Friday, July 3, 2009

Understanding Timelessness: If God Created the Universe, Who Created God?

The concept of timelessness perplexes the human mind, especially as it concerns a Supreme Being. The question is often asked by children who reflect the ongoing question of adults as well: If God created the Universe, then who created God? Parents smile, and often have no answer to this question, for there is no answer on the human level in which we see, hear, and know things.

The question of "Who created God?" is a three-dimensional question based on the perception of time. This perception includes an idea of 'before' and 'after' which belongs to the space-time continuum in which we live.

Imagine, however, a place without time, in which everything is co-existent. Instead of coming before or after it exists simultaneously within the same moment. What 'has been' within our time framework is there. What 'will be', also within our own time-framework is there. Everything exists simultaneously in a state of completeness and perfection.

The image of a Japanese scroll has been used to explain this difference. If we imagine a scroll rolled up and start unrolling it, we see a sequence of images that begin the scroll and as we unroll it and move closer and closer to the end, we see new images appearing with the ones at the beginning fading into the background. This is a picture of time unfolding.

Now let us unroll the scroll completely and look at it altogether. The same images are there that we saw in sequence. But now we see them all at once. This is the perspective of timelessness - the perspective of the complete realization of the eternal moment.

Human beings within their multidimensional identity have the capacity to live within time and within timelessness. It is a gift of perception that will open to our consciousness as we rejoin the spiritual dimensions that are our birthright and home.


  1. Thank you for this explanation. I had a dream in which I spoke to a Godlike image .. in a confessional. I told him it had been many years since I confessed, and he replied 'time doesn't matter'. More recently went to confess for the first time in 40 years and the words of the priest astounded me. He said 'God doesn't know time.

  2. I basically agree with the above, but in an even more pure sense.

    If you would like a complete scientific and logical explanation of how the universe genuinely can be seen as TIMELESS checkout my
    "Brief History of TIMELESSNESS" video (and site)

    Matt Marsden


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