Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blessings for 2010 and New Blog

Blessings as this year draws to a close. May the coming year bring the greater expansion of light, love, and truth to the Earth for the benefit of all beings. For those who have been waiting for a clearer unfoldment of their path of service, may all hearts see the fulfillment of their waiting in this new year and come to recognize the holy Love that guides each soul eternally.


Please note: For the new year and beginning at this time, this blog is being merged with the Art of Being Present blog in a new blog called Time of Awakening. Please join us there to celebrate the new. Blessings. Julie Redstone

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Soul Purpose and the Collapse of the Old

Dear Julie,

I am a Light Worker who is having an impossible time with the new energy. 2008 was an awesome year when I went to school and became a Certified Hypnotherapist. I felt more peace, excitement, and love than ever before. And I was able to help a lot of people.

2009 was a complete "drop on my head" spiritually. No business, leaving the job I was in for 12 years and the "friends" that just didn't work for me, stagnation, etc.

I don't like my family or my friends anymore, and I can see situations and people for what they are, not what they pretend to be.

Using the "Mining the Askash" techniques of Kryon, I have completely healed myself, stopped my biological clock from aging any further (I just turned 56 and every day I look one year youinger than the day before), and connected to my Higher Self.

However, I am going through such a "dark night of the soul" and I cannot work with a system on Earth which offers only to pay pennies for my "million dollar skill set and services", in an economy where the cost of living has quadrupled!

All I can do every day to keep from losing my mind is two things: 1) go to the gym, work out and get into the water, and 2) listen to free downloads of channelled entities such as Kryon, Adamus, and The Group.

Of course, I am looking for employment again, but with a tremendous disadvantage: I see the environments for what they are, very, toxic. I know I am supposed to have a metaphysical mission similar to Steve and Barbara, Lee Carroll, Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe, and other Light Workers....just not happening!

Everywhere I go, people who don't know me see a "Light" and a "Power" they are attracted to...they see the Aura of a Light Worker. Ironically, it is still shining through me, although I feel like I am finished here!

Sorry for sounding negative, but I feel I need to get out of Southern California...the energy feels so stuck and so thick I can cut it with a knife.

Thank you Julie....please don't tell me that my vibration is not aligned with intent or what "I think" I want....I've had just about all the "New Age Guilt" I can take! If I was able to heal myself 100% of every disease I have ever had with my intent yet not generate business for my metaphysical company with the same intent, then could it be other people's free choice interferring with my intent?

Thanks, Beverly


Dear One,

In this challenging time, it is important to hold onto your understanding of higher purpose, the purpose that your soul has chosen for this lifetime. Such a purpose may be different from or broader than the one you originally conceived. From this broader perspective, your path has not become de-railed, but rather is expanding in ways you cannot yet perceive to help you acquire skills other than those you have been using to be of maximum service. The use of your intent to create and of the power of thought to support this have been valuable assets in terms of the knowledge you have gained and the gifts you have been able to share with others. Yet there are additional attributes that are seeking balance within you, in order to prevent an overemphasis on one part of spiritual attainment while losing sight of others. From this perspective, you are not being impeded by obstacles coming from outside yourself. Rather, you are being shaped according to an inner plan so that you can expand your path of service.

While learning to manifest through intent and thought may be the life purpose for some, within your own soul plan for this lifetime, these need to be balanced by additional qualities of surrender, humility, and love. For these qualities to manifest, your own will has to recede into the background and other attitudes need to move into the foreground. The loss of your work and of the previous structure of your life in many respects serves this purpose.

You have acquired, beloved one, a good deal of spiritual knowledge from your Atlantean lifetimes and also from inner and outer guidance which has come to you over a long period of time. This guidance and the channelings you gravitate toward resonate with your inner attunement to the higher dimensions of light. Yet, this attunement and knowledge is not the totality of what the human journey is about. You have taken embodiment not only to teach but to learn, and out of this learning, to help others better.

Do not be discouraged because you feel like you no longer belong on this planet. This is a feeling that tends to surface as light grows stronger and the vibrational difference is more apparent between what is light-filled and what is not, what is within yourself and what is around you. While you acknowledge your connection with those in the higher realms and comfort yourself in this way, the true message of this time is about becoming a human being in an expanded sense, not leaving humanity.

Try to take this in if you can, with peace and compassion for the difficulties involved, and with the inner assurance that nothing is wrong in your spiritual growth or in your soul's plan for this embodiment. It is not operating according to the plan you conceived, that is the difficulty you face. Let go of that plan and see if you can expand into another which includes a broader picture of what your true path of service might be. Often, those who bring knowledge of the higher dimensions of light to the Earth have to become more grounded in their humanity to do so. Blessings, beloved one. Julie Redstone

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Purification of Nations

Thoughts concerning the speech made by President Obama following acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize:


Nations, just as individuals, cannot find lasting peace except through peaceful means. Though it may seem that a show of force is the only way to achieve peace, such force will always eventually elicit counter-force. The goal of peace must be achieved by the means of peace.

The world does not know this yet. It fears the consequences of abdicating rule by force. A greater sense of the Divine reality that underlies the relationship of nations as well as of individuals must ultimately guide the shift toward peaceful means. That, and the understanding that the use of force or aggression on any level toward any life-form will ultimately harm oneself.

Adherence toward peaceful means may seem impractical and the historical view of "a just war" in service to the goals of peace may seem like wisdom. Yet our sense of 'practical' and 'impractical' evolves along with our sense of truth, and so the greater evolution of our collective consciousness will bring this awareness, too.

May the year 2010 see the unfoldment of both greater peace and greater truth. Namaste.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Purification of Groups, Businesses, etc.

