Friday, July 31, 2009

Accessing Inner Guidance

There are many who feel that 'guidance' is for others -
that there is no inner voice that speaks to them when the ask for help.

The understanding must broaden and the cues must
become more subtle, so that words are not looked for
but the heart is asked to reflect the highest wisdom of the soul.

When you pray for guidance and ask for help, ask that your heart
perceive the answer through its sense of 'rightness.'
This sense of 'rightness' belongs to every soul.
It is the message of one's higher being that, when called upon,
points the way that is in greatest harmony with the larger self.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heaven on Earth

In the future, the sense of self-protection which is so common today will be replaced with the sense of God-with-us. This is the meaning of 'Emmanu-el' and it is also the Judaic prophecy of the Divine Presence on Earth, the 'Shekinah.' The same anticipation infuses the sacred truths held within Hopi tradition concerning the 'fifth world' that we are moving into.

For now, and until you become steeped in that reality - the reality of your soul - it is important to see where self-protection holds reign over the full dimensionality of love. Intention is of great importance at all times, and so wanting to let go of fear and asking for healing of your heart begins to bring to you those circumstances and people that can help move things forward.

Be present to the flow of life moving through each situation. Whether painful or pleasant, there is truly no moment that is wasted, only those that seem to one's judgmental self to be so.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sacred Relationships

Acknowledging that you are a sacred being means acknowledging the Divine core of light and love that IS you. The same light and love is in others, often unknown to themselves.

What will you do with yours?

One way of looking at sacred relationships involves understanding them as opportunities in each moment to give and receive love. Everything else that they are about is less important than this. Can you allow it to be less important? Can you allow love to take the place of resentment, envy, judgment, and fear?

Here is another part of a sacred relationship: Can you allow yourself to receive love more fully, to let yourself acknowledge it when it comes to you in surprising ways or from surprising sources? Can you allow yourself to be loved by God? Often, one's ability to receive love is less than one's ability to offer it to others. This imbalance speaks for the unhealed places within the heart that are waiting to be healed.

If you desire sacred relationships in your life, begin with allowing love to be more important than everything else. Reasons for being angry, rejecting, withdrawn, or afraid then have to be let go of in favor of your choice to love. Such a choice can change an entire life.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


 The Mist Clears

As purification proceeds on the planet in the presence of greater spiritual light, a healing develops through light's action on the level of beliefs about the self. As light penetrates consciousness, assumed beliefs or ideas one may have held about one's identity begin to be seen through to their point of origin. To the conscious self, they begin to be transparent as one realizes there is a deeper truth than the 'story-lines' one has been telling oneself.

Such 'transparencies' of versions of identity constitute steps toward healing. They allow layers of defenses and motivations to be released and let go of in a process of moving toward the new. All transparencies should be welcomed, for they allow each one greater access to the truth of their deeper self, and to the true spiritual purpose for embodiment.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Purification and 'Releasing'

The aspect of purification that involves releasing is often problematic for both individuals and relationships.

Energy loosened from the confines of the body - from cells and tissues in which it was formerly stored - can overrun consciousness with feelings and impulses of great intensity. This movement creates motivations to act that are not coming primarily from the conscious self, but from the unconscious and from the 'body-consciousness' having merged with that self.

Flooding of consciousness with sudden bursts of emotion is a not uncommon aspect of releasing brought about by the intensification of light. It is often difficult to contain waves of strong emotion and motivation, and yet this is what a deepening purification process asks of us. The point of this cleansing is not to vent, to engage in negative behaviors, or to release into the world feelings that have been long held within, just because they have been long witheld. Though there may be a feeling of relief and of freedom in doing so, it is a momentary feeling, for the consequences of releasing negative energy into the world are great. They do not free one. They bind one further with the energies that are asking to be let go of.

In the midst of the experience of 'releasing' formerly bound energies, it is important to experience the relationship with God as that which holds and can hold all feelings, without exception. Alone, separated consciousness might not find the means within itself to stand against the tide of emotion. Yet, in partnership with the Divine, and held in God's love, a space can be created around any strong motivation or feeling so that the choice can be made as to whether it should be given expression.

