Monday, March 23, 2009

Purification - The Beginning

The place to begin the process of purification is always right where you are. Indeed, in a certain sense there is no real beginning, since much may have taken place already without the conscious self playing an active part. In this historical sense, all spiritual growth, maturation, and evolution contain elements which free the personal self and bring it incrementally closer to deeper levels of truth and love.

Nevertheless, the real beginining of a conscious process of purification is a different matter. It begins simply with the awakened intention to become more aware, more responsible for ones thoughts and actions, more pure in mind, body, and heart. Often, this is all encapsulated in a unified desire to be closer to God.

The simple intention to purify initiates the process when it is wedded to the understanding that this is not a process undertaken through one's own will or effort, but through one's own will joined with Divine will. This joining is key, for it allows for the gradual acceptance of both inner and outer events that the ego-self may formerly have repressed, rejected, or denied.

Prayer and alignment with the higher vibrations of light are instrumental in accelerating the purification process and in helping the beginning. Prayers for healing and for the aid of Divine beings have always been instrumental in assisting forward motion into deeper layers of inner truth. But when the incorporation of spiritual light as an energy into body, heart, and mind is added to these, then purification can be accelerated and new awarenesses can come to the fore, allowing new choices to be made.

Humility and Patience

Humility and patience are also needed in beginning a conscious process of purification, for it is easy to think that a problem or issue that reveals itself 'should have' been finished or put to rest long ago. Our ego-self would rather that it be that way. However, in our own efforts at healing, it often happens that the deepest roots of a particular issue may have remained untouched, even while the more surface levels were accessible to our consciousness. This is nobody's fault, for there is a Divine timing to the unfoldment of issues in need of healing, and some levels of that unfoldment can only take place after others have been fully exposed. Furthermore, some can only emerge after the body has become able to hold a greater amount of spiritual light.

Patience and humility are needed even when great spiritual strides have been made, for there may still be deeply rooted matters that prevent full incorporation of God's light and love that need to be faced with honesty and courage.

In the end, it is the desire to experience Divine reality that allows us to pursue the path of purification, confronting challenges and moving past obstacles toward a goal that our heart deems to be singularly important. This goal is the union of the human and the Divine within us, and although the conscious self may have much more modest aims, at bottom, all efforts at healing are efforts to end the separation of the human and the Divine, for all that is in need of healing stems from this separation.

Note: A simple way to begin the conscious process of purification is with the Practice of Alignment on a regular basis. This practice brings more light into body and consciousness and sets the process in motion in a more complete way.

Other forms of prayer and meditation are also helpful, as is being with others in a sacred manner with united intention. The synergy of such a group helps promote healing and movement forward in a way that often would take much longer if left to each person's own resources.

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