This can happen easily when it is not known that one is involved in a cosmic process that is much larger than the self.

The only way to know that this dynamic is happening, however, is if one has a relatively high degree of clarity and purity of heart in a particular situation. Such clarity need not be perfect, but predominant at a given point in time. Then, it may be seen that the distortions or projections of others are energetically based. Without clear intentions it is impossible to know or perceive the energetic picture correctly, since the negative energies of others can simultaneously be activating one's own negative energies, creating a response circuit that is less than pure that can be perceived by another.

For many people, the tendency to overly-personalize rejecting responses, even when this particular dynamic is not involved, is a longstanding habit and one that is extremely painful to the self. It is far better to cultivate a habit of self-examination so that one's own motives are known, and therefore the projections of others can be allowed to slide off and be let go of.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Divine Flow

Dear Ones,

I have been very involved in the creation and publishing of new videos lately, and so more time has gone by since my last posting here. The Divine creative flow has a life of its own and so it becomes more consuming, with less focus available elsewhere. I hope you will share in the videos as well as re-visiting this blog soon. I will be keeping up with articles again.

Blessings beloved ones - Julie

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Plan for Free Health Care in Africa

A task force called "International Innovative Finance for Health Systems" co-chaired by Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown and World Bank President Robert Zoellick has come up with a plan to provide free health care to over 10 million people in Africa who are now paying user fees.

This plan, developed during the last twelve months and announced in the last two days, has been a long time coming. It represents the world's greater stake in providing health equity to the world's poor, at a time when developed nations have the capacity to do so. It is a step forward in the manifestation of a unified planetary consciousness.

The goal is to help developing countries meet their health millennium development goals by 2015. The plan is to include a pledge of US$3 billion from the online travel industry.

$5.7b to expand health care in Africa, Asia
ABC News Report
Africa: Great Leap Forward on Free Health Care

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A time of contraction has been with us for a long time now, creating hardship for many, both individually and on a planetary level. Often, one thinks ones own burdens are personal - intrinsic and limited to the self, when in fact they are vastly influenced by the power of contraction. This energy is capable on a global level as well as individually of causing greater hopelessness, despair, and fear, all of which result from the covering that is placed over the light within.

When this covering is effective, one can feel bereft, without guidance, without hope, without comfort, without direction. One can feel that God is absent or not listening or that one has taken the wrong path and therefore been abandoned. The force of darkness cannot extinguish the light, for light is intrinsically stronger than darkness, but it can create a blanket over it so that it cannot be seen or felt, and often for long periods of time.

During a time of contraction, it is important to find the means of anchoring oneself in spiritual reality, however that becomes possible. One may not feel light, but one can know it is there. One may not feel God, but one can know God is there. Whatever means of spiritual anchoring resonates with the inner being is what should be pursued. Especially through being with others who can convey hope and trust during a time of darkness.

Knowing that 'contraction' is an energy force that affects many can help in another way. It can reduce self-blame for not being able to fix the situation or change one's feelings more quickly. It can also help to not take things so personally.

As light remains the strongest force within all universes, it will eventually restore its prominence and potency and the tide of contraction will turn. In the meantime, steadfastness is needed, and the kind of gentle love that will allow kindness toward the self to remain.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Letting Go

There can be no transformation without letting go.
Holding onto the past re-creates the past.

The future, to be new, must be open - without strings attached.
Will you let go of what you are holding onto and let the Divine
within you do the rest?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

America in Balance

Within the spiritual foundation of this country are several strands of spiritual energy that form aspects of governance and the basis for law.

Among these strands are forces at work that create a strong motivation toward individual freedom and self-determination, and an equally strong current in the direction of unity and love.

These two currents are spiritual forces at work within the collective consciousness of a nation. They represent two sides on a scale of wholeness whose middle-point is a fulcrum that keeps both currents in balance. When harmony with truth and the spiritual core principles which America rests on prevail, then freedom and unity remain effectively in balance, each complementing the other, each supporting the other. When darkness and fear prevail, then it looks like the expression of one direction is threatening to the expression of the other.

Such is the case in America today. Though the controversy is taking place around the joined issues of Health Care and Illegal Immigration, the principle of fear is running through many interchanges about what caring for 'all' will do to one's own personal wellbeing. Within these dialogues, the energy of polarization (of 'me' and 'them' is strong, leading to tension, discord, and a sense of incompatability. Those who fear the overturning of law and the destruction of individual liberty based on the promotion of universal health care are bringing an element to the discussion which is not based on reason but on emotion - the emotion of fear and the need to defend against perceived threat. These are emotions fueled by energies of darkness.