All of purification rests on the foundation of one's inner relationship with God. This relationship continues at all times, regardless of what the outer self may be thinking or feeling. Yet, the comfort, strength, support, and balance that are often needed as purification intensifies, can only be found by holding within God what one formerly held by oneself.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cosmic Currents of Light

 From the smallest pebble to the vastest galaxy, the penetration of spiritual light reaches everywhere, for every part of the physical universe is simultaneously spiritual in its essence. It exists along dimensional frequencies of light that are specific to the location, consciousness and purpose of evolution of a particular planet, star, solar system, species, or universe. There are no exceptions, nothing that exists in form that is not also spiritual in its core.

Inhabitants of the Earth have, for a long time now, not felt this unity of spirit and matter. Most came to experience something new, something that would take the shape of a world that appeared to be solid in itself, with things that were separate from each other. This involvement with matter as matter has shaped the course of human evolution, but not without simultaneously breeding a longing for reconnection with spiritual light, truth, and unity.

Today, that longing is being met by the infusion of cosmic currents of light into the planetary sphere. Those who are receptive to light may feel these currents as the opening up of new awareness - the expansion of consciousness in directions that had not been thought of before. However, many do not experience increased light directly, but only its 'symptoms' or aftereffects as it interacts with the human organism.

In the first group are those whose hearts can directly take in the new impulses of light, who find themselves longing to be of greater service, wanting to have more peaceful, harmonious relationships with others, changing ways of life that do not feel in harmony with the Earth. These movements of consciousness toward greater unity with others and with the Earth are produced by the advent of greater light as it affects both body and consciousness. As this takes place, the heart opens to new possibilities. It awakens to its own inner potential. And a motivation develops to live in accord with the principles of peace and love.

There are many, however, who are not yet experiencing the full awakening of the heart and of consciousness as a result of the cosmic currents, who feel, instead, the fatigue, disorientation, dizziness, or other unusual symptoms that increased light may produce within the body as it makes its way into the organs and cellular structure. Nevertheless, even in the presence of a whole array of physical symptoms that do not feel particularly expansive, what is really happening is the creation of a new light body - a body that is part matter, part light, that will house the new consciousness arriving. This light body is not happening to individuals because they are consciously choosing it, or even because they are consciously engaged with a spiritual tradition or practice. It is happening to souls everywhere because they are incarnated on the Earth at this time. Those who are here now have chosen to be here and are experiencing the transformative effects of the cosmic currents of light.

Mind, emotions, motivations, relationships, goals, habits, preferences - all of these are influenced by the incoming impulses of spiritual light. In a very fundamental way, change is in the air and is being incorporated within the body. Even the DNA within each cell is being affected.

It is a time for both patience and for celebration, for the cosmic currents of light are wholely positive and their effect will be the transformation of humanity's consciousness in keeping with the principles of unity, harmony, and love. However, as the purification process which results in the complete integration of the new frequencies of light takes place, difficulties produced by the changes in vibration are often felt. And so one must be patient with these changes while remaining hopeful about their outcome.

As a result of the time we are in, the Earth and all of her inhabitants shall finally become able to join the larger community of light that inhabits the spiritual and physical universe of which the Earth is a part. The last two decades have produced an acceleration of movement in this direction, and there is much more to come.

For information and help with light body changes as they affect your own physical being and wellbeing, see:

For information and help with respect to the multi-level purification process that is affecting all beings and creating a release of energies, thoughts, and feelings into waking consciousness, see: Purification Titles and The Essentials of Purification.

May all beings be blessed by the Divine and holy light that is presently transforming the Earth into a sacred and illumined planet. Amen.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Open Moment - 2

It may seem, at times, that God cannot be present when pain is present, when limitation is present, or when grief is present. At times, our spiritual life is placed on hold until the pain diminishes and we can get back to what is most essential again.

However, there is no 'when' to a spiritual life, no future or conditional 'if'. The time is now. The moment is open. Now is the time to experience Divine love, to believe that love can hold all-that-is in its fullness.

Especially with respect to the pain of self-recrimination - of things we regret and wish we had done differently, the open moment gives rise to the possibility of beginning anew, of letting the present define a new reality. In this newness lies inspiration, and in this inspiration lies the living Presence of the Divine.

Monday, July 13, 2009


* * *

The gift of waiting for one's life and work to expand is this: that in the abdication of pursuing one's own will, separate from God, one becomes more fully aligned with Divine Will, with highest purpose, with one's truest heart - invisible, unseen, yet emerging from the silent depths of the Infinite without ceasing to move forward.

