Friday, April 24, 2009

Living in a State of Grace

There will come a time for humanity when grace will replace karma. This will completely alter mankind's relationship to suffering and limitation.

Living in a state of grace is living in a state of alignment with God and light. It is being at one with the Oneness of all.

Living in a state of separation requires the wisdom of the soul to institute healing into wholeness. This healing often takes place through the experience of limitation.

Limitation and the perfection of each moment are not opposites.
They are different ways of viewing the Father-Mother God.

The perfection of each moment is experienced through the Mother - the Divine Self that IS. The Essence of all things.

Limitation in the moment is a pathway to the Father, the Divine Self that is becoming, the Self that is evolving all beings into greater Wholes.

All that is, is contained within Father-Mother God.
We are That and are in That at all times.


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