The balance of freedom and unity need not require opposition. It is possible for a dialogue to take place based more in trust and in the desire to serve the needs of all. However it is this very principle concerning 'serving the needs of all' that is being undermined by forces that are establishing a hold on the consciousness of many, as if serving the needs of all would prevent their own needs from being met.

We must, if we are to understand the sweeping forces at work in this country and in the world at this time, recognize that the shape of a dialogue which influences its outcome is not just a matter of chance. Nor is it just a matter of political persuasion. There are large forces at work, both nationally and globally, that want to prevent unity from gaining a further foothold in human consciousness. They want to prevent love from becoming stronger as a motivating factor in the governance of people. The debate about health care has been fueled by these forces on the one side, and they threaten to disempower the forward motion of the new administration's efforts to bring a new vision into the American political scene.

As souls participating in the expansion of light upon the Earth, we hold a solemn responsibility, whatever our point of view, to hold our alignment with light and our trust in the future and not to engage with fear. Our alignment allows us to know that harmony of interests is, indeed, possible, and that while fear dismantles harmony, love and trust enhance it.

May all come to see through the strategems created by fear, and hold to love in the midst of these. Amen.

Monday, September 14, 2009


As the body changes as a result of the infusion of increased light, it sometimes happens that others begin to treat one differently. One aspect of that difference can have to do with invisibility. Though a body that is more light-filled is not 'literally' invisible, the vibrational shift in the cellular structure can make it seem to passersby that there is 'no one there'. This is not a visual experience but an energetic one. And it is not total but partial. It is a result of the body's frequency of vibration going out of the normal human range, and so those whom one has contact with may feel a sense of both unfamiliarity and distance in relation to the new energetic picture. Where there was resonance before, there may now be awkwardness, strangeness, or strained-ness.

If this has happened to you or to someone you know and you would find it helpful to ask specific questions about this, write to me at Messages by Request. Blessings.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Planetary Ascension Video

A new Light Omega video of special significance for those concerned with the Earth's future. Your comments are invited beneath the YouTube video display.

"A profound heart and soul message for our time about Ascension - a process that is not limited to Dec. 21st, 2012 but is taking place now as well. The message of this video is that souls have incarnated to be here, now, during this time of planetary transition, and that a great deal is possible for those who can be faithful to love's purposes..."

Planetary Ascenstion - The Birth of the Sacred

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Trends in Emotional and Spiritual Health: Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress

This article is part of a talk given by Julie at Light Omega on Sept. 6, 2009 called "Depression - A Spiritual Perspective." To order a CD of this talk, contact


Beloveds, we live at a time when increased spiritual energy on the planet is creating a raised awareness of the values of the heart and of life itself. At the same time, it is bringing into consciousness all that is out of balance and not in harmony with these newly awakening values. It is in this way that it is possible to look at the increased incidence of depression in developed countries, which, in many nations, has become of epidemic proportions. In the same light, though from another world, we can look at the increased incidence of post-traumatic stress or ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’ in military personnel returning from the 1990s Gulf War, the Iraq War, and now from Afghanistan.

What brings these two phenomena together is that they are emotional and spiritual ‘signals’ of something being wrong. One may look within the individual psyche to see what is ‘wrong,’ but that reveals only a partial truth. The awakening of the values of the heart creates a greater collision between the values of one’s humanity and the actual exigencies and ‘necessities’ of hand-to-hand combat and war in general. Similarly, the values of the heart awakening create an increased sense of urgency that the empty, loveless, or meaningless places in one’s life be filled with something real and something meaningful. In both cases, there is an interaction with individual psychological and spiritual motivations, and the actual landscape of one’s present life. In the case of military engagement, one can only wonder that there are not more post-traumatic stress reactions to the tragic and often unforeseen involvement in the killing of children and of innocent civilians during a military operation.

