Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sacred Relationships

Acknowledging that you are a sacred being means acknowledging the Divine core of light and love that IS you. The same light and love is in others, often unknown to themselves.

What will you do with yours?

One way of looking at sacred relationships involves understanding them as opportunities in each moment to give and receive love. Everything else that they are about is less important than this. Can you allow it to be less important? Can you allow love to take the place of resentment, envy, judgment, and fear?

Here is another part of a sacred relationship: Can you allow yourself to receive love more fully, to let yourself acknowledge it when it comes to you in surprising ways or from surprising sources? Can you allow yourself to be loved by God? Often, one's ability to receive love is less than one's ability to offer it to others. This imbalance speaks for the unhealed places within the heart that are waiting to be healed.

If you desire sacred relationships in your life, begin with allowing love to be more important than everything else. Reasons for being angry, rejecting, withdrawn, or afraid then have to be let go of in favor of your choice to love. Such a choice can change an entire life.

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