Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Consciousness Changes

Recent revelations in the United States concerning Bernard Madoff and AIG have brought to the attention of a nation certain behaviors and practices that testify to the motive of greed and to the accompanying willilngness to participate in deception.

In the wake of these revelations, a nation's consciousness is becoming alert to something it now deems unacceptable. This sense of public outrage is due both to the movement into greater light of what was formerly hidden, and also to a value-shift that is creating a new perspective concerning what may be tolerated.

Due to the economic upheaval that this country and much of the world is presently experiencing, and initiated by the growing force of light on the Earth, a value-shift is taking place now both in our picture of our relationship with others, and in our definition of what constitutes right relationship to money. Some of this movement may feel necessitated by external circumstance. Some may feel guided from within. In either case, the shift in consciousness is being brought about by forces of light that are affecting both individual consciousness as well as the policy and practices of governments.

Revelations of greed operating as motivating forces within the halls of power are not new. They are manifesting currently within our collective awareness at a time and in a way where the full meaning of corruption, dissembling, and self-aggrandizement is being held up against a growing standard of greater concern for others.

Today, the dual scandals concerning Bernard Madoff and AIG demonstrate, in microcosm, the effect of light separating from darkness. As it does this, it brings into awareness concealed motives so that these may be healed. The very same dynamic that is operating on a national level, exposing what is hidden, is also operating within individual awareness. This is a positive thing, though it may be accompanied by painful feelings that one thought were dead and buried.

The specifics of what will happen as a result of the separation of energies remains to be seen, for the present situation involving shock and scandal is but the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole system of power in place that feeds on self-interest and the willingness to deceive in service to one's own personal aims. These are the values of the past - of separated consciousness. They still exist in many places and in many people, even while they are being replaced by a greater longing for something different.

America as a nation is moving into a new sense of valuing. However, in order for this to happen, the economic system which is built on motives of competition and greed must be brought into the light and transformed. There is no doubt that this will happen as light strengthens on the Earth. We are seeing that it has already begun.

For those aware of what purification means who are witnessing these events, it is important to understand the unfolding scenario with both compassion and wisdom, knowing that something new is coming into the picture that may bring with it concurrent difficulty, but that is, at the same time, creating the foundation for a new ethic and a new structure that will uplift our society.


  1. You are totally right about the values of the past sometimes long forgotten in today's modern minds. Whether Ancient Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, Egyptian, Mayan or Aztec, the ancient cultures always warned about a changing of times should things get bad. Sometimes I ask myself, why did things get so bad in the first place? Was it destiny? Was it something we did? Was this a natural way for things to evolve?

    When I read this book called "The Evolutionary Glitch" (if you don't know it, you can Google it) things started to make more sense. Humans have naturally evolved to a level of mental capacity above that which we can handle. Our conscious minds are greedy, selfish, inconsiderate, and short-sighted. We have been warned by ancient cultures of the Ego, the dark side, the Persona, and yet we didn't listen.

    I don't think it's the end of the world though. Maybe it's wishful thinking but I believe that we've been given the strong warning with clear consequences and it'sup to all of us to change the path we're on before dyre consequences are rendered. We need to change the way we think so that we can change the way we act.

  2. Through this incredibly fascinating technique called Autonomic Digital Reflex (ADR) in which the fingers are "read" as direct portals to the subconscious (sounds hoaky but it really really does work!) I learned so much about how one's consciousness changes, especially when listening to what the subconscious wants. Hopefully as people become more in-tune with themselves, we will be able to positively pull ourselves out of these difficult and scary times.


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