Saturday, March 14, 2009

Light and Darkness as Cosmic Forces

On the highest planes of existence there is only One indivisible Unity. All things are contained within it.

This Unity, called by whatever name one chooses, is the same Unity. It contains light and darkness as well as all other pairs of opposites within itself, not yet separated, all merged in the oneness.

As one leaves this highest plane, duality comes into existence, pairs of opposites begin to differentiate, and light and darkness are increasingly separate.

Light is the creative power of God which brings all things into being. It contains within itself both love, intentionality, and intelligence. It is the God-force of Creation.

'Darkness' does not relate to the color of one's skin or to the sinfulness of one's most basic nature. It is both an energy and a motivating force that involves willing separation from the Divine. Darkness and light define each other in the cosmos as a pair of opposites. Each is a force, able to act upon human experience.

Unlike light which creates ever-expanding spirals of unity and love, darkness moves energy in the opposite direction, perpetuating isolation, conflict, and the absence of love.

The world as we know it has existed as an interplay between these forces and will continue to do so until such time as it can join with the energy of the higher planes. At that time the original Unity will prevail, and all shall return to the Oneness.

Now is the beginning of that time.

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