Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Light Body

There are a number of ways to assist the expansion of light within your own body and upon the Earth.

On the emotional and mental levels, it is a matter of knowing what to do and how to be with the new currents of energy that are arising.

On the physical level, the same principle must be followed. However, here, the energies often manifest as unusual physical symptoms and sensations that are part of the body's trying to integrate energies of light that have not been present in such intensity before.

One way of supporting this integration is through diet. (See Sacred Consciousness of Food on the New Light Body site.) Supplements such as spirulina powder mixed in juice drinks and chlorella granules or tablests taken daily and in the presence of an increasingly light-based diet, can help the body process the new energies and reduce physical discomfort.

It is also helpful to undertake a spiritually focused intestinal cleanse if and when you feel ready to do so. This can be the platform for a new and greatly increased ability to communicate with your higher self and to receive guidance and messages from those who are guiding you.

For questions or personal concerns write to New Light Body. Blessings - Julie Redstone

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