Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feeling Disconnected from Life - Light Body Adaptation

Another response to "An Invitation:"

Dear Julie,

I don't know if what I have been going through is the process of dissolution or not but for the past 2 years I have been going through a very dark period. I thought it was because of the ending of a deep relationship but now I'm not so sure.

I have become very emotional and I am overwhelmed at times with feelings of sadness and disconnection to my life, as if I don't fit into it any more. My life seems empty and purposeless and there is no joy in anything I do. My brain is different, my memory is bad and I can't focus. Even in my meditation I drift off.

The only thing that gives me solace is nature and I am drawn more and more into feelings of empathy and compassion for distressed animals, which I don't understand.I am a healer but I don't know how to use my abilities or what my purpose is.Why don't I feel more connection with my guidance as time goes on. Do you think this is psychological or light body related? Thanks and blessings. Janice


Dear Beloved One,

The shift in your underlying identity is at the root of your sense of not belonging and of not finding much meaning anywhere. The old premises of your identity are changing and the new ones have not fully emerged yet. This is a significant aspect of the 'dissolution' that is so common to the adaptation process brought about by the new energies of light. It makes the old person new, not through any conscious process, but through removing the old attractions and changing the value system of motivation so that it corresponds more fully to the purposes of the soul.

The aspect of yourself as healer is an important one for you, and you will not know where it will lead you unless you give it room to grow by moving in whatever new direction attracts you. This may be with animals or elsewhere. The anticipation of finding something that 'makes sense' to your mind must be let go of because the new foundation of identity is based not on the mind but on what 'makes sense' to the heart.

You are doing well with the process, dear one, even unbeknownst to yourself, as you have in you the willingness to go where you are led and to follow your most deeply held principles regarding the truth of who you are and who God is. Now, you need to let go of all clinging to the past and to past conceptions of who you thought you were supposed to be, and let the emergence of the new take place. The more you do this, the more it will feel like grace and the less confusion and sadness there will be in the picture.

Energy alterations are also producing the heightened emotional shifts you are experiencing and will continue for a while. Trust this. Access to guidance may have come to you before through understanding, but now it must also come through following the new feelings of compassion and peace that are arising directly from your heart. These can convey to you the directions of your soul.

Blessings dear Janice, and may your own true nature be a joyous discovery for you as you come more fully into being. If there are other questions you wish to ask, please write again to Light Omega Comments

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