Monday, May 11, 2009

Withdrawing Projections - An Inventory

To take full responsibility for one's consciousness is a reflection of both spiritual awakening and spiritual maturity. Implicit in this action is the understanding that life does not just happen to us; that we shape our lives by the way we hold our awareness. Within all the activities and actions of life is a wisdom, often perceived only at the soul level of experience, and frequently only after passing from the physical body.

Responsibility for the contents of consciousness becomes more possible when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of life is energy interacting. This is most especially true in human relationships. There, we can see energies intertwining, one influencing the other, one calling forth the other. Though this interaction may sometimes feel painful, in its deepest root it is bringing forth a capacity within the self which may, as yet, be unrecognized.

What is important here is not perfect willingness to become responsible for consciousness, but honesty. There may be places where unwillingness to forgive, accept, or love others or oneself still prevails. Such awareness needs to be acknowledged without shame, but with a sense of being willing to learn and with a desire and prayer for healing.

Here are some ways with which to see if you are ready to withdraw your projections from others and from your self:

1. How often do you think: "If only he(she) didn't do _______________, then I wouldn't ... (insert, here, your typical emotional or behavioral reaction)?

2. How often do you use the phrases: 'they made me feel bad', 'I got triggered', or 'he(she) pushed my buttons' in your inner vocabulary?

3. How often do you catch yourself waiting for someone else to change before you feel able to change yourself?

This is a place where couples and families often get into difficulty, since long-standing patterns of interaction create heightened expectancies.

4. How often do you think: I can't forgive her(him) because he doesn't deserve it?

5. This next is especially for partners. How often do you think : "I know exactly what you're going to say" or, "I know exactly what you're thinking?"

While this is often true in people who have a long and intimate relationship, it is not always true, and there is great benefit in not assuming. Clear communication, of course, helps the withdrawal of projections.

6. How ready are you to review your thought process on a daily basis to see where you were clear and open, and where you were projecting feelings or thoughts onto others. This can be done at any time of day or night but especially before going to bed?

7. How willing are you to be in the center of your own life without blaming your past history, present circumstances, or current limitations?

Letting go of past history as a determiner of consciousness can be an especially long process. On the other hand, releasing it to God can also take place in one inspired gesture as well.

8. How willing are you to see others as they are without wanting them to be different than they are?

This willingness is often compromised by the fear of not getting one's own needs met.

9. How willing are you to allow God and your higher self to meet your essential needs and to let others be who and where they are in life? (This is related to Question 8.)

10. How willing are you to let go of your projections onto yourself. These include past identities such as: I am a failure, I am unloveable, I am bound by my childhood experiences, I am unforgiveable, etc.?

What we label ourselves with are also projections onto the self of an assumed identity. They are not who we are. They are images of who we think we are.

Consciousness within one's daily life is meant to be a stream of energy infused with the Divine life that dwells within. When this energy runs smoothly it is like a crystal clear river filled with joy, inspiration, and love. When this energy is blocked by projections, labeling, and misperceptions, the Divine flow becomes limited to a small trickle, and the current of joy and inspiration has little room to expand.

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