Friday, December 4, 2009

Undiagnosable Symptoms - New Light Body

I am a regular reader of all the pathways of light calenders. i am grateful to you for it. I have been experiencing severe burning sensation in the back from past 10 years. I feel painful energy currents flowing in my back. Being myself a medical doctor I could not understand this process until recently which i came to know as a light body symptom. I have also experienced emotional upsets which has reduced in the recent years. I also have severe heaviness and pain in the heels which does not reduce with any medical teatment. In the recent months it is easing out. How shall i further allow and surrender to this physical shifts in me. Thank you -- Keshava


Blessed Keshava,

You have more than you are aware of of spiritual insight and knowledge, and are able to ride out the severe physical challenges you are facing with a sense of confidence and trust. This is very important in working with the changes that need to happen, for tension in the body constricts the energy flow, whereas acceptance opens it up.

Also, in relation to your particular needs at the moment, you are available to higher guidance if you would but seek it. With that inner connection you will be guided to the specific remedies, aides, and ways of creating symptomatic relief which will be a great asset for you.

Blessings dear one. Your essential nature will take you in the right direction since you are already well connected with the spiritual realms. Julie Redstone


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