Monday, November 9, 2009

Stabilizing One's Energy Field

A question was asked with respect to "New Ways of Relating - Part 2," and I would like to share my response with you since others might have this question as well:

"Stabilizing one's energy field' is a physical/energetic practice that takes place in the body and in the auric envelope that maintains light energy of a particular potency and quality no matter what the surroundings. This is something you can feel when it is present and can begin to sense when it is absent. It is furthered by any regular spiritual practice that attunes you to the higher vibrations of light, and also by allowing conscious breathing to be part of your daily routine."

There are other ways of stabilizing one's energy field that have to do with diet, and also with the transformation of the environments you are in or choose to be in. Maintaining an energy field of a higher vibration around you helps with what goes on within you as well.

If you have not yet considered creating a sacred altar space in your home, this may be a way to begin. Blessings.

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  1. I light incense, put drops of fragrant oils near the doorpost(s), and burn candles at home. It assists greatly in keeping the atmosphere calm, positive and peaceful.


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