Friday, May 29, 2009

The Power of Intention

Like smoke from a flame drifting upwards toward the sky, so does the power of intention convey the energy of our dreams, hopes, and wishes to the cosmic matrix from which all things emerge.

Intention is a catalyst. It sends forth an energy into the multidimensional reality of which we are a part, and links with resonant elements within that reality to begin to give shape to the manifestation of fulfillment. The stronger and purer the intention, the more is this the case.

Sometimes, the intention of the conscious self runs counter to the intention of the unconscious self or of the soul, and in this case wishes may not manifest in the way one would expect. But even then, that does not detract from the power of intention. It only means that a stronger intention from a different level of the self is manifesting, and if we were able to attune to that level, we would find greater peace since we would know that we were choosing a different course of action.

Many who are emotionally bereft or distressed cannot find within themselves a positive intention because the pain is too great and a sense of hopelessness, withdrawal, depression, or disillusionment has set in. Then, one must have the intention to intend, the wish to want something different, the prayer to be able to pray.

We are never left without the power of intention. And even if one cannot feel its power, believe in it, or hope for it, the longing to have hope can also be a powerful motive that sets energy in motion.

There is always an arrow that can emerge from the depths of the heart toward a light-filled goal - even in the presence of sorrow; even in the presence of disillusionment.

Therefore, want something, and let this yearning be blessed by its being in accord with Divine intention - Thy Will be done. Then all things shall come to pass.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sacred Words

All words carry vibration, some more so than others. Sacred words that have been used millions of times throughout history are powerful due, among other things, to the accumulated energy they carry. Literally, when you pray using these holy words, you are praying with all those who have gone before.

More ordinary words carry vibration as well. When such words are filled with light - the light that emanates from the purity of Divine Love - then these words can have a healing and, indeed, life-changing effect on others. For they are given the power to transmute darkness, to dissolve fear, and to raise the innate goodness and light that lives within each heart. Thus, spoken from a place of purity, light activates light in others, awakening them to their true self.

To this degree, one becomes a healer for the world, not by virtue of any special training or course of study, but because the light within activates the light without until all becomes One.

May all be blessed with the power of healing in this way. May all receive the light of universal Love.

Above: "Om Mani Padme Hum" - In certain Eastern traditions, the six syllables of this mantra are thought to refer to the purification of the six realms of existence.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Healing Moment

God's grace permeates every moment of time. What this means is that life is a Divine flow, creating new opportunities for growth and healing in each moment.

Even if it seems that certain emotional or physical manifestations are intractable and refuse to budge despite one's best efforts, even then, there is a margin of possibility surrounding the intractable in which new choices can be made. These choices may not be the 'main event.' But they influence the 'main event'. They may be considered the 'healing edge' that is available in each moment - a place in which mind, heart, and spirit are ready to move forward. One must work with this 'healing edge' in the presence of that which cannot yet be moved, for it is the path to further healing and growth.

Many inner situations wait for an energetic shift so that new attitudes or motivations can come into being. Such a shift is not produced by the mind or will, but by the grace of God emanating light from a Divine source. One can invite this light in, open oneself to it, and make oneself ready to receive it, but one cannot will the light into being for it is a Divine flow with its own intelligence and timing. And yet there is much that one can do through believing in the inherent possibilities of each moment as a new beginning.

May the recognition of life's healing potential open within the awareness of each soul so that what is longed for, can be. Amen.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spirals of Purification - Recycling and Releasing

Many people ask when recurrent emotional patterns are present: How do you know that purification and releasing are taking place rather than just a re-enactment of the same old emotional patterns?

This is an important question because both situations may feel the same. Also, because the incremental increase in the potency of spiritual light causes a healing process to take place at ever deepening levels. That is why the experience is so common that what one thought was healed comes back around as in a spiral to be reviewed once again, often after some time has passed.

Part of the distinction between 'recycling' and 'releasing' emotions must be based on a knowledge of the catalytic properties of light which roots out darkness more and more completely depending upon its potency and intensity.

Part of the distinction rests on the understanding that all spiritual practices that involve one in a relationship with the Divine and with the intention to purify ultimately activate the process of purification. This is because intention draws to itself the forces that begin to work within the psyche and body.

Finally, the difference between recycling and releasing emotions can also be discerned in the gradual space that develops between the emotion and the rest of one's awareness. The capacity to not identify with a particular set of feelings or thoughts or to know that they are not 'you,' is an indication that purification is at work and is progressively making possible the shaping of a new identity and a letting go of the old.

New Light Body

There are a number of ways to assist the expansion of light within your own body and upon the Earth.

On the emotional and mental levels, it is a matter of knowing what to do and how to be with the new currents of energy that are arising.

On the physical level, the same principle must be followed. However, here, the energies often manifest as unusual physical symptoms and sensations that are part of the body's trying to integrate energies of light that have not been present in such intensity before.

One way of supporting this integration is through diet. (See Sacred Consciousness of Food on the New Light Body site.) Supplements such as spirulina powder mixed in juice drinks and chlorella granules or tablests taken daily and in the presence of an increasingly light-based diet, can help the body process the new energies and reduce physical discomfort.