The values of the heart are those enhanced by the presence of spiritual light: peace, unity, love, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, and a desire to live in harmony with others. These values may come up in contrast to the outrages of war – the horrors that cannot be put out of mind or heart regarding what one witnessed, felt, or took part in. Though of less dramatic intensity and certainly of less violent impact – the meaninglessness of a life lived without the full measure of love, joy, or a sense of deeper connection with oneself or others, can also bring to awareness the sorrow of loss - of a hole that needs to be filled. At bottom, depression fosters a yearning for a spiritual, energetic, emotional, and relationship healing that can only take place if one is aware that it is needed.

The increased rise in depression in developed countries may, by some, be attributed to more proficient and earlier diagnostic capabilities, the availability of a wider array of treatment options including an entire pharamaceutical industry devoted to treating the symptoms of depression. Both of these are, indeed, contributing factors, but only address the symptomatic picture – the symptomatic expression of depression, not its cause. To look at the cause, nationwide or worldwide, one must look at the changing inner landscape of what people value and what they find missing.

Depression (and also post-traumatic stress) is a teacher, a signal, an announcer, that something needs to be addressed within one’s life that has not been addressed. It is a calling of the spirit for an increased awareness of what is missing. Although on an outer level, it may seem that what is missing is practical and tangible – such as a job, more money, adequate housing, or improved prospects for the future, on an inner level, at least for many, these may still only be ‘signposts’ to what the real cause of depression is.

Depression, as a teacher, tells us that something essential is missing within life that needs to be found. Often, one can fill the outer elements of life with a job, greater security, relationships with others, and still it remains. Because, as a collective human family, we still do not think of spiritual causes in relation to physical symptoms, we continue, for the moment, to look at the neuro-biology of depression as its explanation. We study higher cortical functioning, understand the work of neuro-transmitters, and think we understand what causes depression. However, the level of the physical is, without exception, activated by the level of consciousness in which spiritual, moral, and emotional values reside. Therefore, in an analysis of the future, we will not view neuro-biology as a cause of depression, but itself as a symptom. We will, at that time, look to the domain of spiritual energy and spiritual consciousness as the primary cause for physical and biological conditions.

For the present, we are still immersed in material explanations for a material world. We still explain the physical by the physical. As the world changes in its understanding of spiritual reality, depression, post-traumatic stress, and, indeed, all physical disorders will come to be seen to be energetically based, and new forms of healing will develop in order to treat them.

For individuals today, and before such a collective development takes place, it is important to understand the ‘signal’ function of depression and the wisdom of the body that is trying to convey something important from the soul. Though society may not be ready, individuals may be ready to bring their lives into greater balance and harmony, restoring to both the body and the consciousness a spiritual energy of love, hope, and unity, that for many has been missing for a long time and on a very deep level.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Grace of Divine Light

...all debts shall be paid in the grace of Divine light..."

This is a meditation for our time, Beloveds, for it is not only that healing is taking place and karmic 'debts' are being paid, it is also that healing is taking place "in the grace of Divine light." What this means is that no matter how difficult the past may have been or the future may appear, the same light that is bringing to the fore all that is in need of healing, is simultaneously carrying one over and through whatever obstacles may be created as a result of this process.

The problem for many is the absence of the feeling of being carried. This creates a sadness and sense of aloneness of varying degrees of intensity, depending on how strong the absence of feeling may be. For those enduring through this empty place, 'knowing' and the truth of one's being must be relied on rather than feeling, until the covering over the actual perception of light may be lifted.

That this is possible is a tribute to the way in which each heart is made. It is a reason to not be afraid. For even if the mind doubts and the emotions forget, the deepest heart which is the seat of the soul remains in its place of truth, knowing that love is the foundation of life and the foundation of each individual's life. Because of this, the heart can remain strong and the inner being can remain faithful. Pray to feel a connection with this inner being and inner knowing. It is there.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ribbons of Change

As a ribbon may be unwound from a ball which it is wrapped around, so, too, do ribbons of change take place within the human body and heart, as each strand of consciousness in need of healing becomes exposed to the light of day.

The further exposure of things that one thought were fully healed is not meant to be a reason for discouragement, but a path toward understanding that what is healed in the present is healed for all time; what is healed in the present summarizes all previous lifetimes in which that same 'ribbon' played a part.

The miracle of this time of light is that the unknown and unknowable sub-currents of human motivation and feeling can now be separated out and seen for what they are - efforts at self-protection or self-support that were limited in truth but that were all that seemed possible at the time.

Beloveds, embrace the healing that is now possible, for all lives are coming together in this life, the past is being summarized now, and all debts can be paid in the grace of Divine light.