Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remaining Oneself

All you can ever really be is yourself, no matter what you do and no matter where you are, for the entire world is interacting with you as you are in each moment.

Nevertheless, it sometimes feels difficult to be oneself. It feels like the pressure from others and from expectations undermines the stability of the self. Here is where great learning may take place. For it is a matter of valuing the constancy and integrity of the self, place to place, and person to person, remembering that you are a sacred being - God expressing as you.

Faithfulness to oneself is achieved through inner quiet, inner guidance, inner listening - these are the ways of attuning to oneself in the midst of emotional noise and distraction. The energy of light can support you if you allow it to.

It is a new time, and each choice that you make to become who you are finds great support from the new energies of light now present on the Earth. Be you. Blessings.

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