Sunday, July 19, 2009

Purification and 'Releasing'

The aspect of purification that involves releasing is often problematic for both individuals and relationships.

Energy loosened from the confines of the body - from cells and tissues in which it was formerly stored - can overrun consciousness with feelings and impulses of great intensity. This movement creates motivations to act that are not coming primarily from the conscious self, but from the unconscious and from the 'body-consciousness' having merged with that self.

Flooding of consciousness with sudden bursts of emotion is a not uncommon aspect of releasing brought about by the intensification of light. It is often difficult to contain waves of strong emotion and motivation, and yet this is what a deepening purification process asks of us. The point of this cleansing is not to vent, to engage in negative behaviors, or to release into the world feelings that have been long held within, just because they have been long witheld. Though there may be a feeling of relief and of freedom in doing so, it is a momentary feeling, for the consequences of releasing negative energy into the world are great. They do not free one. They bind one further with the energies that are asking to be let go of.

In the midst of the experience of 'releasing' formerly bound energies, it is important to experience the relationship with God as that which holds and can hold all feelings, without exception. Alone, separated consciousness might not find the means within itself to stand against the tide of emotion. Yet, in partnership with the Divine, and held in God's love, a space can be created around any strong motivation or feeling so that the choice can be made as to whether it should be given expression.

All of purification rests on the foundation of one's inner relationship with God. This relationship continues at all times, regardless of what the outer self may be thinking or feeling. Yet, the comfort, strength, support, and balance that are often needed as purification intensifies, can only be found by holding within God what one formerly held by oneself.

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