It is also helpful to undertake a spiritually focused intestinal cleanse if and when you feel ready to do so. This can be the platform for a new and greatly increased ability to communicate with your higher self and to receive guidance and messages from those who are guiding you.

For questions or personal concerns write to New Light Body. Blessings - Julie Redstone

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Each person's life contains one or more central 'themes'. These are the 'axies of healing' with which the soul enters life, defining those inner challenges that shall be faced not only on the level of emotion, but also within life situations.

'Themes' are important to know about, for they can bestow a sense of patience and compassion upon the embodied self, allowing consciousness to become a witness to its own learning process.

Often, what is most valuable about a 'theme' when it recurs over and over again, is the learning of how to surrender it to God. One's repetitive emotional patterns cannot generally be challenged or removed by will alone, but they can be given to the light and replaced by a higher motivation. This change of focus and intention is the process of purification, in which what is lower becomes higher and what is in need of healing becomes transformed.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


The doors are opening,
the shutters are being thrown wide,
A clear window to the Divine within each self
is coming into being.

This window has always been there,
covered over by curtains and shades
and veils of various hues,
now parting to reveal the soul.

Photo: Festblues - Siesta Time - Greece

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Healing Power of Relationships

There is, despite all our knowledge, a great mystery concerning the healing power of relationships.

Often, we wish for others to change so that we can feel better or more comfortable. Yet, the truth is that when we change, when we alter our inner emotional state, we influence the internal dynamics of the other in unknown ways, sometimes visibly so, frequently invisibly, so that the other changes as well. This change can happen through direct interactions with another, but it can also happen on a soul level when the other is far away.

Here are some examples:

- A mother who experienced a spiritual awakening which allowed her to speak about how she felt for the first time in her life. An adult daughter who had already left home simultaneously began to confide in her mother in ways that had been absent for many years.

- A son who felt angry and embattled within his family who became modest and peaceful when his parents were willing to let go of their own anger.

- A sister who lived far away from the rest of her family by choice, who began to feel more loving when the sister with whom she had great conflict began to love her from a distance.

- A group of people, unknown to each other, who, in the course of an evening, fell in love with each other.

- A brother who had felt rejecting toward his half-brother while he was alive, whose picture of him changed after his brother's death as his brother's inner self was revealed.

These examples of relationships illustrate the intricate connections between people. Those within families are often more intense than others and frequently more entangled. Those with strangers less so. And yet in all cases the interconnection of souls allows one to affect another along energetic lines not always known to the conscious self. As a result, the other feels the inner shift in perception and vibration when it occurs.

Young children, in particular, are especially intuitive in this way.

The entire human race is similarly interconnected, each intuiting the collective awareness and vibration of the whole.

Never think that those around you and even those at a distance are not affected by the inner work you do, by the changes you make, or by the openings you experience. One's capacity to grow in light and love uplifts the world.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Withdrawing Projections - An Inventory

To take full responsibility for one's consciousness is a reflection of both spiritual awakening and spiritual maturity. Implicit in this action is the understanding that life does not just happen to us; that we shape our lives by the way we hold our awareness. Within all the activities and actions of life is a wisdom, often perceived only at the soul level of experience, and frequently only after passing from the physical body.

Responsibility for the contents of consciousness becomes more possible when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of life is energy interacting. This is most especially true in human relationships. There, we can see energies intertwining, one influencing the other, one calling forth the other. Though this interaction may sometimes feel painful, in its deepest root it is bringing forth a capacity within the self which may, as yet, be unrecognized.

What is important here is not perfect willingness to become responsible for consciousness, but honesty. There may be places where unwillingness to forgive, accept, or love others or oneself still prevails. Such awareness needs to be acknowledged without shame, but with a sense of being willing to learn and with a desire and prayer for healing.

Here are some ways with which to see if you are ready to withdraw your projections from others and from your self:

1. How often do you think: "If only he(she) didn't do _______________, then I wouldn't ... (insert, here, your typical emotional or behavioral reaction)?

2. How often do you use the phrases: 'they made me feel bad', 'I got triggered', or 'he(she) pushed my buttons' in your inner vocabulary?

3. How often do you catch yourself waiting for someone else to change before you feel able to change yourself?

This is a place where couples and families often get into difficulty, since long-standing patterns of interaction create heightened expectancies.

4. How often do you think: I can't forgive her(him) because he doesn't deserve it?

5. This next is especially for partners. How often do you think : "I know exactly what you're going to say" or, "I know exactly what you're thinking?"

While this is often true in people who have a long and intimate relationship, it is not always true, and there is great benefit in not assuming. Clear communication, of course, helps the withdrawal of projections.

6. How ready are you to review your thought process on a daily basis to see where you were clear and open, and where you were projecting feelings or thoughts onto others. This can be done at any time of day or night but especially before going to bed?

7. How willing are you to be in the center of your own life without blaming your past history, present circumstances, or current limitations?

Letting go of past history as a determiner of consciousness can be an especially long process. On the other hand, releasing it to God can also take place in one inspired gesture as well.