* * *

A New Consciousness: The Story of Bottled Water

Bottled water has become a major industry in America and in much of the developed world, accompanying the growth of the health and fitness industries as well as the prestige factor which beguiles many according to their status in life. And yet except in underdeveloped nations where poverty, disease, and limited health facilities make it a useful tool, eliminating the need for boiling water to protect against disease, it has been an industry that has fed, for the most part, on human vanity and the desire to both look and feel youthful.

Now, we are seeing a concerted effort on the part of a number of states to ban the manufacture of bottled water on behalf of the environment. The carbon footprint left by the processing, packaging, transporting, and distributing of bottled water, in addition to the problems created by the disposal of plastic containers, are no longer considered a fair exchange in relation to cost versus effect. Increasingly, the cost is being perceived as too great.

The pressure of a global climate crisis and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is playing a larger role in the thinking of many government agencies today and should not be taken for granted in a case such as this. Here, an entire industry may virtually disappear as a result of a more urgent goal that has now gained national attention. What shall happen to this industry?

On the one hand, we must count the cost in terms of jobs lost and human beings who need to relocate themselves or be offered other employment. This can create problems for both families and communities unless product-lines are redesigned to produce more environmentally-friendly products - something that large businesses often have the means to do if they have the mind to. On the other hand, we need to look at this shift as a prototype for meetintg planetary needs that have been crying out for attention for many years now.

The shift from thinking of something as necessary to thinking of it as optional or unnecessary is a very important one as we reevaluate our priorities as a nation and as a collective humanity. In fact, it is the same shift that must take place on an individual level as well as the one governing nations.

What is necessary? What is not necessary in our lives that is costing us the life of the planet? What have we relied upon that we can now let go of?

There are many industries that have arisen due to unregulated commerce and to the appetites of large corporations to expand into new profits and new product lines. This expansion and proliferation of products must now be revisited in terms of their necessity. The cost not to do so is too great.

A parallel mushrooming of an 'optonal' industry may be seen in the many product-lines developed in recent years to produce white teeth. The 'teeth whitener' industry which is based almost exclusively on the desire to remain young forever parallels the rise of bottled water. Perfectly white teeth have become a necessity for television personalities today, and a cosmetic necessity for young and old in all walks of life. But there was a time before perfectly white teeth were necessary and before the whiteners producing perfectly white teeth were mass produced. There will, perhaps, be a time again when perfectly white teeth will not be a standard to follow.

Here, then, is our individual and collective dilemma: to uphold values that serve our own needs and those of our loved ones while at the same time holding of equal value the needs of others and of the Earth we live on. In this balance lies the future of the Earth.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Pendulum

The Pendulum

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Planetary Purification: The Up-rising in Xinjiang

Background: The uprising in Xinjiang province is held by mainstream media to be an ethnic conflict between the minority, largely Muslim Uighurs (pronounced Wee-gers) and the majority Hans in Xinjiang province, western China. Its underlying impulse of "we can't take this any more" is considered to have been generated as a response to Han violence against individual Uighurs several weeks ago. The city which has become the focus of the earlier violence and now the government crackdown is Urumqi.


Planetary purification does not announce itself with a trumpet or a speech. It announces itself in the hearts of people who feel the expansion of light and, as a result, are motivated toward freedom, equality, love, and the pursuit of happiness for themselves and their loved ones. The expansion of light, however, also reveals formerly buried impulses of resentment, rage, and prejudice that hearts may have been holding that now, uprooted by the expanding force of light, seek expression within waking consciousness.

Impulses to seek freedom and end oppression are founded on the innate desire for freedom and equality that lives deeply within the human breast. Such constructive impulses are strengthened by light whose movement always fosters the desire for greater wholeness, both without and within. However, light's action as it releases impulses of darkness into consciousness, can take the original impulses and transform them into external actions fueled by the awareness of separation, hatred, and that seek violence toward others as a means to an end.

Both sets of impulses can and often do exist within any protest, and have existed in many areas of the world including in western China today. In a situation of protest, though the original impulse toward freedom and self-respect may be pure, it can be co-opted by forces of negativity that take the upward moral striving of the heart and turn it into something destructive and deadly. This is what has happened in the last few days in Xinjiang province, where long standing resentments by a religious and cultural minority known as the Uighurs toward the majority Hans produced violent action this week to end the oppression, discrimination, and violence that they felt leveled against them.
The impulse to protest against injustice, discrimination, disenfranchisement, oppression can be built on the foundation of a heart that wants to live freely, peacefully, with respect, and with the ability to provide for one's basic needs and those of loved ones. Yet, the power of darkness is capable of corrupting such impulses so that they become filled with an injustice of their own, no longer pure in their motive, but vengeful, hateful, and deadly.

