Monday, November 30, 2009

Working With Healers

Dear Julie,

So much of what you have written about I relate to very deeply. It is so helpful to read what you have written as well as to share with others through this blog, this experience of transformation.

My question today is – I see two different healing practitioners. Though I have a deep relationship with each of them and share my spiritual journey with them – at this time of increased difficulties, where it appears that I am doing worse instead of better, it is hard for me to know how to share more fully what if feel is happening and that I trust this is a deep transformation of my whole being.

It would be helpful if you have anything you could share about this. -- Michaela


Dear One,

There are many people who can understand the intense nature of the transformation process, but not all who are healing practitioners have actually undergone change at this level - the physical/energetic level. Many are working with the consciousness aspect but have not yet become involved with the physical.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary that a practitioner whom you work with understand from their own experience what you are doing. What is necessary is that they trust you and that they trust your trust in the absence of their own understanding. Those who are choosing an alternative path of healing are often engage in the practice of respect for differences, and so even without understanding, they can be willing to trust your inner knowing if you do.

In reality, it is not something that anyone can know for or about another. Inner guidance is unique to each individual. And so your trust in yourself and your guidance must be enough to be the basis for a relationship in which you feel honored on your own journey. If you do not feel so honored, then you must consider the matter of whom you are working with for respect is very important in working with another.

A practitioner does not have to agree with you in order to honor your perspective or in order to help you. Each has their area of expertise and can be helpful within that domain. But they need to accept the potential validity of your point of view, despite their lack of understanding. This is the foundation for a relationship of trust and there is no other.

Blessings - Julie Redstone

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