Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Spiritual and the Physical

All that manifests physically has its roots in consciousness.

There is no disease, disorder, structural problem, or anomaly that is not created first on the level of consciousness, not necessarily within this present lifetime, but within the frame of the soul's hisstory over time

It is difficult for the human self to consider the purposes of painful experience within the body, since it is essentially human to want to be free of pain altogether. Nevertheless, the roots of consciousness must always be considered as one seeks to heal from difficulties that present themselves on a physical level.
We have known this about the world of the mental and emotional. Now we must learn it about the world of the physical. All is energy - thoughts, emotions, physical structure. Some energies appear to be more crystallized, some more fluid. Yet, on the deeper subatomic levels of our physical being, all is movement and life.

Holding this perspective, one may address healing issues from the inside out and from the outside in. While not rejecting symptomatic approaches to the healing of pain or discomfort, one may also delve deeply within the self to touch the place of truth that created the physical body in a particular way in order to serve the needs of the self.

May this process of self-discovery be blessed.

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