Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cosmic Currents of Light

 From the smallest pebble to the vastest galaxy, the penetration of spiritual light reaches everywhere, for every part of the physical universe is simultaneously spiritual in its essence. It exists along dimensional frequencies of light that are specific to the location, consciousness and purpose of evolution of a particular planet, star, solar system, species, or universe. There are no exceptions, nothing that exists in form that is not also spiritual in its core.

Inhabitants of the Earth have, for a long time now, not felt this unity of spirit and matter. Most came to experience something new, something that would take the shape of a world that appeared to be solid in itself, with things that were separate from each other. This involvement with matter as matter has shaped the course of human evolution, but not without simultaneously breeding a longing for reconnection with spiritual light, truth, and unity.

Today, that longing is being met by the infusion of cosmic currents of light into the planetary sphere. Those who are receptive to light may feel these currents as the opening up of new awareness - the expansion of consciousness in directions that had not been thought of before. However, many do not experience increased light directly, but only its 'symptoms' or aftereffects as it interacts with the human organism.

In the first group are those whose hearts can directly take in the new impulses of light, who find themselves longing to be of greater service, wanting to have more peaceful, harmonious relationships with others, changing ways of life that do not feel in harmony with the Earth. These movements of consciousness toward greater unity with others and with the Earth are produced by the advent of greater light as it affects both body and consciousness. As this takes place, the heart opens to new possibilities. It awakens to its own inner potential. And a motivation develops to live in accord with the principles of peace and love.

There are many, however, who are not yet experiencing the full awakening of the heart and of consciousness as a result of the cosmic currents, who feel, instead, the fatigue, disorientation, dizziness, or other unusual symptoms that increased light may produce within the body as it makes its way into the organs and cellular structure. Nevertheless, even in the presence of a whole array of physical symptoms that do not feel particularly expansive, what is really happening is the creation of a new light body - a body that is part matter, part light, that will house the new consciousness arriving. This light body is not happening to individuals because they are consciously choosing it, or even because they are consciously engaged with a spiritual tradition or practice. It is happening to souls everywhere because they are incarnated on the Earth at this time. Those who are here now have chosen to be here and are experiencing the transformative effects of the cosmic currents of light.

Mind, emotions, motivations, relationships, goals, habits, preferences - all of these are influenced by the incoming impulses of spiritual light. In a very fundamental way, change is in the air and is being incorporated within the body. Even the DNA within each cell is being affected.

It is a time for both patience and for celebration, for the cosmic currents of light are wholely positive and their effect will be the transformation of humanity's consciousness in keeping with the principles of unity, harmony, and love. However, as the purification process which results in the complete integration of the new frequencies of light takes place, difficulties produced by the changes in vibration are often felt. And so one must be patient with these changes while remaining hopeful about their outcome.

As a result of the time we are in, the Earth and all of her inhabitants shall finally become able to join the larger community of light that inhabits the spiritual and physical universe of which the Earth is a part. The last two decades have produced an acceleration of movement in this direction, and there is much more to come.

For information and help with light body changes as they affect your own physical being and wellbeing, see:

For information and help with respect to the multi-level purification process that is affecting all beings and creating a release of energies, thoughts, and feelings into waking consciousness, see: Purification Titles and The Essentials of Purification.

May all beings be blessed by the Divine and holy light that is presently transforming the Earth into a sacred and illumined planet. Amen.

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