Sunday, November 22, 2009

Whole Body Transformation - Light Body Adaptation

In response to "An Invitation," I am including this longer description because it is such a beautiful and intimate portrait of change. My response follows.


I feel like I have been experiencing a whole-body transformation for the last 2 years - involving 7 months of trembling inside which ceased about 6 months ago. Memory recall and Dissociation (brain literally shutting down almost anesthetizing me and/or making it almost impossible to open my eyes, yet sleep was hard to come by. I chose to sink into the dissociation etc a few months ago, living in almost motionless fog which heaps of processing going on while in bed for 16 hours a day but the moment my feet hit the floor, nothing could be remembered. And while awake, thoughts were racing but none could be grasped and held.

Eventually my brain seemed to suddenly switch back on and racing 'unknown' thoughts stopped. I am slowly improving although still struggle with significant short term memory loss. During this time of 'seemingly unable to function' my awareness of self became profound. I have become acutely aware of how distracted my mind likes to keep me and when I refuse to let it distract me and I choose not to act, waves of dissociation come again. During this time of surrender, Reiki worked like magic removing extreme pain in my shoulders which i had been 'unfixable' for years and slowly getting worse. It believe I am now very aware of my functioning and ego etc, and now have the ability to make choices that seem to make my whole body sing. And yet, it also seems to make my body be filled with so much positive energy at times that it doesn't know what to do with it.

I feel like I am in a time of transformation with all of me willing to come into sync but not quite sure how. I realise my new awareness and ways of functioning have been a huge thing for my brain's autopilot to deal with but I believe my brain is choosing to now trust me but I need to allow it all the time it needs to feel safe with my new choices. Will this energy stuff settle down? Would more reiki help? Or do I just need to continue 'being still' to allow all of me to continue to learn how to work together? -- Janine


Dear Beloved One,

Your passage through the world of transformation is proceeding as it needs to with right brain and left brain functions coming into balance, allowing new perceptions to emerge and enabling you to see your thought process more clearly.

The passage through this time has to be made intelligently, with due consideration to the practical needs of life as well as to the increased need for rest which results from the new energies trying to adapt themselves to your physical form. You are right in continuing to trust your body's integration and integrative capacity, and yet you may also. at times, need to be 'doing things' and living life in a physical sense.

There are several things that may help you with 'over-amped' energy which is processing through your body, allowing you to do more when you choose to or need to. One is to increase your intake of pure water; a second is to walk on the earth with a sense of your feet touching the ground and discharging the excess energy into the Earth. This will not hurt the Earth, but it will help you. Also, you may need to continue to adjust your sleeping schedule as you have been doing, to take into account the new brain wave patterns that are establishing themselves even while you sleep.

The shift in the balance between right and left brain functioning which has disturbed short-term memory and other cognitive functions may continue for a while. This is in keeping with your own unique soul purpose and what your soul has come here to manifest on Earth. New skills, perceptions, and gifts will come about as a result of this balancing and energy shift, and there is no blueprint that applies to all equally. In each case it is a matter of your soul's essential qualities and purpose manifesting.

Dear beloved one, you are doing very well to have been as accepting and responsive as you have been to the unusual and in some case extreme changes that have taken place within you, and must continue to do so. Reiki work may be useful as it has in the past, yet this cannot be predicted since the process you are in alters energetic relationships which interact with healing modalities. It is something you must try if you feel drawn to do so. Again, there is no one-size-fits-all patterning here.

Please write again when you wish to Light Omega Comments. May your transition into greater light be blessed. - Julie Redstone

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