Friday, March 20, 2009

Journey of Purification

The journey of purification is a partnership between the human and the Divine.

The human will desires to cleanse itself of all that is not sanctified and light-filled - all that cannot join with love at the highest.

Divine will seeks to fulfill the promise made in the beginning - "I shall make man in my image and likeness."

It is this image and likeness that is the goal of purification and it is the destiny of all that is human to attain that goal. This is the nature of the sacred Covenant made with souls at the beginning of time and the purification process is a vehicle for the fuller expression of that Covenant.

Note: Michaelangelo's image of God (above) from the Sistine Chapel reflects the Divine-Personal. The same Covenant finds expression in the Divine-Universal that is the movement of Consciousness.

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