Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heaven on Earth

In the future, the sense of self-protection which is so common today will be replaced with the sense of God-with-us. This is the meaning of 'Emmanu-el' and it is also the Judaic prophecy of the Divine Presence on Earth, the 'Shekinah.' The same anticipation infuses the sacred truths held within Hopi tradition concerning the 'fifth world' that we are moving into.

For now, and until you become steeped in that reality - the reality of your soul - it is important to see where self-protection holds reign over the full dimensionality of love. Intention is of great importance at all times, and so wanting to let go of fear and asking for healing of your heart begins to bring to you those circumstances and people that can help move things forward.

Be present to the flow of life moving through each situation. Whether painful or pleasant, there is truly no moment that is wasted, only those that seem to one's judgmental self to be so.

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  1. This is beautiful Julie, and so helpful. I'm realizing that my efforts at self-protection do indeed affect my relationship with my sister - in a negative way. Trusting your guidance, I called her with an intention to let go of self-protection and to be simple and honest. I experienced the interaction as different than any we'd ever had and very loving. All these years I've thought the problem was with her. I am humbled and grateful to find my own contribution to our difficulties, and the way through to a more loving relationship. Thank you Julie.


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