Saturday, April 18, 2009

Withdrawing Projections from Others

Within the process of purification, one gains the insight and ability to withdraw projections from others in order to take full responsibility for one's own feelings and consciousness. Along the way, certain basic principles are established relating to one's emotional and relationship life.

It is understood, for example, that each person is responsible for their own consciousness. Although the tendency to focus on external causes for what one feels may still be active, it is increasingly perceived that these are less significant as reasons for our reactions than the underlying tendency to feel and respond in certain ways.

These underlying tendencies toward anger, withdrawal, anxiety, depression, numbness, distractability, restlessness, etc. are not caused by others. They are part of the sub-structure of personality that a soul incarnates with. These features, in turn, create a stream of consciousness that produces feelings and behaviors.

When this stream of feelings is activated in the presence of another, that other is not the 'cause' of the activation but the 'immediate catalyst' for the activation which could also have been initiated by any one of a number of other possible activators. Understanding this is an important part of withdrawing projections.

Purification asks for great honesty with respect to motives. It asks us to understand and accept that when certain emotional energies and states are ready to reach awareness, whether on a short or long term basis, the external event will appear that seems to precipitate these energies into consciousness. The external event did not 'cause' the emotional energies. The emotional energies needing to become conscious brought into being or manifested the external event.

This perspective is often difficult to hold since one is generally not fully aware of the energies in their pre-conscious state. That is, one is not aware of them prior to the event which seemed to cause them. Yet, within our awakening consciousness, we begin to see that all events that surround us have meaning because they bring into focus the internal issues in need of healing and transmutation.

Such a perspective leads to the awareness that we create our own lives. We draw to ourselves those events, persons, and situations which will help heal those places within us in need of healing. We are not acted upon as much as creators. This is the basis for understanding the power of thought and feeling and for understanding the need to withdraw projections.

Taking responsibility for one's own consciousness is often not easy, especially when external events are compelling and arouse strong reactions. Nevertheless, this movement begins the process of actualizing a deeper layer of honesty with ourselves. It promotes healing that will often remain inaccessible while projections are still in the way.

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