Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iran - Global Purification and the Desire for Freedom

Many have been moved by the recent protests in Tehran following last week's re-election of President Ahmadinejad. These protests which have grown larger in recent days, speak to us of the growing desire for freedom and governmental accountability among Iranians who feel, in great measure, that the election was stolen from them.

We have seen these movements elsewhere in the world, fueled by the growing force of spiritual light on the Earth which causes the heart to come forth more strongly in its desire for personal liberty, an end to discrimination, a turning away from falsehood and concealment, and a greater desire for governments to follow the will of the people. In a word, light is bringing forth the emotional and spiritual impulses that are the underpinnings for an overturning of the old ways of doing things. These movements have taken place in the Republic of Georgia, Ukraine, Tibet, and elsewhere in recent years, and can vary in degree along a continuum of peaceful to violent.

Here, a BBC account of what recently took place on the streets of Tehran:

"We Want Freedom..."
(First few seconds are blank)

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