Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nothing Solid

We look around us and see a solid world, a world of objects and people. Movable things like chairs and immovable things like mountains. Everything looks just as it appears to our senses.

Now consider a different perspective, the world as pure energy with nothing solid in it. In this ever-changing world of energy, we are constantly influencing life in an interactive flow through our thoughts, emotions, and actions, all of which send energy into the surroundings.

It is an illusion to think that we truly can keep things inside ourselves. We are sending out messages on energy wave-lengths all of the time. This is a reason to awaken to the reality of purification, both for ourselves and for the planet. What we are sending forth is now coming more fully into our awareness. Also, what we are receiving. Our lives are becoming richer as we awaken to the vibrant flow of life that we are part of and that is part of us, and we are being called to participate in that life with a higher degree of responsibility. May it be so for all beings. Amen.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Maintaining Trust in the Face of Adversity

The intensification of light is bringing about a confrontation in a more intense way with energies of darkness and negativity both in oneself and in others. For some, this may erupt into relationship difficulties where none or few existed before. For others, it may be felt as a sense of malaise, uneasiness, or depression, with no external cause being apparent.

The underlying beliefs that have accompanied you into this lifetime that are in need of healing are being addressed progressively as light on the Earth intensifies, and these beliefs often challenge the ability of the conscious self to keep its inner house in order and often to keep its outer life in order as well.

Trusting the progress that is being made during this time of difficulty is an essential part of how to hold light in darkness. Knowing that the light is beneath whatever wave of darkness one is passing through is a way of maintaining an anchor in truth and in hope.

In the presence of adversity, hold to the power of light over darkness and to the power of your own soul which has chosen to be here during this very time of difficulty, not to be overcome, but to help others through your presence here.

May all be blessed. Amen.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Foundational Beliefs and the Path of Truth

There are 'foundational beliefs' that the embodied self has come to hold as true, that are not true, but that form the basis for the personality structure and its defenses. Also for ways of being and behaving with others. Encountering these beliefs is a necessary part of the struggle to become more honest with oneself on the way to recognizing the deepest foundational truth which is one's Divine nature and oneness with God.

These foundational beliefs that are held to be true are uncovered by the process of purification and must be met humbly, simply, as ideas and feelings that one has held for a very long time. Being with these core perceptions or beliefs without trying immediately to change them, but just witnessing them in trust, has a powerful transformative effect. Out of nothing, something grows. Out of barrenness, a seed begins to spring forth.

Here is one beautiful expression of a foundational belief that someone arrived at after a long time of experiencing the effect of this inner state, but not its true nature. Being able to hold this experience, to feel it, and yet to not fully and completely merge with it, allows the flow of light to do its work. One witnesses this state, while trusting in the larger process that is taking place.



There is nothing here in this empty place
but the sound of emptiness itself
No-one but my own thoughts
that echo in this empty chamber

There is dust and debris
but no noise
I kick a can and it bounces and echoes
clatters off some empty or broken benches
then falls silent again

Feels desolate like an unused mine
or an abandoned subway station
with no entrance or exit.

Dim light, though – I can see some
through the haze
But no one. No one else.
And No Love. Nothing.
Not even tears.

Just empty.
Even hope feels like a forgotten word
That has no meaning,
no way to grow.

No light, no soil,
no company
Just alone.
No life except the life in me
that somehow has kept on going.



This poem is offered to all who are going through the uncovering of core beliefs in this way, as a path of hope.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Making a Decision About the H1N1 Flu Vaccine

The following was a response to a Message by Request inquiry about the H1N1 flu vaccine. The person who wrote was concerned about how to make a decision regarding the vaccine for herself, and what to recommend to her adult children and grandchildren. I post it here since it is of general concern to people at this time.


Dear One,

You are overly concerned about the effect (referring to rearrangement of DNA) of this vaccine on your body. It is not going to rearrange your DNA but it may not be necessary for you either. The problem is that individual souls are not aware of their relationship to the collective energy currents that are moving through a situation or populace, and so they think they are like everybody else. This is a mistaken notion.

Your own body needs to determine whether the balance of vulnerability or the danger of interfering effects from the vaccine is the more serious consideration in your particular instance. There is no 'one size fits all' solution to this question of who should get the vaccine. The vaccine will promote greater health for some people and may promote more serious interference with the energy flow that they are presently experiencing in others. The best plan is to consult your own body, to pray about it, and to ask your body and your spirit what it needs. This, above all, is a lesson in listening and in trust. Though you are part of a collective humanity, you are also an individual soul and you need to listen to the guidance that comes from within to make this decision as well as many others of like nature.

