Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Healing Moment

God's grace permeates every moment of time. What this means is that life is a Divine flow, creating new opportunities for growth and healing in each moment.

Even if it seems that certain emotional or physical manifestations are intractable and refuse to budge despite one's best efforts, even then, there is a margin of possibility surrounding the intractable in which new choices can be made. These choices may not be the 'main event.' But they influence the 'main event'. They may be considered the 'healing edge' that is available in each moment - a place in which mind, heart, and spirit are ready to move forward. One must work with this 'healing edge' in the presence of that which cannot yet be moved, for it is the path to further healing and growth.

Many inner situations wait for an energetic shift so that new attitudes or motivations can come into being. Such a shift is not produced by the mind or will, but by the grace of God emanating light from a Divine source. One can invite this light in, open oneself to it, and make oneself ready to receive it, but one cannot will the light into being for it is a Divine flow with its own intelligence and timing. And yet there is much that one can do through believing in the inherent possibilities of each moment as a new beginning.

May the recognition of life's healing potential open within the awareness of each soul so that what is longed for, can be. Amen.

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