Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - A Time of Rejoicing

Dear Ones,
This is by way of a letter, since it is more appropriate as a vehicle for paying tribute to the passing of a soul whose life was marred in many ways by healing issues that gained prominence in the eyes of the world, but whose spirit remained pure, loving, and joyful, despite the difficulties of the outer self.

Most embodied souls live with that complexity of manifestation - a part that remains pure and bright, and other parts that are colored by incomplete development, limitation, or distortion of their true essence.

And so because of his influence on global consciousness through songs of love and peace such as "Heal the World" and "We are the World" which affected an entire generation, we can acknowledge the difficulties that he himself brought into being through his own words and actions, while at the same time expressing gratitude for one who came into incarnation in order, among other things, to help heal the world.

While many are looking back at the life of this pop icon, focus of admiration and contempt, and musical genius, we who loved his spirit can look forward to what and where he is now and where he is going. Having remained inwardly connected to the other dimensions of life and spirit, Michael Jackson's transition is likely to be easier than most. Perceiving himself inwardly to be Spirit, he can let go of the embodied state more quickly and rejoice in his greater freedom, released from the burdens of self and the questions of identity that were so much a part of his life.

We, who appreciate his beautiful and pure being, can rejoice in his new freedom with him, for once out of the body he can become the largeness of who he is and was, and move, all the while dancing, into greater freedom and joy. Blessings and Amen.


  1. Well-done! That is, in essence, who we are, in spirit, just here to do what is needed for our own and other's healing and growth. Thank you for a great article!

  2. Thank you Julie. I feel the truth of your words and with a grateful heart I wish Michael Jackson "Godspeed" in his journey.

  3. Your tribute to Michael Jackson moved me very much, Julie. Thank you for honoring his soul and his life on earth, and also for blessing his sacred transition into greater freedom.

  4. Thank you Julie. I am so grateful for this letter of love. I feel I have been holding Michael closely as he transitions into the fullness of who he truly is. I have been longing to hear "the media" pay tribute to the beauty of his soul, so it was wonderful to read this letter today. His passing has moved me so deeply - far more than I would have expected, and I am grateful for this honoring and rejoicing of the gifts of healing he gave to the world.
    With love, Michaela

  5. I so appreciate that you wrote about Michael Jackson. I felt grief when I heard of his passing and see and feel the love so many have for him and received from him through his work. I am glad to read about him here from a higher perspective of understanding.

    Thank you!

    Cecelia in Ottawa

  6. I cried because you put into words that which I was unable to but knew in my own spirit concerning Michael Jackson. I loved his spirit; that goes beyond Michael the entertainer.


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