Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Beloved Ones,

The world is changing and many supports that have been relied on to stabilize life are no longer stable or predictably there. There is great economic uncertainty and great uncertainty about how life will be lived if the economic picture becomes further destabilized. In addition, turbulence is being experienced within the relationship life of many and also within the inner landscape of thought and emotion.

In the midst of this uncertainty, there is a need to understand the spiritual forces at work that are the underpinnings of global and individual change, for these forces, while producing fear and confusion for many, are also producing awakening and new hope for the world, and will ultimately create an altered situation which will operate to the good of all.

The forces at work are described by the concept of spiritual purification. 'Spiritual purification' is a process initiated by the higher energies of light that are impacting the physical plane at this time, integrating with both physical matter and the consciousness of all to change the world as we know it. These changes are in keeping with the Divine plan for the Earth and the raising of consciousness to a new level of unity and love. Such an evolutionary acceleration is affecting the entire planet now, and has been written about in many sacred texts of the world. Intuitively, it is also known to the souls of many who are here.

The challenge of this time is to remain free of the negative influences that are present and to understand the good that will come out of the overturning of old systems and structures. Also, to align with the positive forces for healing and accelerated growth that are now more present than ever before. Remaining out of fear in the midst of uncertainty and even in the midst of loss is key, for trust and the stabilization of one's thoughts and emotions in light will open the inner and outer pathways for each one through all measures of difficulty.

Recognition of how to deal with emotions and how to anchor oneself in the incoming energy of light are critical in being able to navigate through this time. These capacities will play a major part in determining how life will be met as conditions change even further, and with what degree of comfort and peace one can absorb such change.

The present journal/blog is intended to be a spiritual companion to changing times. Its purpose is to bring forth the essential concepts of the purification process so that those who are experiencing new situations in life and new currents of energy emerging within themselves may have the comfort of a foundation upon which to stand.

Please use the interactive 'Comments' feature of this blog to share your responses to the postings and also to ask questions that can be addressed in a future segment.

Blessings and great love to each one who has chosen to be here at this time of great awakening and great opportunity. May all beings experience the fruits of this sacred time and be blessed. Julie Redstone

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  1. Thank you for all your help and love you are doing a very good job helping with this shift~ May all are brothers and sisters guide you as well!I can see a physical change energy flowing every time i open my eyes~ Stars are moving to show us they are here to help too breath love to them and they will move for you.
    It is a beautiful time a sacred time.


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