Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fundamentals of Purification

There is a triad of Creation that underlays all that has been, is, and shall be. Its premise is the existence of a single Consciousness or Being that contains Will, Wisdom, and Love. This triad brings all things into being.

The unified Consciousness that is the One contains all within Itself, loves all, and has established Creation in order to bring all that is into the self-aware oneness of Consciousness itself. As part of this evolution, spirit and matter on Earth are to be joined in the unity and love that exists throughout the spiritual universe.

In order for this to happen, the state of separation from knowing the Divine reality behind and within all things must shift. This understanding has been largely missing during Earth's history, and therefore the energy which fuels awareness must change in order to bring to humanity a new experience of truth. It must become higher and more like that of the spiritual realms so that greater light, love, and unity can become possible on this planet.

Such an energy shift is what is happening now. Light from the higher realms that has never before penetrated the physical plane is now merging with matter itself and affecting the consciousness of all. At the same time, it is exposing and rooting out all that is unlike itself. It is for this reason that many things that have been unseen are being seen, both individually and systemically, and many things that have been suppressed are now being felt. It is in this way that the new energy is creating a separation of light and darknesss - the prelude to further unification of all in greater love.

This upheaval is taking place on all levels. It will bring about greater love of each toward the other and the sacred awareness of the Divine origin and essence of all things.

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  1. Thank you, Julie for this clarification and the hope that is inherent herein.


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