Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ribbons of Change

As a ribbon may be unwound from a ball which it is wrapped around, so, too, do ribbons of change take place within the human body and heart, as each strand of consciousness in need of healing becomes exposed to the light of day.

The further exposure of things that one thought were fully healed is not meant to be a reason for discouragement, but a path toward understanding that what is healed in the present is healed for all time; what is healed in the present summarizes all previous lifetimes in which that same 'ribbon' played a part.

The miracle of this time of light is that the unknown and unknowable sub-currents of human motivation and feeling can now be separated out and seen for what they are - efforts at self-protection or self-support that were limited in truth but that were all that seemed possible at the time.

Beloveds, embrace the healing that is now possible, for all lives are coming together in this life, the past is being summarized now, and all debts can be paid in the grace of Divine light.

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