Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Foundational Beliefs and the Path of Truth

There are 'foundational beliefs' that the embodied self has come to hold as true, that are not true, but that form the basis for the personality structure and its defenses. Also for ways of being and behaving with others. Encountering these beliefs is a necessary part of the struggle to become more honest with oneself on the way to recognizing the deepest foundational truth which is one's Divine nature and oneness with God.

These foundational beliefs that are held to be true are uncovered by the process of purification and must be met humbly, simply, as ideas and feelings that one has held for a very long time. Being with these core perceptions or beliefs without trying immediately to change them, but just witnessing them in trust, has a powerful transformative effect. Out of nothing, something grows. Out of barrenness, a seed begins to spring forth.

Here is one beautiful expression of a foundational belief that someone arrived at after a long time of experiencing the effect of this inner state, but not its true nature. Being able to hold this experience, to feel it, and yet to not fully and completely merge with it, allows the flow of light to do its work. One witnesses this state, while trusting in the larger process that is taking place.



There is nothing here in this empty place
but the sound of emptiness itself
No-one but my own thoughts
that echo in this empty chamber

There is dust and debris
but no noise
I kick a can and it bounces and echoes
clatters off some empty or broken benches
then falls silent again

Feels desolate like an unused mine
or an abandoned subway station
with no entrance or exit.

Dim light, though – I can see some
through the haze
But no one. No one else.
And No Love. Nothing.
Not even tears.

Just empty.
Even hope feels like a forgotten word
That has no meaning,
no way to grow.

No light, no soil,
no company
Just alone.
No life except the life in me
that somehow has kept on going.



This poem is offered to all who are going through the uncovering of core beliefs in this way, as a path of hope.

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