Groups, as well as individuals, can go through a purification process as light increasingly affects consciousness. Relationships can become more conflicted, with more visible acting out of differences, or the group can more easily begin to connect with its higher purpose.

Groups have a life of their own. This includes businesses and organizations of all kinds. The effect of light is unique to each organization and will work to bring all things into greater wholeness. The transition is much the same as for individuals. It can be gentle or turbulent, with many emotions spilling over, especially when one is not aware of what is going on. Centering in the light is as important for groups as it is for individuals, and is often needed to bring stability to an otherwise turbulent situation.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Environmental Protection Agency - U.S.A.

A step forward was taken today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency which announced that it was now going to base its activities upon the premise that carbon emissions which affect climate change were harmful to the health and wellbeing of all people. Based on this premise, the agency would now be able, independently of Congress, to institute measures and develop requirements that countered the increasing threat.

The ability of the agency to act independently on behalf of the welfare of all is a step forward. It is an affirmation of the willingness to place sustainability front and center where it concerns people and resources, and to hold that the wellbeing of all people now depends on this.

Coming at the time of the international meeting on Climate Change in Copenhagen, the announcement focuses consciousness on this most important matter that concerns the future of the Earth.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Undiagnosable Symptoms - New Light Body

I am a regular reader of all the pathways of light calenders. i am grateful to you for it. I have been experiencing severe burning sensation in the back from past 10 years. I feel painful energy currents flowing in my back. Being myself a medical doctor I could not understand this process until recently which i came to know as a light body symptom. I have also experienced emotional upsets which has reduced in the recent years. I also have severe heaviness and pain in the heels which does not reduce with any medical teatment. In the recent months it is easing out. How shall i further allow and surrender to this physical shifts in me. Thank you -- Keshava


Blessed Keshava,

You have more than you are aware of of spiritual insight and knowledge, and are able to ride out the severe physical challenges you are facing with a sense of confidence and trust. This is very important in working with the changes that need to happen, for tension in the body constricts the energy flow, whereas acceptance opens it up.

Also, in relation to your particular needs at the moment, you are available to higher guidance if you would but seek it. With that inner connection you will be guided to the specific remedies, aides, and ways of creating symptomatic relief which will be a great asset for you.

Blessings dear one. Your essential nature will take you in the right direction since you are already well connected with the spiritual realms. Julie Redstone

Monday, November 30, 2009

Working With Healers

Dear Julie,

So much of what you have written about I relate to very deeply. It is so helpful to read what you have written as well as to share with others through this blog, this experience of transformation.

My question today is – I see two different healing practitioners. Though I have a deep relationship with each of them and share my spiritual journey with them – at this time of increased difficulties, where it appears that I am doing worse instead of better, it is hard for me to know how to share more fully what if feel is happening and that I trust this is a deep transformation of my whole being.

It would be helpful if you have anything you could share about this. -- Michaela


Dear One,

There are many people who can understand the intense nature of the transformation process, but not all who are healing practitioners have actually undergone change at this level - the physical/energetic level. Many are working with the consciousness aspect but have not yet become involved with the physical.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary that a practitioner whom you work with understand from their own experience what you are doing. What is necessary is that they trust you and that they trust your trust in the absence of their own understanding. Those who are choosing an alternative path of healing are often engage in the practice of respect for differences, and so even without understanding, they can be willing to trust your inner knowing if you do.

In reality, it is not something that anyone can know for or about another. Inner guidance is unique to each individual. And so your trust in yourself and your guidance must be enough to be the basis for a relationship in which you feel honored on your own journey. If you do not feel so honored, then you must consider the matter of whom you are working with for respect is very important in working with another.

A practitioner does not have to agree with you in order to honor your perspective or in order to help you. Each has their area of expertise and can be helpful within that domain. But they need to accept the potential validity of your point of view, despite their lack of understanding. This is the foundation for a relationship of trust and there is no other.

Blessings - Julie Redstone

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Decision to Trust

I recently had a breakdown and now I have a lot of fear. I have a hard time with people, and frequently have panic attacks. I was wondering if you have any advice. I'm even reluctant to disclose to much information to you because I don't have a lot of trust and this is my first time writing to you.

I am sick and tired of having this flight response to life. Thank you for your time. -- Joan


Dear One,

Thank you for writing and for trusting enough to reach out in this way. You are still traveling through life with wounds from the past and have to decide now whether you will let your past define you, or whether you can accept a new identity in the present and future. This is a real choice that you and others can make at this time, since the available supports are present in a spiritual sense for you to shed your past identity and to embrace a freer and more whole life in God.

Though it is possible, it often does not feel like a simple matter to drop the past, for it involves establishing a new anchor of trust in the present. This is what will enable you to get past the fear that is so much coloring your life. You are afraid, because fear, as an energy, is moving through you in an intense way. Yet, there are other possible ways of living in the world when one has decided to learn to trust. The way to begin is with this decision, which, in itself, will begin to create a new energetic balance within you.

Trust in a spiritual sense is not based on what human beings do but on what God does. It is based on truth and on light - on the knowing of the Divine essence that lives within you even in the presence of fear. Once this knowing takes root, it begins to be stronger than the fear and over time becomes stronger and stronger if allowed to do so.

There are many ways, dear one, to begin to strengthen your spiritual anchoring to help make this possible. Writing to me is one of them. You might also wish to look at Pathways of Light which is filled with spiritual supports and see if anything there appeals to you. Please feel free to write again if you wish.

Know, too, despite your present state of emotion and the experiences you have lived through, that you are greatly loved. Blessings - Julie Redstone