Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Healing Power of Relationships

There is, despite all our knowledge, a great mystery concerning the healing power of relationships.

Often, we wish for others to change so that we can feel better or more comfortable. Yet, the truth is that when we change, when we alter our inner emotional state, we influence the internal dynamics of the other in unknown ways, sometimes visibly so, frequently invisibly, so that the other changes as well. This change can happen through direct interactions with another, but it can also happen on a soul level when the other is far away.

Here are some examples:

- A mother who experienced a spiritual awakening which allowed her to speak about how she felt for the first time in her life. An adult daughter who had already left home simultaneously began to confide in her mother in ways that had been absent for many years.

- A son who felt angry and embattled within his family who became modest and peaceful when his parents were willing to let go of their own anger.

- A sister who lived far away from the rest of her family by choice, who began to feel more loving when the sister with whom she had great conflict began to love her from a distance.

- A group of people, unknown to each other, who, in the course of an evening, fell in love with each other.

- A brother who had felt rejecting toward his half-brother while he was alive, whose picture of him changed after his brother's death as his brother's inner self was revealed.

These examples of relationships illustrate the intricate connections between people. Those within families are often more intense than others and frequently more entangled. Those with strangers less so. And yet in all cases the interconnection of souls allows one to affect another along energetic lines not always known to the conscious self. As a result, the other feels the inner shift in perception and vibration when it occurs.

Young children, in particular, are especially intuitive in this way.

The entire human race is similarly interconnected, each intuiting the collective awareness and vibration of the whole.

Never think that those around you and even those at a distance are not affected by the inner work you do, by the changes you make, or by the openings you experience. One's capacity to grow in light and love uplifts the world.

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