Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Doors of Perception

For those who have traveled long in the garments of limitation,
It is time to don the garments of the soul.
All of life waits for this choosing, standing ready
to support each one
who seeks the truth of their sacred origins.
Do not be afraid that you will fail if you step forward.
You cannot fail, because what is needed is already within you,
waiting to be remembered.

See: Opening the Doors of Perception
March, 2009


  1. On an intuitive level I know that what I am seeking is within me and I am trying to remember it - so far with no luck - so I am trying to hang on. How does one jog the memory, I wonder.

  2. What is memory? There is memory that comes through the mind and memory that comes through the heart. For many, to remember one's sacred origins is to allow the limited fearful self to dissolve and to risk being larger. This expansion into a larger version of the self sometimes involves greater truthfulness, greater lovingness, greater prayerfulness, greater devotion. The key to remembrance is in the heart. It is to let the inner longing that has lived in a secret place for so long find its true expression. The longing is there. Look for it. Ask for guidance in perceiving it. Allow yourself to feel foolish if need be and let your longing become more real.


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