Friday, September 4, 2009

The Grace of Divine Light

...all debts shall be paid in the grace of Divine light..."

This is a meditation for our time, Beloveds, for it is not only that healing is taking place and karmic 'debts' are being paid, it is also that healing is taking place "in the grace of Divine light." What this means is that no matter how difficult the past may have been or the future may appear, the same light that is bringing to the fore all that is in need of healing, is simultaneously carrying one over and through whatever obstacles may be created as a result of this process.

The problem for many is the absence of the feeling of being carried. This creates a sadness and sense of aloneness of varying degrees of intensity, depending on how strong the absence of feeling may be. For those enduring through this empty place, 'knowing' and the truth of one's being must be relied on rather than feeling, until the covering over the actual perception of light may be lifted.

That this is possible is a tribute to the way in which each heart is made. It is a reason to not be afraid. For even if the mind doubts and the emotions forget, the deepest heart which is the seat of the soul remains in its place of truth, knowing that love is the foundation of life and the foundation of each individual's life. Because of this, the heart can remain strong and the inner being can remain faithful. Pray to feel a connection with this inner being and inner knowing. It is there.


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  1. It seems that God is blessing us with a depth of hope that is beyond all human ability to measure or even conceive.


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