Monday, May 4, 2009

The Miracle of Light

In the midst of many wonders and mysteries concerning the nature of Creation, we can know that spiritual light is the strongest creative power in the universe. God’s energy manifested as the power of light can reveal what has been hidden, can dissolve what is no longer of use to the self, and can set each being free to live in harmony with their Divine purpose. The miracle of light is that it makes all things possible.

Spiritual light is not separate from God. It is God in manifestation. It is an energy that includes light and love in unity that has the capacity to be ‘stepped-down’ so that it can reach from the highest dimensions of the spiritual universe to the lowest. This ‘stepping-down’ function is a vibrational one, assisted by countless beings within the Realms of Light whose purpose it is to raise the vibrational level of what is lower to that which is higher and to decrease the power of negative energies on the levels in which they play a large part.

The alchemical effect of introducing the higher frequencies of light within the physical dimension is that such light acts like a vortex which magnetizes the negative energies from wherever they have been embedded, uprooting them from their physical context so they can be more clearly seen, felt, and released. This ‘magnetizing’ quality is aided not only by beings from the Realms of Light who monitor and orchestrate this process, but also by embodied souls who have taken on certain aspects of this transformative mission who can assist with the separation process of darkness and light. Such embodied beings are often more porous to energies than others, and many have had innumerable experiences with various kinds of darkness as part of their training and mission.

When one who has been relatively impervious to spiritual light suddenly becomes more receptive through the melting away of negative barriers, the world can change in an instant. New perceptions can occur; new experiences can happen. All that has been, can suddenly look different. It takes but a second in order for perception to shift, for what is shifting is the basic construction of reality, now being seen through new eyes.

Those who are consciously seeking to participate in the transformation of the Earth and in their own healing process need to become conscious anchors of light upon the Earth. This is both a physical as well as an emotional and spiritual commitment. It involves purifying one’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical self so that each aspect can carry a force of light and discharge whatever remains of negative or denser energy. Here are some articles that can help with the specifics of this healing transformation:

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Just as bringing light into being was the first creative act of the Creator at the beginning of time, so, too, is it the ongoing creative act of the Creator in bringing all beings into greater wholeness. This movement of light is the driving force of spiritual evolution, and it works powerfully, now, as we encounter a new time of spiritual purification for the Earth and her inhabitants.

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