As we view the world stage today from an inner perspective, we may see that despite their differing content, uprisings and protests are often related in their underlying motivation - in the swelling of the heart's sense of its own life-force that gives rise to the wish and need to act on its own behalf in the service of achieving greater wholeness. No matter what the external cause, the inner cause that fuels the desire for freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness is light. No matter what the external cause, the inner cause that fuels the desire to seek revenge, to harm or wreak havoc on the lives or bodies of others is darkness and separation. Within any given situation, the impulse to act may remain faithful to the light at the heart or point of origin, or it may be taken over and used by negative forces to turn the will-to-good into something else.

This, then, is purification in action and the movement into the new, witnessed recently in Iran and now in China. And though light will ultimately prevail, being inherently the stronger force, humanity will undergo a transition that is more or less peaceful, more or less difficult, depending on the balance maintained as the intensity of light-force and counter-force increase.

May we, in the face of new energies arising from the depths of consciousness serve the good by doing good, and may we no longer give credence to the idea and premise that the ‘end justifies the means.’ The means and ends must be the same.

Note: Articles on the uprising in China:
BBC World News
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Purification on the Mental Level

It is not uncommon as the intensity of light increases, for people to be troubled by repetitive thoughts that they would rather not have. Even where worry and obsessive patterns of thinking have not been pronounced before, increased light begins to purify the body by sending energies from both the physical organism and the subconscious mind into the conscious mind. As a result, 'flooding' is often felt or unwanted mental activity.

What is important about this is to know that a purification process is underway. Also that such heightened mental activity often comes in waves that reach peak intensity then subside. While these waves are active and intense, it is useful to know how to bring energy to the heart. Bringing energy to the heart and disconnecting from mental activity allows the releasing from the body to continue unabated, while the conscious self becomes more able to dis-identify with the mind. Thus, a separation is created between one's awareness or point of focus and one's thought process.

To bring energy into the heart, the easiest and most effective route is through sacred breathing which brings light and love into the heart center. Sacred breathing is a means of aligning with God's light and love and in the presence of overactive mental acitivity, it focuses attention on a different energy than the one which the mind carries.

To re-direct energy to the heart, the Practice of Alignment is useful, as is any other spiritual or meditative practice which brings light into the heart center. During times of intense purification, it is important to not force things - to not get into a struggle with one's thoughts, but rather to have a different direction to turn to so that peace and stability can be created, even in the midst of a mental storm.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Declaration of Independence - 233rd anniversary

On July 4, 1776, an event took place of such spiritual, moral, and political significance, that the world has never been the same since then. Not only was it an event that captured the hearts of the patriots who lived within these new colonies of the United States of America, but one that claimed the attention of despots and dictators worldwide, for in this statement and in the events which followed, were commitments and vows that would forevermore illuminate the inner conscience of mankind in a way that had never before been expressed.

Here then is that document embedded in the history of the Republic of these United States as a living testimony to the spiritual and moral purpose that lies at her center:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Understanding Timelessness: If God Created the Universe, Who Created God?

The concept of timelessness perplexes the human mind, especially as it concerns a Supreme Being. The question is often asked by children who reflect the ongoing question of adults as well: If God created the Universe, then who created God? Parents smile, and often have no answer to this question, for there is no answer on the human level in which we see, hear, and know things.

The question of "Who created God?" is a three-dimensional question based on the perception of time. This perception includes an idea of 'before' and 'after' which belongs to the space-time continuum in which we live.

Imagine, however, a place without time, in which everything is co-existent. Instead of coming before or after it exists simultaneously within the same moment. What 'has been' within our time framework is there. What 'will be', also within our own time-framework is there. Everything exists simultaneously in a state of completeness and perfection.

The image of a Japanese scroll has been used to explain this difference. If we imagine a scroll rolled up and start unrolling it, we see a sequence of images that begin the scroll and as we unroll it and move closer and closer to the end, we see new images appearing with the ones at the beginning fading into the background. This is a picture of time unfolding.

Now let us unroll the scroll completely and look at it altogether. The same images are there that we saw in sequence. But now we see them all at once. This is the perspective of timelessness - the perspective of the complete realization of the eternal moment.

Human beings within their multidimensional identity have the capacity to live within time and within timelessness. It is a gift of perception that will open to our consciousness as we rejoin the spiritual dimensions that are our birthright and home.