Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Purification on the Mental Level

It is not uncommon as the intensity of light increases, for people to be troubled by repetitive thoughts that they would rather not have. Even where worry and obsessive patterns of thinking have not been pronounced before, increased light begins to purify the body by sending energies from both the physical organism and the subconscious mind into the conscious mind. As a result, 'flooding' is often felt or unwanted mental activity.

What is important about this is to know that a purification process is underway. Also that such heightened mental activity often comes in waves that reach peak intensity then subside. While these waves are active and intense, it is useful to know how to bring energy to the heart. Bringing energy to the heart and disconnecting from mental activity allows the releasing from the body to continue unabated, while the conscious self becomes more able to dis-identify with the mind. Thus, a separation is created between one's awareness or point of focus and one's thought process.

To bring energy into the heart, the easiest and most effective route is through sacred breathing which brings light and love into the heart center. Sacred breathing is a means of aligning with God's light and love and in the presence of overactive mental acitivity, it focuses attention on a different energy than the one which the mind carries.

To re-direct energy to the heart, the Practice of Alignment is useful, as is any other spiritual or meditative practice which brings light into the heart center. During times of intense purification, it is important to not force things - to not get into a struggle with one's thoughts, but rather to have a different direction to turn to so that peace and stability can be created, even in the midst of a mental storm.


  1. Thank you for your articles, I agree with what you are writing! Do you have any idea how long the worst purification symptoms can keep going on? I know that people are different, but I'm looking for some hope - I've had very intense stuff going on for almost a year now and sometimes it feels too much to handle... but also good stuff has started coming up now that I found Kriya Yoga, it helps me with the prosess so much.

  2. Dear One,

    Hope must depend on feeling God with you as you go through a time of difficulty with uncertain relief on the physical/emotional/mental level. This can happen through yoga, through prayer and alignment, and also through knowing and feeling your own higher purpose which can stabilize you through this time. A sense of purpose gives meaning to one's experience, and so it is important to consult your heart and to ask for guidance to show you what the outcome of this time of purification will be. Have faith that your heart knows. Have faith that it shall be so. This will take you through the time of waiting.

    You may also wish to read "Waiting as a Spiritual Practice" (http://www.worldblessings.com/waiting-as-a-spiritual-practice.html) and other Purification Titles. (http://lightomega.org/Ind/Purification.html)

    Blessings, dear one. JR


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