Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Open Moment - 2

It may seem, at times, that God cannot be present when pain is present, when limitation is present, or when grief is present. At times, our spiritual life is placed on hold until the pain diminishes and we can get back to what is most essential again.

However, there is no 'when' to a spiritual life, no future or conditional 'if'. The time is now. The moment is open. Now is the time to experience Divine love, to believe that love can hold all-that-is in its fullness.

Especially with respect to the pain of self-recrimination - of things we regret and wish we had done differently, the open moment gives rise to the possibility of beginning anew, of letting the present define a new reality. In this newness lies inspiration, and in this inspiration lies the living Presence of the Divine.

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