Monday, June 1, 2009

Emotional Purification

Life-changing thoughts, when applied to emotions, can free the self to experience something totally new - the inner being that is free and not limited by difficult or problematic emotional states. Thoughts such as:

I am not my emotions. Emotions are something I carry. They are not who I am.

can create a space between one's awareness and anything that is passing through it.

I am a pure and blameless child of God.

This establishes identity in a new context. Anchoring in this new context is the path of healing and purification as one seeks to transform the inner life.

I forgive myself my limitations and I ask for healing.

This is important in surrendering self-judgment and giving all to God.

Life-changing thoughts applied to emotional states allow new, light-filled energy to expand and deepen the work of inner healing.

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