Monday, October 26, 2009

Nothing Solid

We look around us and see a solid world, a world of objects and people. Movable things like chairs and immovable things like mountains. Everything looks just as it appears to our senses.

Now consider a different perspective, the world as pure energy with nothing solid in it. In this ever-changing world of energy, we are constantly influencing life in an interactive flow through our thoughts, emotions, and actions, all of which send energy into the surroundings.

It is an illusion to think that we truly can keep things inside ourselves. We are sending out messages on energy wave-lengths all of the time. This is a reason to awaken to the reality of purification, both for ourselves and for the planet. What we are sending forth is now coming more fully into our awareness. Also, what we are receiving. Our lives are becoming richer as we awaken to the vibrant flow of life that we are part of and that is part of us, and we are being called to participate in that life with a higher degree of responsibility. May it be so for all beings. Amen.

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