8. How willing are you to see others as they are without wanting them to be different than they are?

This willingness is often compromised by the fear of not getting one's own needs met.

9. How willing are you to allow God and your higher self to meet your essential needs and to let others be who and where they are in life? (This is related to Question 8.)

10. How willing are you to let go of your projections onto yourself. These include past identities such as: I am a failure, I am unloveable, I am bound by my childhood experiences, I am unforgiveable, etc.?

What we label ourselves with are also projections onto the self of an assumed identity. They are not who we are. They are images of who we think we are.

Consciousness within one's daily life is meant to be a stream of energy infused with the Divine life that dwells within. When this energy runs smoothly it is like a crystal clear river filled with joy, inspiration, and love. When this energy is blocked by projections, labeling, and misperceptions, the Divine flow becomes limited to a small trickle, and the current of joy and inspiration has little room to expand.

See also: Withdrawing Projections from Others

Friday, May 8, 2009

Times of Difficulty

The heart may be weary and the body distressed, yet the soul has a life of its own that can be turned to in times of difficulty.

If you think you cannot reach this inner life, the road toward it is through the breath. This is not the only road, but the one that can be followed most easily.

Breathe in light, feel it as you. Know that you are God's beloved even now.

The Practice of Alignment
The Practice of Sacred Breathing

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Far to Go

Many feel the journey is very long with very far to go.
This is the voice of weariness, not the voice of truth.
For though the journey is infinite, as all beings are moving
endlessly into greater light and holiness,
The point of the present is that it contains it all,
the infinite in the finite,
the timeless within time.
Therefore, rest in the moment,
for God's love lives there even now.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Awakening to Life

He had been asleep for most of his life. Unawakened to the passion for creative expression that lay within him. The sleeping self existed in a twilight zone of knowing and not-knowing that the life he lived was only part of what he could do, part of what he could be. His heart, which in its original form was very large, when applied to his immediate surroundings and, indeed, to himself, had shrunk to something small, something far less significant than it might have been.

Awakening came both slowly and quickly. A friend's voice, a meeting with others about plans for creating something new, a sense of bursting within. Suddenly, what was sleeping was awakened, what was dormant cried out to be heard.

Awakening can come like that. Both slowly and quickly, corresponding to the changes in consciousness that can deepen within the self. Then one day, it seems impossible to continue on the path one has been walking on for years and lifetimes. And suddenly, a new reality is born.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Miracle of Light

In the midst of many wonders and mysteries concerning the nature of Creation, we can know that spiritual light is the strongest creative power in the universe. God’s energy manifested as the power of light can reveal what has been hidden, can dissolve what is no longer of use to the self, and can set each being free to live in harmony with their Divine purpose. The miracle of light is that it makes all things possible.

Spiritual light is not separate from God. It is God in manifestation. It is an energy that includes light and love in unity that has the capacity to be ‘stepped-down’ so that it can reach from the highest dimensions of the spiritual universe to the lowest. This ‘stepping-down’ function is a vibrational one, assisted by countless beings within the Realms of Light whose purpose it is to raise the vibrational level of what is lower to that which is higher and to decrease the power of negative energies on the levels in which they play a large part.

The alchemical effect of introducing the higher frequencies of light within the physical dimension is that such light acts like a vortex which magnetizes the negative energies from wherever they have been embedded, uprooting them from their physical context so they can be more clearly seen, felt, and released. This ‘magnetizing’ quality is aided not only by beings from the Realms of Light who monitor and orchestrate this process, but also by embodied souls who have taken on certain aspects of this transformative mission who can assist with the separation process of darkness and light. Such embodied beings are often more porous to energies than others, and many have had innumerable experiences with various kinds of darkness as part of their training and mission.

When one who has been relatively impervious to spiritual light suddenly becomes more receptive through the melting away of negative barriers, the world can change in an instant. New perceptions can occur; new experiences can happen. All that has been, can suddenly look different. It takes but a second in order for perception to shift, for what is shifting is the basic construction of reality, now being seen through new eyes.

Those who are consciously seeking to participate in the transformation of the Earth and in their own healing process need to become conscious anchors of light upon the Earth. This is both a physical as well as an emotional and spiritual commitment. It involves purifying one’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical self so that each aspect can carry a force of light and discharge whatever remains of negative or denser energy. Here are some articles that can help with the specifics of this healing transformation:

Sacred Consciousness of Food

Practice of Purity

Emotional Healing and the New Light Body

Beginning a Spiritual Practice

Writings on Light and Darkness

Just as bringing light into being was the first creative act of the Creator at the beginning of time, so, too, is it the ongoing creative act of the Creator in bringing all beings into greater wholeness. This movement of light is the driving force of spiritual evolution, and it works powerfully, now, as we encounter a new time of spiritual purification for the Earth and her inhabitants.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Light Penetrates Darkness

As light penetrates darkness,
feelings formerly hidden come into being
with greater intensity.
This may mean feeling more, but for some
it means acting in more extreme ways.

Blessed are those who know what is happening
when the impulse to act arises.
Then, there is a choice and a path that
can be followed toward healing.