Where anxiety about trusting inner guidance is still present, and a lack of feeling safe with individual decision-making remains, it is important to factor the anxiety into the equation as well, without blame, but with a sense that the overall situation must be taken into account. This situation will certainly change as access to inner guidance becomes clearer and more available, and one's own Divine being is more forthrightly perceived.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize and the Drama of Light and Darkness

Life is not simple, and in relation to specific events on the world stage there is often an overlay of different energy streams, some of the light, some of the darkness, some more preponderant than others, some less so. Within an overall situation, streams of energy affect both the source which gives rise to a situation, as well as its outcome.

So it is with the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Obama yesterday for his platform and intentions in relation to peace-making. This overall perspective which he campaigned on is intended to create greater peace and unity on both a national and global scale through the breaking down of barriers between peoples. It was an ideal that catalyzed a nation, an ideal which, among others, brought him into higher office.

It has been said by one commentator that perhaps this Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded not to a person but to the American people themselves who held the vision strongly enough to elect President Obama president. Be that as it may, there are questions being raised on all sides at this time as to the merit of the awardee in terms of his actual accomplishment versus his ideals, and the reasoning behind the decision of the Nobel Committee when they made this choice.

Through most significant events on the world stage, energies of light and darkness play a part. For those who seek greater understanding, there is one important way of distinguishing light from darkness as it affects groups or nations in most situations, namely, whether the event or situation creates a feeling of peace, hope, and love among people, or tension, doubt, confusion, and fear. The latter group of responses are likely to be engineered by forces that would create division rather than unity, discouragement rather than hope.

The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to a presidency that has yet to achieve its goals contains streams of both light and darkness - light emanating from the positive intentions and hopes of the Nobel Committee, yet darkness emanating from the possibility of ‘false reward’ for actions not yet taken which this decision leads to. It has created, among many, the feeling that something is not quite right, accompanied by an effort to justify it. Response to the award announcement has been filled with questions more than applause, confusion more than gratitude. Some have worried that the decision will create problems for President Obama in future decision-making regarding military engagement in Afghanistan or elsewhere. It is also possible that the decision could lead to more pointedly disappointed expectations should there be a misstep or departure from the ideals that ostensibly are the true recipient of the award.

Though it is not possible to know what the outcome of this decision will be, it is nevertheless important to take a measured look at it and the feelings that it has generated for many, remembering that in all things the means and the end of any process must contain the same energies of light. It is not the right way to create peace, even if one desires it, by doing something that lacks the wholeness of truth.

This perspective must be held like an umbrella over all decisions made by all leaders or persons in position of power or influence as they take action to promote their stated aims. In this, as well as in other situations, what appears to be of the light can also be manipulated by forces that are opposed to light, and what appears to enable lofty goals, can also enable dissension and greater dis-unity.

May this Peace Award be a real incentive to create a national and foreign policy in America that truly serves the needs of all people, and may all efforts of negative energies to prevent this from happening be brought to a close.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moving Beyond Feelings of Rejection

Moving beyond feelings of rejection involves letting go of one's dependence on others to define one's identity. Though this is simple to say, it is often difficult to do since the ego-self has had much time to respond in an emotionally reactive way to the actions or non-actions of others, without knowing that another way was possible. This ego-self has been with human beings for a very long time, and so any undermining of its habits involves determination, assisted greatly by an authentic experience that there is another way to live. If the authentic experience of the 'other way' is profound enough, the struggle to get past the ego's premises can be won in an instant.

The way of independence is the way of inner growth - the realization of the wholeness of the self. Each self is capable of experiencing this wholeness which is not dependent upon external circumstance, but on an inner perception of truth. Independence is a relative term, since we are also communal beings who share energy and soul connections with each other that are profound. But soul connections and being dependent are two very different things. Dependency is an emotional bond that has to do with karmic influences that shape identity. Soul connection is a positive bond, created out of love and joy, where two or more feel their inner kinship and identity of soul purpose.

The way of overcoming vulnerability to rejection is the way of turning to the Divine for all needs, and not just the Divine without but the Divine within.

Believe that your wholeness already exists within you and it will be a starting point to stabilize yourself in relation to the responses of the world, whether positive or negative. This stabilization is an essential part of spiritual growth, and is greatly aided by a regular connection with one's higher self.

Beloved ones, the vulnerability to hurt is within your own power to change, to limit, to dissolve in the light of greater truth. This does not mean that there will not be some residual sadness when love's purposes are turned away from by others, but that this sadness will be a Divine sadness based in compassion, not one that reflects on the personal self.