Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spirals of Purification - Recycling and Releasing

Many people ask when recurrent emotional patterns are present: How do you know that purification and releasing are taking place rather than just a re-enactment of the same old emotional patterns?

This is an important question because both situations may feel the same. Also, because the incremental increase in the potency of spiritual light causes a healing process to take place at ever deepening levels. That is why the experience is so common that what one thought was healed comes back around as in a spiral to be reviewed once again, often after some time has passed.

Part of the distinction between 'recycling' and 'releasing' emotions must be based on a knowledge of the catalytic properties of light which roots out darkness more and more completely depending upon its potency and intensity.

Part of the distinction rests on the understanding that all spiritual practices that involve one in a relationship with the Divine and with the intention to purify ultimately activate the process of purification. This is because intention draws to itself the forces that begin to work within the psyche and body.

Finally, the difference between recycling and releasing emotions can also be discerned in the gradual space that develops between the emotion and the rest of one's awareness. The capacity to not identify with a particular set of feelings or thoughts or to know that they are not 'you,' is an indication that purification is at work and is progressively making possible the shaping of a new identity and a letting go of the old.

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