Tuesday, March 17, 2009


There is a popular notion that giving voice to ones feelings because this is 'how it is' is essentially helpful, and that self-assertion in this way relates to self-respect. Catharsis, in this view, is of value in itself, irrespective of what feelings are being expressed and with what energy of emotion.

Contrast this to the principle of Containment which holds that we are each responsible for the energies we release into the world, and when we release negative energies whether in a conversation or when we are by ourselves, we contribute to the negative sum energies in the world and recycle these same energies back into ourselves.

The choice for healing and for creating more light within our bodies and within ourselves is promoted by the principle of Containment. Containment does not mean not feeling or knowing about our inner state. It is a principle which links the expression of emotion to a higher purpose and places above all else the transmutation of negative emotional states into the light of God.


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  2. So, it's not the fact of the expression of a negative emotion that creates difficulty, but our attitudes and intentions? Or is it that we need to contain the negative feelings within, recognize them and then what? Is my lack of understanding related to separation from God?

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  4. Dear CKH,

    Containment contains two parts, the witholding of the outward expression of negative energies AND the transmutation of these energies by bringing them to the light of God within the self.

    Here, it is not just a matter of 'keeping your feelings to yourself', but also through prayer, meditation, and alignment of bringing these feelings to the source of light within. Within that light, negative energies can be changed and dissolved.


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