Friday, May 29, 2009

The Power of Intention

Like smoke from a flame drifting upwards toward the sky, so does the power of intention convey the energy of our dreams, hopes, and wishes to the cosmic matrix from which all things emerge.

Intention is a catalyst. It sends forth an energy into the multidimensional reality of which we are a part, and links with resonant elements within that reality to begin to give shape to the manifestation of fulfillment. The stronger and purer the intention, the more is this the case.

Sometimes, the intention of the conscious self runs counter to the intention of the unconscious self or of the soul, and in this case wishes may not manifest in the way one would expect. But even then, that does not detract from the power of intention. It only means that a stronger intention from a different level of the self is manifesting, and if we were able to attune to that level, we would find greater peace since we would know that we were choosing a different course of action.

Many who are emotionally bereft or distressed cannot find within themselves a positive intention because the pain is too great and a sense of hopelessness, withdrawal, depression, or disillusionment has set in. Then, one must have the intention to intend, the wish to want something different, the prayer to be able to pray.

We are never left without the power of intention. And even if one cannot feel its power, believe in it, or hope for it, the longing to have hope can also be a powerful motive that sets energy in motion.

There is always an arrow that can emerge from the depths of the heart toward a light-filled goal - even in the presence of sorrow; even in the presence of disillusionment.

Therefore, want something, and let this yearning be blessed by its being in accord with Divine intention - Thy Will be done. Then all things shall come to pass.

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